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Plastic towline on how to identify good and bad this problem may be that many customers have a headache when choosing the topic of plastic towline on the surface and see the quality is good or bad , plastic packaging there is no specialized equipment to measure , indeed plastic packaging box difficult to identify good or bad quality . Therefore , small as we collect the plastic towline can see, touch , hear, rub identified four aspects :

1, clamshell packaging see : good skills compared to fine plastic towline contour , texture quality , brilliance rounded lubrication, overall control delightful look good ; poor outside the sidelines up process compared to rough, uneven reputation , the image of hearts on the first touch is not good . Other sections mounted on multiple desktops on smooth , good plastic towline sides slightly cocked, the higher the difference between the two sides cocked .

2 , touch : hand plastic trays surfaces , edges and the clear plastic packaging inner wall of touch towline . Good plastic towline surface creamy , no tie feel , touch feel comfortable ; worse than the plastic packaging design Suimi unyielding surface feel a sense of high and low , compared to some plastic box design places difficult to handle , do not touch the feelings Tian Yi . Perhaps with the other two sections can migrate changes Rui pvc tray Min Li has a good turning point , no larger conflict ; poor harder rolling , strong sense of controversy .

3 , listen : the sound of plastic towline took place in a hard beat , the nylon issued a blunt analogy , feeling compared active ; polypropylene sound comparedÚ†moving.

4 , rub : rub hard with a hard plastic towline things surface , good pit Cuochu compared laborious and rub under the debris smaller, in powder form ; poor pit easily Cuochu , debris granular, such materials are generally mixed with new material made ??of recycled material , the degree of resistance to touch on very different than the new material .


Recently, an official of the Swiss giant Nestle held in Amherst , renewable plastics conference, said that since 1999 it has been used in plastic packaging materials content was reduced by 34 %.

Global packaging materials and clear plastic packaging test director , said Nestle ‘s PhilippeRoulet , plastics and laminates to reduce than pvc tray other materials such as glass more significant , such as Nestle glass usage reduced by 13 %. This is partly because plastic packaging of the improved bottle .

He said sales in the United States to supply bottled water brands Ozarka water bottle , contains only 9.3 grams of resin , the resin content compared to more than 20 grams of carbonated beverage bottles decreased.

In the past 20 years , Nestle has consistently taken steps to reduce the use of plastic packaging materials , because food and its packaging is the main culprit of the deteriorating environment in Europe , the situation is even worse than transportation.

But Roulet said reducing material use is not the only factor in improving the food supply chain plastic trays for sustainable development to be considered.

He said: ” We need to consider a more comprehensive approach and focus on packaging and products , not just the plastic packaging itself is concerned, it is a greater impact than paper packaging , paper plastic box design packaging , but the product is damaged more easily , so the actual . the plastic packaging box overall waste is about the same . ” in order to develop such a comprehensive approach , using Nestle packaging eco-design tools PIQET ( packing effects of rapid assessment tools ) clamshell packaging , taking into account plastic packaging design all areas of the supply chain , and the environmental impact of the production areas to do comparison.

Many biological materials are good, but its application is limited. For example , PLA poor moisture resistance , and limited supply of cane made ??of PE .

Nestle has been in the field of bio- plastics made ??a number of successes, including the use of bio-based HDPE bottle in Brazil. In Europe, Nestle is popular for its Vittel brand contains 30% of plant production levels bottles .

Recently, Ningxia and technological achievements Management Center has organized experts on Ningxia Run Dragon Plastics Co., Ltd. completed the ” new high strength, high temperature polyethylene plastic packaging design packaging endometrial ” projects and clear plastic packaging technological achievements identification.

The project to improve the formulation and production of polyethylene packaging endometrial blow pvc tray molding process parameters , can not solve the traditional packaging endometrial both high temperature and high strength and other plastic trays plastic box design problems. Product plastic packaging box quality is superior GB/T4456-2008 technical standards to hazardous chemicals packaging standards. Including high temperature 110 ; longitudinal tensile strength 35MPa, transverse tensile strength 40MPa; longitudinal elongation at break 656%, transverse elongation at break 643%, film impact test (90g) is not broken , the impact of 10 samples piece no cracks .

Currently the company has formed the group 40 million / year polyethylene endometrial production capacity. Product sales to our region and the clamshell packaging neighboring provinces of metallurgical, chemical and building materials and other large enterprises to meet these industries in the production , plastic packaging packaging and transportation process on both polythene bags and other products , high temperature, corrosion resistance and high strength characteristics requirements.

The rapid growth of the clear plastic

packaging flexible packaging market in plastic packaging design Turkey
New research market research firm PCI Films for flexible packaging industry in Turkey showed that Turkey is expected to become

the main force in the packaging market.

The company consultant Paul Gaster said, “The European packaging and plastic packaging box retail group believes that a number of quality

products and services in Turkey processors with European competitors offer clamshell

packaging comparable, but superior plastic trays in terms vac tray of price, which mainly refers to the OPP lamination films medium sized

products. such products plastic packaging as candy, dry food, biscuits and bakery

packaging brings value-added services. “over the past 30 years, the Turkish flexible packaging industry matures, is now among

Europe’s top 10. Turkish flexible packaging industry annual growth rate of 10 percent, a growth rate four times higher than plastic box in Western Europe other countries.

In recent years , China’s plastic pipe production and the rapid development of applications . According to statistics, in 2010 the production of plastic pipe in China reached 8.402 million tons , an increase of 31.1% over the previous year , the world’s largest plastic pipe production and application of the country . Currently , a large-scale manufacturer of plastic pipe to reach an annual clear plastic packaging production capacity of more than 3000 more than 15 million tons . There are about 300 companies which annual production capacity of 10,000 tons , the annual production capacity of more than 20 companies have more than 100,000 tons . The face of such a competitive market , plastic pipe companies how to adjust the direction of the pvc tray standard, to make themselves invincible it?

Currently technological innovation , technological innovation has become the main driver of enterprise development, plastic pipe industry backbone enterprises attach great importance to the introduction and development of new technology, new products , and the introduction of advanced processing equipment at the same time , continue to strengthen research and development efforts , some large enterprises also With advanced technology and product development center.

According to incomplete statistics , China’s plastic pipe industry already has more than 1,000 patents , some with independent intellectual property rights has occupied a leading position . plastic trays New varieties , new structures, new materials, new technologies, new processes and patents more and more plastic pipes . Among them, the plastic pipe industry brands Wingo shares will participate in the development of plastic pipe products more than 10 national standards , access to the National Torch Plan high-tech enterprises , the honorary title of national high-tech enterprises , the company has 12 patents . In addition, a plastic pipe industry advanced enterprises LAB TECH also has a strong research team, the company has nearly 100 highly educated, high-level professional scientific and technical personnel in recent years, won the provincial science and technology achievement award two , with more than invention clamshell packaging patents and utility model patents , technical strength .

However, the current production of some plastic pipe business investment in product innovation in small, relatively few new products of high-performance , high-tech, high value-added market photogenic similar generic products and affordable products and more . On some varieties of plastic pipe , industry research work also focuses on the basic theory is not plastic packaging box enough, just stay in the early stages of production, applications. This requires the industry to further increase R & D investment, improving R & D capabilities , enhance scientific and technological innovation, improve product accuracy, efforts to improve the competitiveness of industries and enterprises.

Safety and environmental performance of safety and environmental protection products is also growing by the entire society. At present , China has established a polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) material consisting mainly of plastic pipe processing industry . It is a listed company in Zhejiang Weixing New Building Materials Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Office personnel : “PPR pipe PVC pipe and PE pipe than higher technological content , more environmentally friendly with the competition and the development of the industry , the future direction is definitely towards quality. better, more environmentally friendly development pipeline varieties . ” Weixing new material for the main business of PPR pipes and PE pipes, PPR pipe which has a large margin . The company will raise investment for an annual output of 32,000 tons of gold mainly energy saving projects PPR Pipe Fittings , 250 thousand tons of energy saving type PE Pipe Fittings projects and an annual output of 15,000 tons of environmentally friendly drainage and sewerage polyolefin series double wall corrugated pipe construction projects that industrial layout Weixing new material is more reasonable , more safety and environmental performance .

In recent years, industry concentration degree of industrial concentration increasing plastic pipe industry , mainly concentrated in the coastal and economically plastic packaging design plastic box design developed areas , where production capacity in Guangdong , Zhejiang, Shandong Province and has 3 more than one-third of the national total one . Some companies invest in new or expanded production base in Tianjin, northeast, central and western regions, and gradually expand to increase production capacity to adapt to local needs. For example , Wingo shares in order to improve the national distribution company production base , enhance the company’s products on the Little City in central areas, especially in the capital city of Hefei market and radiation, November 7, 2012 acquisition of Anhui Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Guangde Jinpeng ( hereinafter referred to as “wide German Jinpeng ” ) . According to Wingo shares issued by the acquisition announcement , the acquisition transaction price of 195 million yuan , as of the valuation date ( September 30, 2012 ) , Canton de Jinpeng net assets of plastic packaging more than 9800 million, while net profit from January to September 270 million, its liabilities 247.5 million yuan . Canton de Jinpeng Main to PVC, PE, PPR -based raw materials several major series of pipeline products. But PVC-U pipes belonging to traditional products , the profit is relatively low, if the addition of new products with high added value in part based on the original , may be able to quickly improve the market share of the company’s products in the industry reshuffle , market concentration ascension bigger and stronger.

Scientific and technological progress , the quality of life improves , more and more items can not be safe. Recently there have been reports of many plastic products , plastic packaging design stationery contain harmful ingredients, into the human body affect human physiology , the body hormonal disorders, and even cause pvc tray female sexual precocity or male infertility. “A lot of plastic stationery plastic trays products contain harmful ingredients to bag book cover , for example, are now common market multi-purpose bag made ??of plastic book cover , but a lot of plastic wrap cover all contain PVC .” Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association Dong Jinshi plastic packaging , told reporters that PVC plasticizers into contact with hands or mouth through the human body, can plastic box design affect human physiology , the body hormonal disorders, and even cause female sexual precocity or male infertility. Many stationery color is very bright , but in the course will fade clear plastic packaging . Dong clamshell packaging Lion said, stationery contain heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium , etc. Heavy metals enter the body through the sweat glands of the human blood system and bone development will cause adverse effects. In addition, many stationery has strong flavor, which is probably because it contains plastic or recycled industrial waste plastics sake. Further , stationery contain sweeteners , flavoring agents , although would have a fragrance smells stationery , but the human nasal cavity , nervous system has potential hazards. Colorful highlighter everywhere plastic packaging box , said Dong Jinshi , a lot of brightly colored highlighter , and carcinogenic correction fluid , rubber in both contain ketone solvents, benzene substances may enter the human body . Dong Jinshi suggested to a regular point of purchase and sale of the mall , choose stationery with national standards and manufacturer identification information , to avoid bright colors and pungent taste stationery .

Plastic products have the shelf life of extended service clear plastic packaging will poison

Into the summer, when many parents are like kids out to play with a plastic lunch box with some fruit to the children , however, the Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association recently said Dong Jinshi , plastic trays plastic products also have shelf life, “extended ” will increase the carcinogenic plastic products ” ran ” and the risk of accumulation in vivo in human .

A plastic cup with a 6 -year

Reporters visited today Zhangdian several markets, supermarkets have plastic products counter , the reporter picked up a few plastic containers observed on plastics packaging, marked only the materials , use, production date, pvc tray attention matters , there is no shelf life of one . A salesperson told reporters , plastic supermarket sales in general are good, a lot of parents dedicated to the supermarket to buy your child . A consumer is buying plastic products , told reporters that their plastic box design home life is the most commonly used plastic containers , and find it very convenient to use, although the price is sometimes very expensive, but can be used for many years , then use them on relatively cheap.

Reporters interviewed 10 consumers , no one can say consumer plastic products shelf life. A consumer told reporters that he has been a plastic cup with a tea drink , until now spent plastic packaging design six plastic packaging box years, ” the time to buy quite expensive , with so many years did not bad , so I can not replaced .”

Plastics marked urgent plastic packaging shelf life

Plastic products shelf life in the clamshell packaging end is how long ? According to Long Dong Jinshi introduced into polyvinyl chloride plastics (PVC) plastic, polyethylene (PE) plastic and polypropylene (PP) plastic, etc. , the use of plastic products and cleaning methods different, there are plastic products, ” life ” some impact , although there is no express provision which plastic material shelf life is much, but the industry has a general statement, the shelf life of most plastic products in three to five years . Therefore , the life of food-grade plastic products , the best two years of a change, with a period of time , depending on which there is no discoloration , brittle, there does not appear inside the bump , etc., if such a situation should be replaced . Said Dong Jinshi , plastics packaging, plastic products, especially food packaging, shelf life marked urgent . ” The only way to reduce plastic ‘ poison ‘ endanger the health risks .”

In addition, consumers should pay attention to avoid using plastic lunch boxes installed more than fat or high- sugar foods , at the same time , do not use cleaning fluid or abrasive cleaning cloth for cleaning, to avoid scratching the plastic box , releasing an unknown substance .

With the rapid development of China’s beverage industry , PET pvc tray bottled drinks hot filling production line to speed development become inevitable. Achieve high-speed PET bottled clamshell packaging drinks hot filling production line , not a simple device to enlarge. Compared with previous low-speed production line , the need to be innovative and breakthrough in sterilization and filling bottles before filling the bottle down after the sterilization process and equipment. After years of plastic packaging persistent research and exploration , PET bottled drinks hot filling production line made ??a breakthrough leap in achieving high-speed, full -line equipment levels close to the world advanced level.

Meanwhile , the consumption of the device is greatly reduced disinfectant , only the consumption of the original process is 1/ 3, with a great advantage in operating cost savings . Simplifying the packaging material sterilization equipment , reducing equipment footprint, most importantly, more suitable for high speed hot filling production line . Further , the bottle plastic trays for sterilization in a confined environment , easy control of microorganisms , to fully improve the operating environment . Easier to focus on recycling and waste gas treatment, environmentally friendly , for maximum operator protection from disinfectant clear plastic packaging violations.

Although aseptic cold filling technology can reduce costs and demonstrate its advantages in terms of products, tea drinks , juice drinks market , but its high investment in equipment and equipment maintenance costs prohibitive for many companies plastic packaging design . And now the high-speed hot filling plastic box design technology for many beverage companies to provide the best solutions , both to meet the product’s growth plastic packaging box and security, but also reduces the cost of packaging materials and operating costs beverage business. With the maturing high-speed hot filling technology for more domestic large and medium-sized beverage production enterprises with advanced, stable and reliable beverage filling equipment , bringing more direct cost benefits.

China Food Industry Network : In recent years , energy saving , safe, reliable , effective, low -cost packaging food sterilization techniques have been developed and applied , which greatly promoted the development of the production and packaging of food.

Irradiation sterilization techniques: the use of radioisotope cobalt- 60, – rays or cesium- 157 produced by low-energy accelerators emitted – ray irradiation treatment of packaged foods . Canada, Israel , France, Japan and other countries generally use radioactive material Cobalt 60 , which emits strong -rays can completely destroy plastic packaging the genetic factors of bacteria, completely destroyed their physiological clamshell packaging activity almost eliminate any bacteria when used in high doses.

Irradiation complete sterilization : the food is sealed packaged in 2500 to 5000 thousand rads irradiated foods can make all the damage Simie pathogenic microorganisms , so as to achieve the purpose of disinfecting products . Before irradiation can be added in foods such as salt and sodium tripolyphosphate , food can reduce water loss , but also enhance the radiation clear plastic packaging on bacteria -killing ability . After irradiation sterilization method is completely processed beef, chicken , ham , pork packaging design , sausage, fish , etc. at room temperature (21 ~ 38 ) can be stored over the next two years , to maintain color, flavor and good .

Irradiation Sterilization : one thousand doses of 100 to 1000 rads , effectively limiting detrimental to plastic packaging box public health caused by failure of the biological and microbial growth , can effectively remove high- protein foods such as meat , dairy products, egg products great harm Salmonella, with 500,000 rads irradiation , we can make it into a million -fold reduction in the frozen food can kill salmonella depths . Been approved in more than 20 countries around the world now use irradiation sterilization of food for human consumption , such as chicken , pork , fish, mushrooms , spices , potatoes , rice , onions , wheat and so on. Irradiated food is safe and reliable , 40 years after the world practice has proved that irradiated food has never been found to have residual radioactive material that can maintain the original color, flavor and quality . In the U.S., food irradiation has been put into space, the astronauts eating proven harmless to the body . Advantages of irradiated food is preserved longer irradiation time can be fresh for several years , not only kill bacteria , but also inhibit the metabolism and slow the food itself , eliminating the root causes of food spoilage . Irradiation sterilization can save a lot of energy , the use of any food only after sterilization by irradiation ordinary packaging can be stored , eliminating a lot of canning , refrigeration and other materials and energy , have been preserved to irradiation can replace part of the refrigerator .

Ultraviolet irradiation : UV irradiation of ultraviolet i.e. killing the target microorganism DNA, the chemical change of the pyrimidine dimers formed in the loss of reproductive genetic damage or death , in 250 plastic box ~ 260nm sterilization effect is strongest. Foreign-developed strong UV light irradiation intensity of 200mw/cm2, for high-performance UV device is safe and effective for the sterilization of packaging materials .

Solid surface disinfection : the packaged food through the conveyor , into the irradiation track , sterilized with the sterilizing lamp , and then sent with the belt . For plastic film packaging food packaging materials requires good light transmittance of polyethylene or polypropylene plastic film.

Liquid sterilization : divided into two kinds , external irradiation and external irradiation style and let the water flow through the liquid from the interior of the internal irradiation type . Bactericidal effect can be achieved from the initial concentration of zero irradiated .

UV disinfection : ultraviolet sterilization or simply need to add a small amount of fungicides and preservatives , heat treatment and filtration than pasteurization energy saving , low cost , easy to maintain , safe and reliable , without compromising food flavor and gloss , etc. After sterilization, the application more widely . The United States has developed a series of products , large numbers of radiation than in the past ten practical UV lamp has been gradually used for transmission . Such as with heat , ultraviolet disinfection , hydrogen peroxide , hot citric acid solution , ethanol , ultrasonic treatment , the effect is better.

Microwave sterilization: microwave sterilization is to use the microwave to make water molecules vibrate , the use of molecular friction heat generated by sterilization. Suitable for food and a poor conductor of heat by reducing the quality of food easily understood . Plastic packaging materials for food packaging can be in original condition , a short time pasteurization of food from the center , but also to plastic packaging design prevent secondary pollution.

Microwave sterilization is not only applicable to the microorganisms resistant fungi , yeast , E. coli , but attached to the back of the food , the moisture content is low and no water foods , small plastic or glass -induced microorganism can not be sufficiently improved due to a temperature , the effect is not significant.

Microwave heating method : microwave oven heating method has two or catheter type , which is used in processing liquid , the liquid flows through the oblique penetration in the catheter tube is heated .

Aseptic packaging technology : aseptic packaging technology is pasteurized , cooled , sterile food under aseptic conditions , filled into pre- sterilized containers too , after long-term storage of sealed packaging technology . Over the past decade , the development of aseptic canning by the fluid to solid , packaging materials aseptic packaging technology rapid development of metal cans goes to the packaging material in Europe, America, Japan and other countries , is widely used in milk -based dairy products , fruit juices, cloth stare processed foods, vegetable juice , broth , soft drinks and coffee beverages , meat, milk and other fields .

Aseptic packaging has many advantages : product flavor, color changes and tissue loss and nutrients are less thermal denaturation of proteins , sterile packaged meat and gravy no fat precipitation separation , better able to maintain the original taste and flavor ; aseptic packaging easy to keep juice , taste fresh , practical and convenient . Aseptic packaging containers of low strength requirements of the packaging material used cardboard, plastic , and aluminum. In particular a paper plastic trays container of low cost, lightweight , metal elution phenomenon, disposable , easy handling , 70% of U.S. consumption of milk paper packaging . Aseptic packaging as well as saving energy , suitable for mass production vac tray and so on.

Aseptic packaging systems including sterilization and aseptic filling sealing food two parts. Food sterilization sterilization process commonly used high-temperature short-time (HTST method ) and ultra-high temperature instant sterilization (UHT), heat-resistant composite film with plastic film and aluminum foil , and more significantly shorten the sterilization time . Aseptic filling and packaging materials used in flexible packaging in general, ultraviolet disinfection sterilization , radiation sterilization and hydrogen peroxide solution over dipping , spraying, hot air drying, or bactericidal gas .

International aseptic packaging device has a typical U.S. company Dole aseptic canning , fluids for metal cans , colloids and foods containing solids , such as a variety of cloth stare condensed milk , puree , yogurt, milk and so on. Aseptic canning apparatus by the empty sterilization, filling, sterilizing the lid , sealing the four parts , the empty 210 ~ 220 sterilized 45 seconds after entering the aseptic chamber , from the sterile water to the lower spraying cooling cans , the general slot machine continuous streaming canning canning . Japan MM aseptic filling device is styrene plastic film after sterilization with hydrogen peroxide , thermoforming film punched into the ring container , automatic quantitative filling, sent by hydrogen peroxide sterilization cover with aluminum foil , sealed with a sealing film , blanking film cut for cloth stare jam, ice cream, milk , juice and other aseptic filling. In aseptic packaging process , in addition to packaging materials , food packaging , sterilization , but for workshops, working machinery, air operations are required to clean the entire sterile , completely achieve microbiological control of production management and distribution management.

Currently, the development of new more suitable sterilization techniques . As the can rotate at high speed using the direct flame heating gas flame sterilization , can accelerate heat conduction to prevent uneven heating of canned food and a retort pouch is applied to the food effect is good ; there need not sterilized packaging material , the food processing apparatus is simple unique approach to liquid food sterilization ; use superheated steam to be air- dried food sterilization law , not as the raw material moisture saturated steam , better cereal and flour granular food effect.

Metal cans appeared yogurt drink on the plastic plastic packaging box trays dairy market.

It is plastic packaging understood that the high cost of metal cans, metal vac tray cans yogurt clear plastic packaging appeared mainly in order to meet the needs of high-end consumer market

Requirements, its packaging design sterile packaging to extend the shelf life of yogurt. However, due to the high acidity of the yogurt, the acid resistance of the metal cans requirements

Also improved accordingly. For the contents play the best protection, the factories are usually coated with epoxy phenolic type using plastic packaging design coated

Three-piece tinplate cans material or two pieces of aluminum cans in order to improve clamshell packaging the corrosion resistance of the metal cans. Generally choose screen printing or offset printing mode printing

Brushed metal cans, but also to choose a suitable printing ink according to the surface properties of the metal, metal cans mostly for surface printing. And printing

High speed, so, the printing pressure can not be too large, in order to ensure adequate printing pressure, ink viscosity and usually plastic box choose

Good drying performance binders.