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This year China’s plastics machinery exports rose month by month since the Spring Festival, China’s exports in May 5402 sets of plastic machinery , exports amounted to $ 144,884,000 . Although the Spring Festival presses on increasing exports , but the export value in May was down by 7.2% year on year , in addition, the data can be seen from recent months , the average price of China’s exports dropped sharply presses this plastic trays year , which will so that pvc tray our industry will face greater pressure presses .

Look at the case of injection molding machines , in May last year, is the annual export volume of the largest injection molding machine in February , this year the amount of the injection molding machine exports plastic packaging $ 82,652,000 , down slightly from January , down 15.1 percent year plastic packaging box on year . And relatively speaking, May extruder exports better, its exports amounted to $ 30,367,000 , the largest amount of exports in January this year .

All along, the export price is lower export our presses a major problem , industry analysts pointed out that the lack clear plastic packaging of ” quality products” is an important bottleneck in the clamshell packaging development of plastic machinery , expect transformation. However, this trend more evident , indicating that China’s press industry is still difficult to get rid of low -value problem. With economic development , intelligent plastic presses companies compete to become the new darling of the market . Overall, the 2013 is still targeting keywords presses innovation and market transformation.

Presses export data in May , it is worth noting that the United States May 54 injection molding machines imported plastic packaging design from our units, amounting to $ 7,027,000 , becoming the largest May injection molding machines imported from our country , and in the past very long time, almost never happens . We note that , although the U.S. manufacturing PMI ups plastic box design and downs this year , but the volatility is not great, but basically above the ups and downs . Manufacturing round of the U.S. economic recovery is a bright spot , as of last May , the U.S. manufacturing sector maintained a continuous trend of expansion 34 months. The U.S. government’s support for the return of manufacturing , making the rapid increase in demand for its products and equipment .

Brazilian imports from the country this year, the amount of the injection molding machine has been growing since March , the amount of imports remained at more than $ 5 million . But as I have talked about before , the Brazilian household spending power due to local policies and its industrial development there are some difficulties. Russia in the first quarter of this year is almost at a standstill, Russia April HSBC manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) continued expansion slowed down from 50.8 in March , continued down to 50.6 , a four-month low . Russia, as a major exporter of extruder , May plunged to $ 1,607,000 from the amount of China’s imports , the lowest this year.


In strict accordance with the ” Food Safety Law ” and other laws and regulations clear plastic packaging in the food business activities ; establish food inspection record system ; If sales do not meet the food safety standards of food , consumer losses …… recently promised compensation , integrated delivery Dalian Road farmers market held with ” food safety alarm bells ringing , warm and pvc tray healthy living in harmony ” as the theme of the food Safety Awareness Month activities , promote the plastic box design use of environment-friendly plastic bags , and with the food industry, households market operators signed a commitment letter for food safety for consumers distributed food safety knowledge leaflets, give consumers more detailed knowledge of food safety .

Reporters saw at plastic packaging design the event , shipping industry, Dalian Road farmers market to promote the use of environmentally friendly household plastic bags, plastic clamshell packaging bags are printed on a green telephone complaints , if consumers find that the use of substandard plastic industry, households plastic packaging box can make a complaint next Xing Shan delivery market development company plastic trays belongs, Anshan Road farmers market will also be put to use environmentally friendly plastic bags. Meanwhile, the market will fully implement pollution-free vegetables detection system for all food commodities certificate and invoice plastic packaging , taking excessive vegetables destroy the system , increase the ” plant hook” meat traceability system supervision, the marketing of food to there are well documented.

The rapid growth of the clear plastic

packaging flexible packaging market in plastic packaging design Turkey
New research market research firm PCI Films for flexible packaging industry in Turkey showed that Turkey is expected to become

the main force in the packaging market.

The company consultant Paul Gaster said, “The European packaging and plastic packaging box retail group believes that a number of quality

products and services in Turkey processors with European competitors offer clamshell

packaging comparable, but superior plastic trays in terms vac tray of price, which mainly refers to the OPP lamination films medium sized

products. such products plastic packaging as candy, dry food, biscuits and bakery

packaging brings value-added services. “over the past 30 years, the Turkish flexible packaging industry matures, is now among

Europe’s top 10. Turkish flexible packaging industry annual growth rate of 10 percent, a growth rate four times higher than plastic box in Western Europe other countries.

The material of the various types of chemical tanks for the production of chemical industry is very important. Chemical storage tanks chemical used in industrial production , chemical storage tanks , chemical mixing tank , chemical tank , plastic packaging design chemical cans , chemical reaction tanks, chemical neutralization tanks , etc., are collectively referred to as chemical tanks . Chemical tank is a chemical industrial production, for the processing of raw materials into a finished product specifications , need to go through a series of chemical feedstock pretreatment process , the reaction product of a chemical reaction plastic box design and separation and purification, and the process used to achieve these devices . Chemical finished product is very dependent on the handling and use of chemical tanks . The following is mainly to introduce many types of plastic chemical tank chemical clamshell packaging tank .
Polyethylene (PE) plastic as raw material, the whole forming a special process , the plastic chemical tanks clear plastic packaging do not use any additives in the production of plastic filler, totally unique formula to increase the Company modified polyethylene (PE) material manufacture and into , forming plastic packaging a whole tank without welding seam , tank also has no welding seams , no leakage, non-toxic , light weight, anti-aging , shock , corrosion resistance, long life, meet the health standards , etc., low price in stainless steel tanks , fiberglass tanks ordinary life , polypropylene tanks, PVC tanks , natural conditions longer.

Lined plastic containers : steel lined plastic composite series is the essence of the product . It is welded to the steel surface of the steel to polyethylene as the raw material , spin molding process, pvc tray a steel body integrally formed on the surface of the steel mesh plastic trays and the polyethylene is integrally welded to the steel surface of the steel to a polyethylene difficult from the steel surface . Thus is an extremely excellent corrosion products. Product lining surface smooth, strong, compared plastic packaging box with the traditional steel-lined plastic plate tanks, glass lined steel tanks , with more good corrosion resistance, no leakage, no peeling , abrasion resistance, long life and other advantages .

Use plastic chemical tanks can mate degrees lower production , storage, transportation , operation costs. While saving a lot of manpower and material resources. Is an integral part of the production of the chemical industry auxiliary vessel .

Plastic products have the shelf life of extended service clear plastic packaging will poison

Into the summer, when many parents are like kids out to play with a plastic lunch box with some fruit to the children , however, the Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association recently said Dong Jinshi , plastic trays plastic products also have shelf life, “extended ” will increase the carcinogenic plastic products ” ran ” and the risk of accumulation in vivo in human .

A plastic cup with a 6 -year

Reporters visited today Zhangdian several markets, supermarkets have plastic products counter , the reporter picked up a few plastic containers observed on plastics packaging, marked only the materials , use, production date, pvc tray attention matters , there is no shelf life of one . A salesperson told reporters , plastic supermarket sales in general are good, a lot of parents dedicated to the supermarket to buy your child . A consumer is buying plastic products , told reporters that their plastic box design home life is the most commonly used plastic containers , and find it very convenient to use, although the price is sometimes very expensive, but can be used for many years , then use them on relatively cheap.

Reporters interviewed 10 consumers , no one can say consumer plastic products shelf life. A consumer told reporters that he has been a plastic cup with a tea drink , until now spent plastic packaging design six plastic packaging box years, ” the time to buy quite expensive , with so many years did not bad , so I can not replaced .”

Plastics marked urgent plastic packaging shelf life

Plastic products shelf life in the clamshell packaging end is how long ? According to Long Dong Jinshi introduced into polyvinyl chloride plastics (PVC) plastic, polyethylene (PE) plastic and polypropylene (PP) plastic, etc. , the use of plastic products and cleaning methods different, there are plastic products, ” life ” some impact , although there is no express provision which plastic material shelf life is much, but the industry has a general statement, the shelf life of most plastic products in three to five years . Therefore , the life of food-grade plastic products , the best two years of a change, with a period of time , depending on which there is no discoloration , brittle, there does not appear inside the bump , etc., if such a situation should be replaced . Said Dong Jinshi , plastics packaging, plastic products, especially food packaging, shelf life marked urgent . ” The only way to reduce plastic ‘ poison ‘ endanger the health risks .”

In addition, consumers should pay attention to avoid using plastic lunch boxes installed more than fat or high- sugar foods , at the same time , do not use cleaning fluid or abrasive cleaning cloth for cleaning, to avoid scratching the plastic box , releasing an unknown substance .

The traditional meat canning food using metal containers ( cans ) for packaging. Metal cans as canned food packaging, has a unique advantage . But higher overall costs of metal packaging , the growth rate of consumption plastic packaging design of these foods quickly seek new packaging materials is particularly important. Some new form of canned meat made in recent years , such as canned soft , so consumption process becomes more convenient, more attractive to consumers , largely expanding the development of canned food for the meat processing industry the development provides a new opportunity .

Canned meat packaging materials and containers made ??of the requirements

Its choice of packaging materials and containers must meet the general requirements of food packaging . Also, due to the particularity of canned food ( ie a longer shelf life vac tray , keeping the meat -food original color, smell, taste and other characteristics , and to convenience food ) , the packaging materials and containers have packaging design some special requirements.

1 . Materials and container itself is nontoxic, odorless , does not produce harmful substances in contact with the contents ;

2 has good barrier properties , sealing properties against oxygen penetration oxidation occurs , adverse effects on the meat ;

3 . Minimal moisture permeability material , avoiding meat moisture exchange with the outside environment , impact on their quality ;

4 capable of blocking transmission of light and dark meat reaches keeping quality , flavor requirements ;

5. Have good corrosion resistance , to ensure canned meat flavoring soups made ??no response to their deterioration or harmful substances occur ;

6 a certain mechanical strength, good packaging operation process force work port , printability and other characteristics to meet the needs of industrial production and packaging and decoration printing needs.

Adaptability of flexible packaging materials for food packaging meat canning

Flexible refers to the ” use of a flexible material ( such as paper ; sheets , plastic films , aluminum foil and metallized film and other materials ) made ??of packaging “, and laminated flexible packaging material is usually a roll -like material , they can conform to the shape of the contents . A large plastic packaging box number of materials can be considered as a single layer of flexible packaging materials , each of which has a single layer of material limitations , such as heat sealability , printability , flexibility, retort resistance , etc. ; if used for packaging products , the product must also be adapt, such as barrier ( barrier water vapor, oxygen ) , dark resistance, resistance to cracking flexor disturbance characteristics of the material itself odor, toxicity and other aspects of the packaged products must adapt . Therefore , the system used in the meat packing soft canned food packaging materials are often multi-layer composite material , in order to play the advantages of each monolayer composite materials to meet the special requirements of meat canned food system for all aspects of the packaging materials.

In summary , the material used to manufacture meat canned food packaging , flexible packaging materials must meet and soft materials both cooking and packaging requirements, should generally be able to compensate for the lack of a different nature and each other , their respective advantages of the two or multi-layer material ( including plastic materials, aluminum materials and aluminum materials ) . Typically , plastic box such packaging materials require high temperature 110-140 after hot water or steam sterilization process, requiring a material having good sealing properties, heat resistance and barrier properties , and the need to meet the mechanical workability , decorative decorating performance ( printability ) and other requirements .

Flexible packaging materials used in meat canning food packaging

Currently , commonly used in meat canning food packaging flexible packaging materials are cooking bag. Mainly through Kum grits Pan ? Spit convergence ? Grits Pan ? Street frame U grits Pan ? ? Dark neon said penalty ? Colonization Pu ? Pair Hua Liao Paul II ? Invasion Gan Meng Ikari pick ? Pair terpene Tartar ? Egypt ??? 00 clamshell packaging after more than pasteurized commercial sterility , at room temperature, can be long-term preservation of packaged food . The packaging material is a composite of two, three or more layers of different substrate materials made ??in recent years, the rise of a new form of packaging in canned food , especially meat canning food packaging.

Cooking bags made ??with canned food as meat packing , compared with traditional metal cans of , has the following advantages :

1 . Light weight packaging materials and containers , integrated packaging costs, easy to carry and store , easy to open when the production of plastic packaging sealing and food ;

2 Because the composite flexible packaging materials used in soft canned small thickness , heat and fast , making sterilization and cooking time is shorter than the equivalent capacity of metal cans, can make food from over cooking , to reduce the loss of nutrients, maintain the original flavor, and can save energy ;

3 . Canned soft storage period is longer ( up to 12 months under normal temperature ) , some soft canned food in storage, transportation and sales process without refrigeration ;

4 . Packaged food is heated again when cooking , you can maximize the flavor of preventing loss ;

5. Can effectively save transportation costs and storage space , to a certain extent, reduce production costs and increase the competitiveness of their products clear plastic packaging .

6. Food and packaging containers built between plastic trays side effects and less impact than metal cans , no metallic taste and other pollution ;

Canned soft there are obvious shortcomings, such as low-intensity packaging container can easily be pierced ; shelf life better than metal cans and glass jars long ; low production capacity . Currently, the country ‘s soft canned meat canning market is still not dominant but it has good prospects for development.

With the development of retort pouch packaging and related technologies , in addition to high-temperature cooking containers bagged form , there has been other forms of packaging containers , such as co-extruded multi-layer sheet structure of packaging containers. Such containers are generally different from the multi-layer film structure cooking bag material , the use of a composite multi-layer coextrusion method plastic sheet produced through vacuum or pressure thermoforming thermoforming into various forms of packaging containers. This container can be used for sterilization microwave and electric resistance furnace , large structural variations , such as the goblet , trays, bottle-shaped , tubular , etc.

PET bottle carbonated beverage bottles packaging design over dosage
John Maddox market plastic packaging design analyst SBA-CCI company and Paul Beale said recently, in 2007, used in the production of PET bottles for the plastic packaging first time clear plastic packaging exceeded the amount of the amount of carbonated soft drink bottles, and PET container production in the United States vac tray for the first time hit a new high of 100 billion.
Maddox said, PET use in many areas remained unchanged or decreased. In 2007, only the amount of water and sports drinks PET has significant growth. Expected 2007-2012, the average increase plastic packaging box in world demand for PET nearly 9 percent to nearly 23 million tons.

Beale said that in 2012, Aquarius is expected to reach 30% market share, soft drink bottles will be plastic trays dropped to 23%. plastic box 2007, the share of 28% of both sectors -29%. From now until 2012, announced the expansion of the global PET production capacity of more than 18.1 million tons. To 2012, is headquartered in Tortona, Italy’s M & G Group company clamshell packaging will become the world’s largest PET producer, annual production capacity of more than 2.27 million tons. Followed located in Jakarta, Indonesia, Indorama Polymers Company and is located in Kansas Invista companies.

With the development of economy and technology , packaging industry in recent years to show their vitality . Drug its main role is to protect and improve human health , to determine the primary role of pharmaceutical packaging is a long time to ensure the safety , efficacy and stability of drugs under various conditions , and promotion for the role of pharmaceutical packaging is secondary. In recent years, due to advances in technology, enhance human health concerns and environmental awareness , so pharmaceutical packaging toward a safer, more comprehensive and non-polluting direction.

First, the new trend of the world pharmaceutical packaging

Statistics show that the drug / cosmetic / chemical packaging food packaging materials are to follow the pack. Equipment owners stream. While drugs like food packaging noticeable , but still the focus of current development . One reason is that some of the large chemical conglomerates are to diversify , this trend is inevitable and necessary .

Drugs have always been prohibited to sell advertising , but the usefulness of advanced cosmetic and can be purchased to facilitate drug advertising can be seen in various magazines , attracting chase the trend of readers. Therefore, the development of the packaging become the focus of its use of packaging materials is equally diverse .

The main effect of the drug is to improve human health , it’s packed to focus on security , and therefore , the doctor has the right to instruct how to package drugs.

Now more and more of the drug manufacturers comply with environmental trends , the introduction of small packaging, such as a transparent polypropylene blister pills instead of PVC.

Second, the world of new pharmaceutical packaging products

Folding box from the packaging supplier standpoint , they are required to reduce costs, such as the weight of an average 20% reduction in the surface , the choice of cheaper plastic packaging design cardboard , using some recyclable materials plus natural white pure raw materials or parts , but must have the same performance and packaging capabilities, such as reaching 350g / m:.

From a consumer perspective, they must have confidence in buying products , and printed on the packaging requirements detailed product descriptions .

Label on glass

It is hoped that all the basic information printed on the packaging – the glass, it uses labels and package inserts are the same. Will automatically stick labels towel from the corner opened , you can see the folding booklet , refolding restore the status quo , pasted on the glass. Additionally, these labels can be applied to other products, such as cosmetics , food , batteries and promotional items .

According to WHO ( World Health Organization ) plans , effective date printed on the product to be ” easy to see .” Therefore, some labels will save time as the extension of color to any illiterate people around the world but also by virtue of instructions that can be taken of the drug .

Packaging contractors

Today’s packagers have some of the drug companies envy of equipment. Some drug manufacturers can pack some products, because they do not have a set of drug laws in line with the requirements of drug production line, and they do not want to spend money to buy some of the only plastic trays suitable investments for mass production of expensive automation equipment. When the results of drug manufacturers launched a small range of products and introduction of new drugs, the package will be the contractor for help.

Third, the development trend of China’s pharmaceutical packaging environment regulation package

Environmental regulation of package is the so-called state of the gas inside the package is changed , a long time to ensure the quality of the product to be packaged . Such as plastic packaging box closing one desiccant ( oxygen absorber ) packaging, air replacement packaging. These packages are usually better able to protect the drugs, prolong shelf life of drugs .

Environmental regulation with desiccant packaging , oxygen , etc. according to the physical properties of drugs used , generally calcium chloride , silica gel , these substances do not react leaving drugs and drug failure or modified . Some new packaging materials are used in environmental regulation .

Less weighing and packing

To facilitate the dispensing , packaging requirements with accurate measurement of the role that measure less packaging . Measurement less packaging, including packaging material having a metering function ( as measured less hose hose ) and the amount of disposable packaging , the latter is less common weighing and packaging .

Such as composite materials development and sterile packaging technology, can effectively guarantee a liquid and solid dosage packaging agents accuracy , the amount of packaging is the first pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in the factory before the usual prescription drugs dose packaging, with original packaging sold to consumers. In 1990, the United States was once the amount of popularity all loaded , Britain now has 55% of the drugs using a dosage packaging.

Recently, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Third Medical began using a new method with bovine medicine , herbal formulations are not relying on a Bazhua , but by the pharmacist as supermarkets are generally selected on the shelf for the patient sachets drugs. They visited the city’s major pharmacy , medicine manufacturers , the last in support of Luwan District, medicine plant and other units , Shanghai took the lead in a small package medicine formulations . Pharmacy in accordance with a more than 800 kinds of different sizes small package herbs, can basically meet the needs of patients . With this new method is not only accurate dosage , and greatly reduce the chance of contamination formulation accelerated speed, shorten the waiting time for the patient , but also comes with a detailed description of pharmacological , welcomed by the patient .

Environmental Packaging

Packaging materials typically used to make the treatment of waste , and can not pollute the environment , especially in the standard IS014000 effective , environmental packaging development work becomes necessary . Contamination from pharmaceutical packaging primarily with the virus , ” white pollution .” In dealing with pharmaceutical packaging , in order to prevent the virus from contact with objects that may be with the patient continued to spread , disinfection is essential, the only way to really make the drugs played a role in the protection of human health. For the ” white pollution” , is now developing a new type of biodegradable packaging materials , although to solve some problems, but for drugs , it should replace the packing materials, but also for the stability of at least three experiments , showing that this work has to be done.

Serialization packaging

CIS in the country in recent years, the rapid development , packaging serialization nationwide attention , with the implementation of China’s pharmaceutical OTC , pharmaceutical packaging and decorating their exhibition series will also be able to .

Pharmaceutical packaging serialization, manufacturers of drugs is the same picture of a unified pattern , change color, text, position the pattern composition , art treatment methods, giving a sense of harmonization , thus forming a unique style that can facilitate consumer who recognize and enhance the publicity. Pharmaceutical products such as Nanjing Jiangpu erythromycin bolt, bolt asthma Liping , indomethacin , using the same layout and design, through changes in color plastic packaging to distinguish different products , clear and concise .

Again Janssen ‘s products astemizole , vac tray domperidone, Imodium , Billings West , Ann paradise , using the same pattern, patterns and standard colors – red , except that they were using blue , yellow, green , etc. different product color ; screens used in molecular structure may seem boring , and full of different products due to changes , more precisely separate the different areas of drug varieties , distinctive , unique style, in the minds of patients – the kind of series image, but also to win the market .

On the basis of uniform pattern , small changes will make people feel dull , lively enough ; variation in taste is also not available , such as Bristol-Myers Squibb clamshell packaging US several products : An Erkang , Theragran small Theragran , which several product packaging uniform pattern , using different colors and patterns to distinguish packaging design different varieties and for the crowd and refreshing. Theragran with red gradient and abstract human form ; small Theragran using POP package outline , with a green gradient plus cute cartoon rabbit image, lively , suitable for children ; Aner Kang , blue gradient , highlighting the maternal image, intuitive . Although several varieties of packaging changed greatly, but also harmony and unity , but also the direction of the formation of a series style .

In addition, the text as an important part of pharmaceutical packaging in the series design plays an equally important role . Different varieties using phase servo same font and layout layout, clear and crisp , like Johnson & Johnson ‘s Tylenol Cold and Tylenol painkillers packaging is exquisite examples.

Although pharmaceutical packaging serialization in China has just started, the formation of climate needs time , but as it has introduced , different manufacturers have formed their own unique style of serialization packaging is not only beneficial to establish brand, establish a corporate image , is more conducive to Competition of force to improve the product , thereby dominate the market.

Fourth, the reform of China’s pharmaceutical packaging long way to go

Since our founding in pharmaceutical packaging has undergone three stages: the first stage is the 1950s to the 1960s, the packaging material in brown glass bottles, straw board cartons, straight neck ampoule , etc, bulky insecurity, not easy ; the second stage is the 1970s to the 1980s , due to the “Cultural Revolution” destruction, relevant laws and regulations have been repealed , pharmaceutical packaging without a registered trademark of all, this stage is indeed turbulent phase ; third stage is from the 1980s to the present , registered trademarks and gradually restored, Yaozhengguanli gradually on the right track , increasing drug dosage forms , in addition to tablets, powder, pill, cream , injection , injection, has developed suppositories , oral solutions , aerosols, capsules, capsules, towel agents, Mesozoic medicines, chewable tablets , various new packaging emerged. This phase aluminum , paper , plastic plastic , foil , vacuum aluminum , laser security has been the increasing use of composite materials , such as , effectively improving the quality of packaging and pharmaceutical grade, the needle out of the water straight neck ampoule , replaced Qu neck fold ampoule , commonly used composite powders, tablets, granules . Raise the level of pharmaceutical packaging and decoration of narrowing the gap with foreign varieties . Into the 1990s , the use of computer technology to make the packaging design of drugs into a new day-inch period .

At present , China’s pharmaceutical packaging serious quality problems still exist the following :

Simple old style packaging

Many pharmaceutical packaging with decades of consistent system of paper ” old faces” , non- prescription drugs such packaging on supermarket shelves , consumers through multiple touch flip, easily contaminated and damaged . There packaging using aluminum skin cap or cork stoppers . The former is not easy to open , requires the use of scissors and other sharp object , such as a factory production of hormones drops is an example ; when the latter turned out people will make the bottle cork stoppers .

Vague label

Some of polyethylene plastic bottle label use on soon fall off by the user to re- paste , and some of the lot number printed on the label is valid bar, misleading representation of mistaken identity .

Hard to explain instructions

If the label says each taking a drug 5mg lower education level tend to 5mg ( a ) as five months overcast , so Rexia disaster inevitable. Drug side effects and some written instructions are too simple to write some of the side effects of the terms of leakage could easily lead to unnecessary trouble , Shanghai had happened over the patients due to drug toxicity and the relationship to the manufacturer’s instructions did not ” description” .

Chinese medicine packaging is always more

Some pharmaceutical packaging rough, especially in Chinese medicine is more prominent . Due to the use of drugs grass paperboard, containerboard for gaskets, and the impact of poor encounter selling regional air surges, humidity, moisture absorption intensity decreased after carton , easy to cause damage.

Flashy packaging

Recent times , there are some manufacturers in order to expand the visual impact, blindly increasing the size of the carton , outside the big flashy small increase of pharmaceutical packaging clear plastic packaging costs, thereby increasing the burden on consumers . This wind intensified, must pay close attention to drug administration , increase management from a regulatory perspective.

For the above, Shanghai Medical University , an expert pointed out that as a life-saving drugs in this particular commodity , the inherent quality is important, but the quality of packaging , labels, brochures, etc. should not be ignored , because the appearance of the packaging surface quality problems caused by the “drowned the disaster ” can not be discounted . Especially in the health care system continued to deepen today, self medicines have become the drugs of poor quality will not only produce the appearance of misleading the consumer , and will affect manufacturers reputation caused sluggish sales . Thus , pharmaceutical manufacturers should improve product packaging, in addition to the choice of materials for packaging not damaged , but also from the perspective of consumer convenience , try to produce a small dose packaging specifications to replace the bags of packing way behind . Drug labels, instructions on clarifying the effects, granule formulations mg, g the action units should be equipped with a measuring cup to facilitate proper patient taking .

Fifth, the domestic pharmaceutical joint venture pharmaceutical packaging differences

Today, many pharmaceutical joint venture pharmaceutical plants have generally into the size of the domestic medical institutions and medical establishments , domestic drug consumption dominance challenge , the reason of course is multifaceted, but the difference between a joint venture with the domestic pharmaceutical drugs on the packaging is can not be ignored .


Poor quality of domestic pharmaceutical packaging . As with most bottled based tablets , especially plastic bottles, because the seal is not high, the storage period is difficult to guarantee the quality of drugs , such as oryzanol save less than a year , there is a small amount of moisture deterioration , cold clear film , an envelope loss rate pain tablets and even up to 10% . Moreover, the large number of domestic pharmaceutical bottles , mostly primary care medicine no separate room, therefore increasing the chance of contaminated drugs .

High quality joint venture pharmaceutical packaging . Packaging more refined , robust, it is generally no damage, such as tablets with aluminum foil bubble packaging eyes , not only to adapt to mechanized production , but also easy to keep. Because of its moderate amount of packaging , which reduces the workload into pharmacy pharmacy staff , reduce dispensing errors and also reduce the chance of contaminated drugs , ensure the quality of medicines.

Drug Description

World Health Organization in the ” promotion of the drug management guidelines ” set forth , the manuals should include the following: 1 ) international drug generic name indicated with its active ingredient : 2 ) trade name ; 3 ) per unit dose of the active ingredient ; 4 ) other ingredients are known ; 5 ) was approved therapeutic effect ; 6 plastic box ) the dose or treatment programs ; 7 ) major drug side effects and adverse reactions ; 8 ) major interactions , precautions, contraindications and warnings restricted ; 9 ) manufacturing and sellers name and address ; 10 ) References . In this comparison , the gap between domestic drug instructions very large , most of them just in case the bottle label or a brief description of the surface , especially pharmacological effects described , and its side effects, adverse reactions precautions , contraindications , etc. very little introduction .

Each joint venture pharmaceutical packaging unit only has instructions and a detailed description of its contents , in line with World Health Organization ” ethical drug promotion criteria ” in the regulations.

Lot – Domestic pharmaceutical confusing, or printed unclear, vague , or printed on the inner surface of the cell injection package , can not easily be found . The joint venture pharmaceutical production lot is for identification , and very clear.

Retort packaging materials used , can be divided into a bag shape ( commonly called retort pouch ) , disk ( commonly known as

the cooking container ) and the cylindrical three types. The packaging material, or a single layer of plastic film , aluminum

foil or a plastic film and a composite article . Before explaining these packaging materials, it is necessary to understand the

characteristics and properties of composite thin films of plastic film and aluminum foil and other raw materials .
Canned soft composite film packaging material used , the outer layer of nylon film , polyester film as a barrier layer

polyvinylidene chloride, aluminum foil, an ethylene – vinyl alcohol copolymer as a polypropylene film of the sealing layer ,

special polyethylene.
Various raw materials used in the composite film has the following characteristics .
1 Polyester: having excellent transparency , heat resistance and abrasion resistance. A film thickness of 12 microns and 25

microns in two , for the printing on polyester , a retort pouch which can be used as the cover sheet or disc container.

Nylon 2 : As a substrate for retort packaging materials is indispensable. There are two kinds of two-way stretch and non-

stretch . Biaxially oriented nylon 6 film , not only has excellent heat resistance , cold resistance, tear strength and pinhole

resistance is good and , therefore, can be used together with other composite materials . In order to prevent curling , increase

strength, but also a film of nylon 6-6 , but the price higher than the nylon 6 .

3 PVDC : Can also be used as the soft layer film can be used as ham, sausage packaging material, sealing, ligation , shrink

resistance, gas barrier properties are excellent . Polyvinylidene chloride may also be used as nylon, polyester or the like

membrane coatings. Excellent barrier properties of polyvinylidene chloride film , and there have for a retort pouch of the

composite substrate for high temperature , high pressure sterilization .

4 High Density Polyethylene : soft canned special high-density polyethylene has been used in Japan, sales of goods . While the

gas barrier properties of the film is poor, but the tensile strength , elongation, tear strength, good sealing , good

adaptability , it can be used as a sealing layer . However , there are several characteristics of high-density polyethylene in

heat resistance , heat resistance temperature of its maximum 120 ℃.
5 Polypropylene: Good transparency , oil resistance , and heat resistance than polyethylene particular , it can be used as a

retort pouch sealing layer and the cooking container . Canned soft sealing material layer is mostly non-stretched polypropylene

film or a sheet .
6 foil : aluminum foil is used in a purity of 99% or more of aluminum , produced by rolling through , when used as a packaging

material , the packaging material is only aluminum metal substrates . Retort pouch foil thickness used is 7-15 microns and the

thickness of the aluminum foil used in the cooking container 50 to 130 microns. Because aluminum non-toxic, tasteless , with

excellent shading , have a high moisture resistance , gas barrier and confidentiality , can most effectively protect the

packaging, so as a fat-containing food packaging materials most appropriate. However, since the foil bends risk of pinholes , it

is necessary as the outer plastic film , and its compound .
Canned soft packing materials , mostly plastic film and aluminum foil composite. Because different types of food packaging ,

sterilization temperature and storage conditions , it is necessary to carefully consider the various combinations of raw

materials, packaging design operation of this step is the most important part.

Edible packaging plastic trays film is a hot topic in recent years, packaging materials , generally edible packaging film is based on polysaccharides , cellulose and proteins as the main basic materials, composite materials with organic esters formed can have a good machining properties Diet packaging films. Protein as the basic material edible packaging film has many advantages , but the past is generally limited to protein extraction plant material , most of these from plant materials packaging film does not have a waterproof and moisture resistance , mechanical properties after water is greatly reduced. U.S. researchers have recently discovered a continuous test of the film is prepared to take a new protein from milk , can be prepared by this method have an edible , water resistance of the packaging film , and this may be packaged in a packaging film has some American Dairy seen .

This edible packaging film is based on casein in milk as the main raw material , it takes advantage of the unique characteristics of casein , the milk protein is the main nutrient of cheese. Not only can it make food packaging films, food supplements can do , but also as food packaging adhesives, paper and textiles finished material , and even paint.

Casein as a packaging film has a very good advantage that it has a natural ability to form a waterproof structure , a biodegradable film or coating . Casein thin film coatings can be produced as high-quality imaging sheet , which not only can be adhered directly to the sheet as the paste layer packaging products, but also can be applied to some of the middle of the packaging film . Casein packaging film products can be well protected from damage and contamination , prevent the formation of the product in contact with the outside barrier material ; edible film and because the waterproof moisture clear plastic packaging casein can lock can therefore be used for packaging dairy foods , components such as cheese or cottage cheese , or for use in yogurt packaging laminates ; casein packaging films can also add seasonings , vitamins or minerals , such as some of the edible material , which would also improve the packaging film itself may Diet .

This process uses a patented ARS method , it is by the ERRC Wyndmoo Pennsylvania dairy processing and product research and development units Peggy Tomasula . She used extraction method is the use of high pressure carbon dioxide is separated from the milk protein casein . Tomasula was found that if this casein in water and mixed with glycerin and undisturbed natural drying , it will form a water-resistant , flexible, film -like material . Conventional casein obtained from a film , its mechanical properties as a packaging material can not meet the needs , the biggest problem is not water-resistant , moisture can quickly dissolve it . The new material when immersed in water may still remain intact , with very good waterproof, moisture resistance, which is much better than in the past of other protein -based films .

Previously, due to technical limitations , the film has no continuous large-scale manufacturing . Recently retired chemical engineer from ERRC MichaelKozempel and Tomasula developed a process for the continuous production of nurturing Casein films. Kozempe experiments to determine which of the delivery device using casein solution was uniformly spread , with a dry film which is easily moved . And in order to produce a film in three hours , he specified dry conditions and temperatures . The feasibility of these conditions to achieve large-scale manufacturing Casein film. This process can be continuously manufactured packaging film casein and other proteins can be used to improve the process to establish the feasibility of preparing a biodegradable polymer packaging films from commercial dairy production . Kozempel same experiments confirmed that 20% of the casein may be substituted skim milk , so that in case of loss of physical properties is hardly possible to plastic box reduce the cost of the film . The ARS has patented the production of continuous production process archiving, and are looking for business partners to market. I believe that in the near future plastic packaging design , it is possible to see the casein is used in food packaging film packaging , plastic packaging film into a conventional green alternatives.

Tea Packaging Technology and Methods

As the world’s third largest non- alcoholic beverage of tea , known as the 21st century beverage , and its natural , nutrition, health care quality features and much of the world ages. Tea as a special class of goods, imperfect packaging tend to make tea shape, color , smell and taste damage , in order to achieve long storage and transportation , the need for effective packaging of tea .

1 , tea packaging technical requirements

Tea contains a variety of ingredients ascorbic acid, clamshell packaging tannin tea , tea pigment, aromatic oils , proteins , catechin , lipids, vitamins, pigments , pectin , enzymes and minerals. These ingredients are highly susceptible to moisture, oxygen , temperature, lighting effects and environmental odors and deterioration occur. Therefore, the packaging of tea , you should weaken or prevent the effects of the above factors , the specific requirements are as follows .

1.1 Moisture

Tea is tea and biochemical changes of water medium , low moisture content conducive to the preservation of the quality of tea . The water content in tea should not exceed 5 % to 3% when the long-term preservation for the best, otherwise easily decomposed ascorbic acid in tea , tea color , smell, taste plastic packaging box , etc. will change, especially at higher temperatures, deterioration speed up. Therefore, when a good moisture resistant packaging can be used , such as aluminum foil or aluminum foil composite film deposited film as base material for packaging material proof packaging .

1.2 oxidation

Too much oxygen in the package causes oxidation deterioration of certain ingredients in tea , such as ascorbic acid is readily oxidized into deoxidation acid, amino acids , and pigments in combination with further reaction, the deterioration of the taste of the tea . Therefore , the oxygen content of tea packaging must be effectively controlled packaging design to less than 1% . In packaging technology , can be inflatable packaging or vacuum packaging method to reduce the presence of oxygen . Vacuum packaging technology is charged the tea good tightness flexible film packaging bag , the packaging bag to exclude air , resulting in some degree of vacuum , and then sealing the sealing packing method ; inflatable packaging technology is plastic packaging in the exhaust air at the same time filled with an inert gas such as nitrogen , is intended to protect the tea ‘s color , smell and taste remain stable , maintaining its original quality.

1.3 Against Heat

Temperature is an important factor affecting the quality of tea variation , the temperature difference 10 , the rate of chemical reactions difference of 3 to 5 times. Tea oxidation at high temperatures exacerbate containing substances , leading to rapid reduction of polyphenols and other active substances, quality deterioration accelerated. Root

It is implemented, tea storage temperature below 5 best. 10 ~ 15 , the slow decline of tea color , color effects can be maintained is still good , when the temperature exceeds 25 , the color will change faster tea . Therefore , the tea is adapted to store at low temperatures.

1.4 shading

Tea light can promote the oxidation of lipids and other substances of chlorophyll and make tea pentanal , propionaldehyde , such as smell substances increases, accelerated aging tea , therefore , in the packaging of tea , you must shading to prevent chlorophyll vac tray , lipids , etc. other components of the photocatalytic reaction. In addition, the UV is also an important factor in causing deterioration of tea . Such problems can be solved using shading packaging technology .

1.5 The gas barrier

Tea aroma easily lost, and easily affected by external odor , especially a composite membrane , and the residual solvent power ironing process , the smell of decomposed sealing process will affect the flavor of tea , the tea aroma that is affected . Therefore, the package must be avoided tea fragrance to escape from the packaging and absorb odors from the outside world. Tea packaging material must have a certain gas barrier properties.

2 , tea packaging methods

As a special class of goods , due to their limited and objective conditions, tea packaging is different from other general merchandise packaging. Currently, tea packaging methods commonly used are the following .

2.1 Metal cans

Metal cans of anti- breakage , moisture, sealing performance is excellent , is ideal tea packaging . Metal cans generally made ??with tinplate cans in the square and cylindrical shape , with its lid covered with a single layer and double cover two kinds. From sealing up points, there is generally two kinds of cans and sealed cans . Processing in the packaging technology , the tank can be sealed in the general method of packaging a deoxidizer , to remove oxygen in the package . Multi-use inflatable sealed cans , vacuum packaging . Metal cans of tea is better than composite protective film , and looks beautiful, noble, its disadvantage is the high cost of packaging , packaging and product weight ratio , increased transportation costs. Design delicate metal cans suitable for high-grade tea packaging.

2.2 carton packaging

After the tray is white paper, paperboard and other gray molded by printing , carton packaging to prevent the easily damaged , shading performance is also excellent . To solve the carton tea aroma volatiles and odor from outside influences , generally with a polyethylene plastic bag and then into carton packaging tea. Carton packaging drawback is easy to damp , in recent years there has been paper-plastic packaging boxes, cartons easily overcome the problem of moisture , such as the use of the inner layers of plastic film coated with a moisture-proof paint or cardboard for packaging materials produced packaging, both composite film bag features, but also has a protective carton packaging has , rigidity and other properties. If made ??with a plastic bag inside the sachet , better protective effect.

2.3 molded plastic containers

Polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and other plastic molded container has a generous, beautiful , packaging, display good effect , but its sealing performance is poor, as in tea packaging in multi- use packaging , multi-use complex in its plastic packaging film package.

2.4 composite film bag

Plastic composite film with light, unbreakable , heat sealing , good , affordable , and many other advantages , has been widely used in the packaging . Composite films for the packaging of tea , there are many , such as moisture-proof cellophane / polyethylene / paper / aluminum foil / polyethylene, biaxially oriented polypropylene / aluminum foil / polyethylene, PE / PVDC / PE , etc. composite films with excellent gas barrier properties , moisture , aroma , anti- odor . As most of the plastic film each having 80% to 90% light transmittance , the transmittance is reduced , the packaging material may be added to suppress or to reduce the ultraviolet transmittance of light through the printing , coloring. Further , a vacuum can be metallized with aluminum foil or a composite material based on light-shielding packaging material . Composite film bag a variety of forms , there are three sides sealing shape , pouches shaped, folded shape. Since the composite film bag with good printability , with its doing sales packaging design, attracting customers and promoting tea sales more unique effect.

2.5 paper bag

Also known as tea , which is a thin paper bag packing material for the village , even when used together into the tea bag . Paper bags with the main purpose is to improve the leaching rate , while also making tea in the tea powder can be fully utilized . Because tea has brewed fast , clean, standard dosage can be mixed drink , easy slag, easy to carry , etc., to adapt to the fast pace of modern life needs , popular favor in the international market . Early tea bags are generally line to meet repeatedly soaked convenience , taking into consideration the environmental requirements , and now increasingly popular line of tea bags do .