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Life more extensive use of plastics , plastic classification and application in furniture and interior decoration , there are many .

1, plastic properties and uses

Type of plastic range of different functions , our life plastic products exist everywhere . Currently plastics are constantly expanding range of applications , and many new products were developed by plastic and applied to product production. Plastic with easy processing , low cost , variety , etc., in the furniture and interior decoration has a place , and the position is being constantly improved. We should be concerned about dynamics of plastic, timely application of new materials design new products.

Refers to a plastic resin ( polymerizable monomer or directly ) as a main component , with a plasticizer , a filler , a lubricant, a coloring agent as an auxiliary component , to flow in the process of forming the high molecular organic material than that . “Plastic” that is referred to as the plastic material .

Plastics and thermosetting plastics can be divided into two categories of thermoplastics , thermosetting plastics such as eggs , once cured by heating , and then heating the melt is the same soft ; thermoplastic and can be repeatedly heated and melted by heating waxy , cools and hardens .

2 , application and development plastic packaging design of new pvc tray plastics

2.1 nano-composite plastic

Nanocomposite plastics refers to nanoscale inorganic filler dispersed in the plastic matrix is formed nanocomposite . Nano-composite plastic with excellent performance on a variety of plastic products development plays a very important role . Currently the extensive use of various household appliances plastic parts , basic metal replaced by plastic material and is being developed by the ordinary plastic nano plastic to functionality, while furniture and interior decoration industry did not keep pace with the home appliance industry . We need to learn more about nano- composite plastic performance and features in a timely manner in the industry, product design and production . Currently there are very few foreign research reports in clear plastic packaging this regard , which is the focus of our attention. For example , the use of antibacterial plastic nanotechnology R & D in the furniture and interior decoration industry has a good value.

Antibacterial plastic refers to a plastic having antibacterial properties itself , the plastic can be stained kill bacteria and inhibit bacterial growth in a certain time . This plastic is the use of nanotechnology, Nano added a small amount of inorganic antimicrobial agent obtained efficient antibacterial plastic in plastic . Currently used in household appliances such as refrigerator door handles , door lining and other components, washing machine antibacterial stainless steel tube , antibacterial wash pump clamshell packaging impeller antibacterial washing machine parts and medical electrical plastic packaging box equipment such as plastic parts , such as topical . Taking into account the reasons for the relatively high cost of this material , we can put it in the plastic box design door handles , seats with armrests , table desk , toilet and so easy to contaminated areas , or research and development of ” nano- composite plastic timber .” In short , nano- composite plastic furniture and interior decoration will be a very good development prospects.

2.2 retardant plastic

Refers to a plastic having flame retardant properties . In hotels, restaurants, office buildings and other public works in interior design , fire is a basic requirement. Currently, the flame-retardant plastic has made ??interior doors, windows, including the mouth and various moldings, etc. , and the formation of industrial production , the surface can imitate a variety of wood products , cheaper prices. However, the flame-retardant plastic in furniture and interior decoration products, has not been a large number of applications , which indicates retardant plastic space development in this area is still very large .

2.3 Intelligent Plastics

Intelligent Plastics is able to perceive and receive information refers to the external environment , such as sound, light, electricity, magnetism , pH , temperature, force, etc. , and can automatically change its shape according to environmental changes , respond to a new class of polymer materials . This is a study of American and Japanese scientists a few years ago . Plastic also has intelligent sensing, control and drive triple function, it can through its own perception, information processing , issue commands and perform and complete the action , so as to achieve self-test , self-diagnosis, self- control, self- correcting , self- modified function.

Many types of plastic intelligent shape memory plastic SMP (Shape-memoryplastics) is one of them . Shape-memory plastic deformation means the products after an initial shape is fixed by the response parameters ( heating , lighting , electric field, pH , etc. ) of stimulation, but also to restore the original shape of a class of polymer materials. Currently used in medical splints , wound dressing , coating or liner material , fastening pins, toys, cars with ease ; the protective cover and so on . We can apply it to furniture and interior decoration which make use of previously existing materials and processes can not be manufactured out of shape, can now be done using shape memory plastics , can also use it to assist in the production of more new furniture.

Can automatically repair cracks intelligent plastics , uniformly mixed in a resin matrix within a specially marked with a special resin ultrafine capsules , and then with the production molding. This has its own built- chemical catalytic plastic packaging polymerization microcrystalline ability , once the damage occurs , it will activate a special resin, the resin begins to soften automatically becomes viscous liquid injection and filling cracks or holes in and gradually solidified , automatic repair damaged parts . Intelligent automatic repair cracks in the plastic is ideal for the production of special parts of furniture and interior decoration , for example: the desktop easily damaged parts , doors , decorative wire angle. If the plastic production process further simplify , we can produce self “healing ” of furniture , no longer afraid to knock beloved furniture is encountered , do not be afraid of the children in the chaos carved furniture scratched the surface of chaos .

2.4 Anti -noise plastic

U.S. scientists have recently developed a hollow plastic ball material used in the construction noise abatement , and building this house can be made ??soundproof , so that families without outside interference , keep quiet state. By a number of hollow plastic pellets composed of plastic building materials , can suppress noise. When sound waves hitting the ball wrapped very tight , it causes vibrations ball up into different frequencies and to eliminate noise. These pellets will be converted into energy of noise , so that the wall made ??of plastic having a heating effect .

In our real life, plastic furniture , plastic decorative materials and other plastic products, has been used for many years , but is still stuck in the traditional sense . Like plastic dining table, chairs, plastic file boxes, file shelving , plastic storage bins, plastic drawers , plastic windows plastic trays and doors , etc., such as plastics can be applied to new functional modern furniture design and interior design, to give the product with new features meaning, the future is ambitious , which requires multi-disciplinary , multi-disciplinary collaborative research .


This year China’s plastics machinery exports rose month by month since the Spring Festival, China’s exports in May 5402 sets of plastic machinery , exports amounted to $ 144,884,000 . Although the Spring Festival presses on increasing exports , but the export value in May was down by 7.2% year on year , in addition, the data can be seen from recent months , the average price of China’s exports dropped sharply presses this plastic trays year , which will so that pvc tray our industry will face greater pressure presses .

Look at the case of injection molding machines , in May last year, is the annual export volume of the largest injection molding machine in February , this year the amount of the injection molding machine exports plastic packaging $ 82,652,000 , down slightly from January , down 15.1 percent year plastic packaging box on year . And relatively speaking, May extruder exports better, its exports amounted to $ 30,367,000 , the largest amount of exports in January this year .

All along, the export price is lower export our presses a major problem , industry analysts pointed out that the lack clear plastic packaging of ” quality products” is an important bottleneck in the clamshell packaging development of plastic machinery , expect transformation. However, this trend more evident , indicating that China’s press industry is still difficult to get rid of low -value problem. With economic development , intelligent plastic presses companies compete to become the new darling of the market . Overall, the 2013 is still targeting keywords presses innovation and market transformation.

Presses export data in May , it is worth noting that the United States May 54 injection molding machines imported plastic packaging design from our units, amounting to $ 7,027,000 , becoming the largest May injection molding machines imported from our country , and in the past very long time, almost never happens . We note that , although the U.S. manufacturing PMI ups plastic box design and downs this year , but the volatility is not great, but basically above the ups and downs . Manufacturing round of the U.S. economic recovery is a bright spot , as of last May , the U.S. manufacturing sector maintained a continuous trend of expansion 34 months. The U.S. government’s support for the return of manufacturing , making the rapid increase in demand for its products and equipment .

Brazilian imports from the country this year, the amount of the injection molding machine has been growing since March , the amount of imports remained at more than $ 5 million . But as I have talked about before , the Brazilian household spending power due to local policies and its industrial development there are some difficulties. Russia in the first quarter of this year is almost at a standstill, Russia April HSBC manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) continued expansion slowed down from 50.8 in March , continued down to 50.6 , a four-month low . Russia, as a major exporter of extruder , May plunged to $ 1,607,000 from the amount of China’s imports , the lowest this year.

In strict accordance with the ” Food Safety Law ” and other laws and regulations clear plastic packaging in the food business activities ; establish food inspection record system ; If sales do not meet the food safety standards of food , consumer losses …… recently promised compensation , integrated delivery Dalian Road farmers market held with ” food safety alarm bells ringing , warm and pvc tray healthy living in harmony ” as the theme of the food Safety Awareness Month activities , promote the plastic box design use of environment-friendly plastic bags , and with the food industry, households market operators signed a commitment letter for food safety for consumers distributed food safety knowledge leaflets, give consumers more detailed knowledge of food safety .

Reporters saw at plastic packaging design the event , shipping industry, Dalian Road farmers market to promote the use of environmentally friendly household plastic bags, plastic clamshell packaging bags are printed on a green telephone complaints , if consumers find that the use of substandard plastic industry, households plastic packaging box can make a complaint next Xing Shan delivery market development company plastic trays belongs, Anshan Road farmers market will also be put to use environmentally friendly plastic bags. Meanwhile, the market will fully implement pollution-free vegetables detection system for all food commodities certificate and invoice plastic packaging , taking excessive vegetables destroy the system , increase the ” plant hook” meat traceability system supervision, the marketing of food to there are well documented.

With the rapid development of industrial technology , sheet metal processing of various plastic materials have been widely used in various fields, and the reason why they will be so widely used and popular, mostly because thanks to its superior performance characteristics.
Black ABS plate sheet metal industry is emerging as a material, which is currently the largest output, the most widely used polymers. It PS, SAN, BS various properties of plastic packaging organic unity , both tough and hard , just balanced with excellent mechanical plastic packaging box properties. It has a excellent impact strength plastic packaging design , dimensional stability , dyeing , forming and machining , high mechanical strength, high stiffness, low water absorption , good corrosion resistance ; and the connection is simple , non-toxic , odorless , has excellent chemical properties and electrical insulation properties. To heat deformation , at low temperatures also have a high impact toughness . It was a hard, difficult to scratch , easy plastic box design deformation clamshell packaging of the material .

It is worth mentioning that the transparency transparent black ABS plate very well polished with excellent results, is to replace pvc tray the PC sheet material of choice. Its toughness is very good to meet the product plastic trays detailed processing. But clear plastic packaging the drawback is transparent black ABS relatively more expensive . And in view of black ABS plate easily generate internal stresses caused by deformation of the sheet in the process , so the source of Dongguan Xinda Plastic Materials Co., Ltd. a professional point of view we Reminder black ABS sheet must be done prior to use to deal with stress , to ensure that processing operations smooth and efficient process.

The main role of oxygen is vacuum packed in order to help prevent food spoilage , the principle is relatively simple, due to deterioration of food mold rot caused mainly by microbial activity, and most microorganisms ( such as yeast and mold ) require oxygen for survival , while the vacuum packaging is the use of this principle, the packaging bag and oxygen deprived of food within the cell , so that microbes lost ” living environment .” Experimental results show: When the oxygen concentration of 1% packaging bags , the rate of microbial growth and reproduction on a sharp decline in oxygen concentration 0.5%, most microorganisms will be inhibited and stop breeding . ( Note : Vacuum packaging can not inhibit the propagation of food spoilage and discoloration caused by anaerobic bacteria and enzyme reactions , and therefore need to be combined with other complementary methods, such as refrigerated , frozen , dehydrated , high-temperature sterilization, irradiation sterilization , microwave sterilization , salt marinated plastic packaging design , etc. ) in addition to the vacuum oxygen inhibit microbial growth and reproduction , another important function is to prevent food oxidation , because a lot of fats and oils in food unsaturated fatty acids , the role of oxidation by oxygen -containing , make food taste, bad. In addition, the oxidation of vitamin A and vitamin C loss , the role of oxygen in food coloring by unstable substances , the color darkens . Therefore, the oxygen can effectively prevent food spoilage and maintain its color, smell , taste and nutritional value.

The main clear plastic packaging role of vacuum inflatable packaging vacuum packaging with the addition of oxygen shelf features, there is also the role of compression, gas barrier , preservation , etc., can make food more effectively long-term to maintain the original color, smell, taste, shape and nutritional value. In addition, there are many food vacuum packaging should not be used , but must be inflated by vacuum packaging . Such as crispy or crunchy foods, caking food, go easy deformation food oil , sharp edges or high hardness will vac tray pierce bags of food. After vacuum inflatable food packaging, packaging bag inflatable bag outside pressure greater than atmospheric pressure , can effectively prevent the deformation of food crushing pressure does not affect the appearance of bags and printing and decorating .

Inflatable packaging vacuum and refilled with nitrogen in a vacuum , carbon dioxide , oxygen or a single gas gas gas mixture of 2-3 . Nitrogen is an inert gas which , from the filling to make the bag to maintain a positive pressure to prevent outside air from entering the bag bag , food plays a protective role. Carbon monoxide gas can dissolve all types of fat or water to form weak carbonic acid , inhibit mold, bacteria and other microorganisms corrupt activity . Oxygen inhibits the growth of anaerobic bacteria breeding , keeping fruits, vegetables and fresh colors, high concentrations of oxygen can maintain its bright red fresh meat .

Vacuum packing

Curing products : sausages , ham, bacon, duck , etc. ; pickles : mustard , radish , turnip , pickles , etc. ; soy : tofu, vegetarian chicken , hummus , etc. ; cooked food products : chicken , duck , beef sauce ; convenience foods : rice , instant wet noodles, cooked vegetables , etc. ; soft canned food : water bamboo shoots , fruit syrup , clamshell packaging rice pudding and so on.

Vacuum plastic trays inflatable packaging

Tea, nuts, melon seeds, floss , etc. ; fried potato chips , puffed food , fruit and vegetables crisps , etc. ; cake, moon cake , etc. ; various powders , food additives ; various souvenirs , expensive medicines ; kinds of dehydrated vegetables .

Vacuum packaging or vacuum packaging used inflatable three- layer composite aluminum thin film or composite film made ??of trilateral seal bags, composite film thickness is generally between 60-96m , which is the inner heat seal layer , the need for good heat-sealing properties , a thickness of between 50-80m, the outer sealing layer , the need for good air tightness and printability , between 10-16m in certain plastic packaging strength , thickness. Common polyethylene inner layer composite film substrate (PE), such as high temperature plastic packaging box cooking bag then use high temperature polypropylene (CPP), the outer layer of oriented polypropylene substrate used (OPP), polyester (PET), nylon (PA) , etc. . Some foods such as tea , milk and other high-fat foods , and some require the use of light-blocking packaging to prevent food affected by the change of light color , smell, taste , and its approach is the substrate between the outer and inner layers of composite thin layer of aluminum foil (AL), which has also been enhanced airtightness .

Vacuum or vacuum packaging machine used inflatable cavity and outside pumping two kinds of models. Chamber vacuum packaging machine is divided inflatable packaging machines and vacuum packaging machines . Outside pumping vacuum packing machine with vacuum packaging and inflatable packaging , and several other functions , so called multi-functional plastic box packaging machine . Packaging machines need to buy packaged goods according to the form , the size of the packaging capacity , production volume , the use of a combination of factors to consider , such as the manner in which the packaging , it is best to consult after purchase .

Food vacuum and vacuum inflatable flexible packaging technology , occupies a certain position in the food packaging technology , some features and functions can not be easily replaced other packaging technologies . Our vacuum packaging technology in the early 1980s developed, while filling the vacuum packaging technology in the early 1990s began to use a small amount , with the promotion and development of small supermarket packaging , its scope will be more widely some will gradually replace rigid packaging , the prospects are very promising.

Recently, the Consumers Association vac tray of Yuanping in the beverage market in rural special investigation found that in recent years, soft drinks especially popular in the rural market. Especially in 500 ml of soft drinks sell better. The reason why farmers are willing to buy soft drinks , there are some of the following plastic packaging box reasons: First, compared with bottled drinks , the price is relatively cheap ; Second, easy to carry, especially when you work in the fields , plastic packaging and put on a bag , very easy and convenient; Third, with a general increase in living standards of farmers , work in the fields drink gradually replace drinking water . Because drinking water is necessary to boil water , but also with a thermos bottle , very troublesome , and bring a bag of drinks, both refreshing thirst , but also convenient and affordable . I believe that soft drinks popular plastic packaging design in rural areas to develop at least brought a revelation beverage market following aspects :

One revelation : the development of rural farmers beverage market should be fully aware of the beverage purposes. Judging from the survey , many farmers to purchase drinks are working in the fields when drinking . So they are particularly convenient to carry , and soft drinks fits this feature. Just to pocket a loaded plastic trays on it, and bottled beverages due to the shape of fixed installed in the pocket but some inconvenience. So, they meet farmers’ consumption characteristics , farmers will go to buy.

The second revelation : the development of rural beverage plastic box packaging market should try to make a simple science. The most affordable speaking farmers clear plastic packaging , either buy drinks , or buy other food, is the first to look at how the quality , but do not seem to pretty packaging is not pretty. Conversely , luxury pretty packaging , but will make the farmers refuse to buy produce a reverse psychology , because they know that ” fleece” the truth , luxurious packaging can only increase the purchase cost , and even increase agricultural garbage . The soft drinks and simple fits science standards, farmers prefer to buy .

Implications of the three : the development of rural beverage market, the current flexible packaging should also be improved. Admittedly, the countryside is a potentially large beverage market, because China has more than half of people living in rural areas. But the current situation, when drinking soft drinks and some farmers inconvenient places, such as the opening of the design is not very scientific clamshell packaging , farmers in the drinking is not with teeth to open with scissors , very convenient. If you can design a very scientific openings , will be more affected farmers.

Due to the low cost of plastic , you can not sterilize reusable, so widely popular clear plastic packaging in the medical market , at present , Thailand and many countries are about to enter old age or social , medical plastics industry is also increasing year by year , with the production of the plastics industry ongoing technology development and innovation , as well as the foreseeable future medical plastics plastic packaging design great development space.

According to survey results , Thailand ‘s Office of Industrial Plastics Industry Economic Research Center shows that in 2011 the Thai production of plastic medical equipment manufacturers a total of 12 , employing about 2,580 people, including 2,210 people working on the production line , the monthly production capacity of about 1,366 tons. All manufacturers are located in Bangkok and surrounding House District .

Today, the main raw material for the production of medical equipment , including metals, ceramics, plastics and composites (Composite). Where the robustness of plastics and composites , light weight, low cost , corrosion-resistant , easy synthesis of new materials with other materials , medical equipment and its characteristics meet the needs of a variety of advantages to make access to medical equipment manufacturers of all ages.

2010 Thai plastics industry worth 2,268.22 million baht . Where the value of medical equipment products to plastic as the main material of 3.343 billion baht , accounting for about 1.5% of the total value of plastic products , the use of about 4.8 plastic packaging million tons of plastic raw materials. Thai medical equipment manufacturers are using low -level science and technology. Plastic products mainly include medical gloves, plastic tubing , medical pvc tray devices, pharmaceutical packaging products, etc. .

As the Thai Plastic Industries will export center in the Asia-Pacific market, European and plastic box design American countries currently emerging economic crisis did not impact on the Thai plastic products. Thai plastic industry will continue to implement this marketing strategy , strive after 2015 the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) was established grab more market share.

Wei Lasa noted that although the plastics industry development situation is good , but it also faces related adverse factors. Plastics industry currently a serious lack of labor , lack of trained according to the statistics profession college or educated workers thousands of people . Plastics industry hope that the Government can give clamshell plastic packaging box packaging relevant help and support, on the one hand increase the plastic industry research investment, on the other hand will strengthen labor skills training. If the government and the public to plastic trays actively cooperate , promising Thailand’s economic growth in 2011 is expected to reach 5-6 %.

Plastic clamshell packaging furniture is very familiar to us , like the people rely on plastic packaging design the same lamp , plastic products have become an integral part of people’s lives, something . However, in addition to cheap, we rarely notice other advantages of plastic furniture . In fact plastic packaging , compared to wood clear plastic packaging or metal material furniture , plastic furniture has its unique advantages. Plastic is a polymer material with excellent thermal insulation , sound insulation , resistance to oxidation, and other physical and chemical properties . Most importantly , plastic furniture can be plastic box design recycled , can minimize pollution of the environment , so more and more people plastic packaging box ‘s attention. Large plastic plastic space , some of the best avant-garde designers will design their penetration into the plastic furniture design , the practical function plastic trays of furniture perfect combination of function and aesthetic , then presented to our lives than just plastic furniture necessities , but also has the ornamental value of art. pvc tray In addition, plastic furniture, maintenance is simple , easy to clean , non-absorbent, especially suitable for the modern home . Plastic furniture can be said that throughout every corner of the family.

Packaging major commodities play a protective role . And to some extent reflects the intrinsic quality of the product . Leopard features characterizing the product . In the classification encompassing package also includes a label containers. Beer, for example there are a variety of packaging primarily by container. Labeling and packaging components. Following on several arsenic packaging make a brief introduction .
Choose beer containers
1 . Glass beer bottles
Since the broken beer tray containing dioxide gas has a certain pressure plastic packaging box and to manage transportation in the process of production , there are still collision problems. Will cause a sudden break whipped and pressurized conditions bottle . Therefore crucial for the choice of the bottle . First . To ensure that the bottle can be fixed against the pressure and the pressure on the points remain homogeneous. It will not be damaged by the attack to ensure the quality of the glass resistant to outside shocks.
After the election Fever glass beer bottle crown cap also pay attention to the choice of the first principle is to ensure that the meat tightly Ke another crown cover material must be clean and can keep the bottle filled with beer after the seal between the bottle and the cap to summer beer bottle with iron horse effectively isolated . vac tray To avoid tinned crown cover rust . To keep wine from pollution .
2 . Aluminum cans
For ease of transportation using cans of beer and some high-end packaging . To ensure pressure resistance and generally ended in a container from corrosion pit ‘s two-piece aluminum cans are used cans . In the filling process and strict ballast control the production process . To ensure the sealing of packaging .
3PE bottle
As technology continues to improve the level of new packaging materials packaging to the traditional challenged . PE bottles with beer is one of the folios one kind . Since PE has not broken bottles l sent back for multiple use and so on. People are beginning to step into the field of packaging containers of beer . Currently in Germany, Canada, has suddenly home pupil PET bottles of wine available.
Printed underlying beer
Most containers are bottles of beer . To complete the proof packaging . Characterization characteristics providers sin. Panthers played an effective supplement labels . Like beer landmarks include packaging design the top mark Ji- standard body labels and back labels on beer , etc. In this way the subject of several printed a brief introduction,
1 . Offset printing
Offset printing is mainly used for the short version . Registration accuracy requirements for a higher standard beer leopard print . General Standard for printing neck and body labels back label and so on. Substrates are mostly one-sided vacuum aluminum coated waterproof paper and so on. Ink UV offset inks are generally ordinary ink.
Using offset printing beer standard way to note there are many factors . One should ensure that the wine label paper about the direction consistent with the direction of silk thread . Because a lot of beer and paper production environment humidity is greater than the vertical transverse deformation becomes Tong . Therefore, the method of the plate in the correct plate . Trademarks can be more firmly attached to the surface of beer bottles and thus greatly reduce the rate of loss mark . Second, when the beer sold in the South and other places. Should take full account of local market conditions and people’s living habits . People in the South tend to like beer after a long soak in cold water for drinking . At this point in the printing process for the selection of substrates is particularly critical . Because the overall effect of the damage , the labeling of a long soak the paper will appear . In this case the best choice for waterproof paper as printing materials . Third, to ensure a balance so that the ink spot color consistent. Besides printing drying vacuum aluminum beer standard offset problems still need to pay attention to the process of technical difficulties .
2 . Gravure

Gravure printing is mainly used initially marked neck , body and back labels and so marked . As people of beer packaging grade requirements continue to increase . Marked by a large number of items marked neck replaced and therefore can greatly enhance the color saturation of the gravure printing began to be printed items marked favor . While higher prices gravure printing plate gravure platemaking cycle is longer and poor environmental factors restricting the development of a variety of gravure , but in the country within the top mark of pure aluminum foil gravure printing field still occupies a pivotal position .
Application gravure printing pure aluminum foil top mark to note there are many factors . One is directly absorbed by the due gravure gravure printing plate with ink transfer squeegee ink through capillary action between the plate and the substrate onto the substrate so for the ink viscosity requirements are extremely stringent. In the printing process must ensure that the viscosity of the ink is not otherwise change will affect the printed color consistency . Second . Since the aluminum foil is a metal -free drying of the ink absorbent and therefore must be assured in the printing process should be carefully controlled amount plastic box of hot air . To ensure adequate drying of the ink . Note that the three ink plastic packaging design abrasion resistance . Since pure aluminum foil directly to the top mark with the beer bottle neck portion is completely wrapped up. This requires open bottle after the remnants of marked items will not be broken . Pure aluminum foil to avoid debris on the wine pollution. To achieve such a request. First select the material should not be too brittle. To avoid unnecessary fragmentation ; followed . When the printed products after processing to strict technological requirements. Hole pitch and a pressure bar ensure embossing consistent . Except when it comes to points outside the above items marked how to ensure that posted the top mark is not torn. When recycled glass beer bottles how to wash clean and so are the trademark application items marked problems that need attention .
3 . Flexographic printing
Flexo printing with environmentally friendly printing color uniformity , strong connectivity and processing capabilities , etc. are widely used in packaging and printing label printing , especially in the field . A large number of standard body standard neck , back and part of the top landmarks are marked with a flexographic printing. Because flexographic printing also has a wide range of substrates , etc. nascent beer sticker also used flexo printing.
One factor in the development of troubled flexo printing registration accuracy is offset relative to a certain gap between the plate and the accuracy of the system is not very difficult to fine tune the mesh so using flexographic printing plate printing beer labels printed in Fig. Man should try to ensure that the design lines of text and field -based. Second, due to the flexo printing based mainly on the ground so when printing absorbable printing materials ( especially the use of unit-type flexographic printing presses ) , to avoid pumping up the overlay printing materials are not allowed to cause problems in general adopted when the film -plate trapping and other compensation . And in the choice of color clear plastic packaging printing group should try to put a large area on the ground by the printing unit color group . plastic trays Third in the application of flexo printing printing standard beer . Should also consider the requirements of the market for beer labels are generally carried out in water or chilled in the refrigerator and therefore requires labeling both waterproof and also antifreeze. Generally through glazing reach such requirements. Fourth of ink and varnish must be strictly managed to prevent failure at low temperatures . Leading labels fade phenomenon . In addition . When using water-based inks . To select the appropriate labeling of plastic . Because the water-soluble ink dissolved in alkali solution alkaline glue labeling therefore not appear too strong to avoid trademark fade phenomenon .
In short . Applying the above three kinds of printing printing standard beer is different , we should be targeted to choose the right printing to maximize publicity and play a protective role.
Beer packaging
For the convenience of the beer glass bottles of beer , especially the means of transport is also a beer packaging must be used. There are four common beer packaging forms . That plastic rope tied, plastic film sealing . Plastic box packaging and corrugated boxes and packaging.
Small breweries to reduce production costs. Usually with plastic rope for tying dozens of bottles of beer . Thus play a fixed role for shipment. And thus derived packaging and sealing of plastic packaging plastic film packaging like plastic rope tying . Both have invested less packaging , etc. but the appearance is not beautiful.
Generally large brewery in the middle and low -volume production of large plastic boxes of beer would likely use packaging and storing . Such packaging has a high initial investment , but it can be used repeatedly and so prone to rub thus affecting the overall effect on the packaging labels and other packaging materials .
Premium beer and beer cans mounted multi-use corrugated packaging , such packaging can not be reused and the higher cost clamshell packaging , but the fine print and the effective protection of the beer are making corrugated packaging products have been widely used in high-end packaging . Domestic corrugated carton printing generally use more offset, gravure and flexo printing and other three kinds of printing. Because flexo printing with unique characteristics and light pressure with offset printing glossy paper first then pasting the different ways it can be directly printed corrugated board greatly improve the efficiency of production also due to the flexo printing colorful , etc. So with domestic corrugated box printing areas are maintained a rising trend .
The above only describes several forms of beer packaging . As people ‘s living standards and the level of technology continues to increase. I believe in the near future beer packaging selection method will be more extensive , will be getting close to people’s lives.

Edible packaging plastic trays film is a hot topic in recent years, packaging materials , generally edible packaging film is based on polysaccharides , cellulose and proteins as the main basic materials, composite materials with organic esters formed can have a good machining properties Diet packaging films. Protein as the basic material edible packaging film has many advantages , but the past is generally limited to protein extraction plant material , most of these from plant materials packaging film does not have a waterproof and moisture resistance , mechanical properties after water is greatly reduced. U.S. researchers have recently discovered a continuous test of the film is prepared to take a new protein from milk , can be prepared by this method have an edible , water resistance of the packaging film , and this may be packaged in a packaging film has some American Dairy seen .

This edible packaging film is based on casein in milk as the main raw material , it takes advantage of the unique characteristics of casein , the milk protein is the main nutrient of cheese. Not only can it make food packaging films, food supplements can do , but also as food packaging adhesives, paper and textiles finished material , and even paint.

Casein as a packaging film has a very good advantage that it has a natural ability to form a waterproof structure , a biodegradable film or coating . Casein thin film coatings can be produced as high-quality imaging sheet , which not only can be adhered directly to the sheet as the paste layer packaging products, but also can be applied to some of the middle of the packaging film . Casein packaging film products can be well protected from damage and contamination , prevent the formation of the product in contact with the outside barrier material ; edible film and because the waterproof moisture clear plastic packaging casein can lock can therefore be used for packaging dairy foods , components such as cheese or cottage cheese , or for use in yogurt packaging laminates ; casein packaging films can also add seasonings , vitamins or minerals , such as some of the edible material , which would also improve the packaging film itself may Diet .

This process uses a patented ARS method , it is by the ERRC Wyndmoo Pennsylvania dairy processing and product research and development units Peggy Tomasula . She used extraction method is the use of high pressure carbon dioxide is separated from the milk protein casein . Tomasula was found that if this casein in water and mixed with glycerin and undisturbed natural drying , it will form a water-resistant , flexible, film -like material . Conventional casein obtained from a film , its mechanical properties as a packaging material can not meet the needs , the biggest problem is not water-resistant , moisture can quickly dissolve it . The new material when immersed in water may still remain intact , with very good waterproof, moisture resistance, which is much better than in the past of other protein -based films .

Previously, due to technical limitations , the film has no continuous large-scale manufacturing . Recently retired chemical engineer from ERRC MichaelKozempel and Tomasula developed a process for the continuous production of nurturing Casein films. Kozempe experiments to determine which of the delivery device using casein solution was uniformly spread , with a dry film which is easily moved . And in order to produce a film in three hours , he specified dry conditions and temperatures . The feasibility of these conditions to achieve large-scale manufacturing Casein film. This process can be continuously manufactured packaging film casein and other proteins can be used to improve the process to establish the feasibility of preparing a biodegradable polymer packaging films from commercial dairy production . Kozempel same experiments confirmed that 20% of the casein may be substituted skim milk , so that in case of loss of physical properties is hardly possible to plastic box reduce the cost of the film . The ARS has patented the production of continuous production process archiving, and are looking for business partners to market. I believe that in the near future plastic packaging design , it is possible to see the casein is used in food packaging film packaging , plastic packaging film into a conventional green alternatives.

Tea Packaging Technology and Methods

As the world’s third largest non- alcoholic beverage of tea , known as the 21st century beverage , and its natural , nutrition, health care quality features and much of the world ages. Tea as a special class of goods, imperfect packaging tend to make tea shape, color , smell and taste damage , in order to achieve long storage and transportation , the need for effective packaging of tea .

1 , tea packaging technical requirements

Tea contains a variety of ingredients ascorbic acid, clamshell packaging tannin tea , tea pigment, aromatic oils , proteins , catechin , lipids, vitamins, pigments , pectin , enzymes and minerals. These ingredients are highly susceptible to moisture, oxygen , temperature, lighting effects and environmental odors and deterioration occur. Therefore, the packaging of tea , you should weaken or prevent the effects of the above factors , the specific requirements are as follows .

1.1 Moisture

Tea is tea and biochemical changes of water medium , low moisture content conducive to the preservation of the quality of tea . The water content in tea should not exceed 5 % to 3% when the long-term preservation for the best, otherwise easily decomposed ascorbic acid in tea , tea color , smell, taste plastic packaging box , etc. will change, especially at higher temperatures, deterioration speed up. Therefore, when a good moisture resistant packaging can be used , such as aluminum foil or aluminum foil composite film deposited film as base material for packaging material proof packaging .

1.2 oxidation

Too much oxygen in the package causes oxidation deterioration of certain ingredients in tea , such as ascorbic acid is readily oxidized into deoxidation acid, amino acids , and pigments in combination with further reaction, the deterioration of the taste of the tea . Therefore , the oxygen content of tea packaging must be effectively controlled packaging design to less than 1% . In packaging technology , can be inflatable packaging or vacuum packaging method to reduce the presence of oxygen . Vacuum packaging technology is charged the tea good tightness flexible film packaging bag , the packaging bag to exclude air , resulting in some degree of vacuum , and then sealing the sealing packing method ; inflatable packaging technology is plastic packaging in the exhaust air at the same time filled with an inert gas such as nitrogen , is intended to protect the tea ‘s color , smell and taste remain stable , maintaining its original quality.

1.3 Against Heat

Temperature is an important factor affecting the quality of tea variation , the temperature difference 10 , the rate of chemical reactions difference of 3 to 5 times. Tea oxidation at high temperatures exacerbate containing substances , leading to rapid reduction of polyphenols and other active substances, quality deterioration accelerated. Root

It is implemented, tea storage temperature below 5 best. 10 ~ 15 , the slow decline of tea color , color effects can be maintained is still good , when the temperature exceeds 25 , the color will change faster tea . Therefore , the tea is adapted to store at low temperatures.

1.4 shading

Tea light can promote the oxidation of lipids and other substances of chlorophyll and make tea pentanal , propionaldehyde , such as smell substances increases, accelerated aging tea , therefore , in the packaging of tea , you must shading to prevent chlorophyll vac tray , lipids , etc. other components of the photocatalytic reaction. In addition, the UV is also an important factor in causing deterioration of tea . Such problems can be solved using shading packaging technology .

1.5 The gas barrier

Tea aroma easily lost, and easily affected by external odor , especially a composite membrane , and the residual solvent power ironing process , the smell of decomposed sealing process will affect the flavor of tea , the tea aroma that is affected . Therefore, the package must be avoided tea fragrance to escape from the packaging and absorb odors from the outside world. Tea packaging material must have a certain gas barrier properties.

2 , tea packaging methods

As a special class of goods , due to their limited and objective conditions, tea packaging is different from other general merchandise packaging. Currently, tea packaging methods commonly used are the following .

2.1 Metal cans

Metal cans of anti- breakage , moisture, sealing performance is excellent , is ideal tea packaging . Metal cans generally made ??with tinplate cans in the square and cylindrical shape , with its lid covered with a single layer and double cover two kinds. From sealing up points, there is generally two kinds of cans and sealed cans . Processing in the packaging technology , the tank can be sealed in the general method of packaging a deoxidizer , to remove oxygen in the package . Multi-use inflatable sealed cans , vacuum packaging . Metal cans of tea is better than composite protective film , and looks beautiful, noble, its disadvantage is the high cost of packaging , packaging and product weight ratio , increased transportation costs. Design delicate metal cans suitable for high-grade tea packaging.

2.2 carton packaging

After the tray is white paper, paperboard and other gray molded by printing , carton packaging to prevent the easily damaged , shading performance is also excellent . To solve the carton tea aroma volatiles and odor from outside influences , generally with a polyethylene plastic bag and then into carton packaging tea. Carton packaging drawback is easy to damp , in recent years there has been paper-plastic packaging boxes, cartons easily overcome the problem of moisture , such as the use of the inner layers of plastic film coated with a moisture-proof paint or cardboard for packaging materials produced packaging, both composite film bag features, but also has a protective carton packaging has , rigidity and other properties. If made ??with a plastic bag inside the sachet , better protective effect.

2.3 molded plastic containers

Polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and other plastic molded container has a generous, beautiful , packaging, display good effect , but its sealing performance is poor, as in tea packaging in multi- use packaging , multi-use complex in its plastic packaging film package.

2.4 composite film bag

Plastic composite film with light, unbreakable , heat sealing , good , affordable , and many other advantages , has been widely used in the packaging . Composite films for the packaging of tea , there are many , such as moisture-proof cellophane / polyethylene / paper / aluminum foil / polyethylene, biaxially oriented polypropylene / aluminum foil / polyethylene, PE / PVDC / PE , etc. composite films with excellent gas barrier properties , moisture , aroma , anti- odor . As most of the plastic film each having 80% to 90% light transmittance , the transmittance is reduced , the packaging material may be added to suppress or to reduce the ultraviolet transmittance of light through the printing , coloring. Further , a vacuum can be metallized with aluminum foil or a composite material based on light-shielding packaging material . Composite film bag a variety of forms , there are three sides sealing shape , pouches shaped, folded shape. Since the composite film bag with good printability , with its doing sales packaging design, attracting customers and promoting tea sales more unique effect.

2.5 paper bag

Also known as tea , which is a thin paper bag packing material for the village , even when used together into the tea bag . Paper bags with the main purpose is to improve the leaching rate , while also making tea in the tea powder can be fully utilized . Because tea has brewed fast , clean, standard dosage can be mixed drink , easy slag, easy to carry , etc., to adapt to the fast pace of modern life needs , popular favor in the international market . Early tea bags are generally line to meet repeatedly soaked convenience , taking into consideration the environmental requirements , and now increasingly popular line of tea bags do .