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Recently, an official of the Swiss giant Nestle held in Amherst , renewable plastics conference, said that since 1999 it has been used in plastic packaging materials content was reduced by 34 %.

Global packaging materials and clear plastic packaging test director , said Nestle ‘s PhilippeRoulet , plastics and laminates to reduce than pvc tray other materials such as glass more significant , such as Nestle glass usage reduced by 13 %. This is partly because plastic packaging of the improved bottle .

He said sales in the United States to supply bottled water brands Ozarka water bottle , contains only 9.3 grams of resin , the resin content compared to more than 20 grams of carbonated beverage bottles decreased.

In the past 20 years , Nestle has consistently taken steps to reduce the use of plastic packaging materials , because food and its packaging is the main culprit of the deteriorating environment in Europe , the situation is even worse than transportation.

But Roulet said reducing material use is not the only factor in improving the food supply chain plastic trays for sustainable development to be considered.

He said: ” We need to consider a more comprehensive approach and focus on packaging and products , not just the plastic packaging itself is concerned, it is a greater impact than paper packaging , paper plastic box design packaging , but the product is damaged more easily , so the actual . the plastic packaging box overall waste is about the same . ” in order to develop such a comprehensive approach , using Nestle packaging eco-design tools PIQET ( packing effects of rapid assessment tools ) clamshell packaging , taking into account plastic packaging design all areas of the supply chain , and the environmental impact of the production areas to do comparison.

Many biological materials are good, but its application is limited. For example , PLA poor moisture resistance , and limited supply of cane made ??of PE .

Nestle has been in the field of bio- plastics made ??a number of successes, including the use of bio-based HDPE bottle in Brazil. In Europe, Nestle is popular for its Vittel brand contains 30% of plant production levels bottles .


This year China’s plastics machinery exports rose month by month since the Spring Festival, China’s exports in May 5402 sets of plastic machinery , exports amounted to $ 144,884,000 . Although the Spring Festival presses on increasing exports , but the export value in May was down by 7.2% year on year , in addition, the data can be seen from recent months , the average price of China’s exports dropped sharply presses this plastic trays year , which will so that pvc tray our industry will face greater pressure presses .

Look at the case of injection molding machines , in May last year, is the annual export volume of the largest injection molding machine in February , this year the amount of the injection molding machine exports plastic packaging $ 82,652,000 , down slightly from January , down 15.1 percent year plastic packaging box on year . And relatively speaking, May extruder exports better, its exports amounted to $ 30,367,000 , the largest amount of exports in January this year .

All along, the export price is lower export our presses a major problem , industry analysts pointed out that the lack clear plastic packaging of ” quality products” is an important bottleneck in the clamshell packaging development of plastic machinery , expect transformation. However, this trend more evident , indicating that China’s press industry is still difficult to get rid of low -value problem. With economic development , intelligent plastic presses companies compete to become the new darling of the market . Overall, the 2013 is still targeting keywords presses innovation and market transformation.

Presses export data in May , it is worth noting that the United States May 54 injection molding machines imported plastic packaging design from our units, amounting to $ 7,027,000 , becoming the largest May injection molding machines imported from our country , and in the past very long time, almost never happens . We note that , although the U.S. manufacturing PMI ups plastic box design and downs this year , but the volatility is not great, but basically above the ups and downs . Manufacturing round of the U.S. economic recovery is a bright spot , as of last May , the U.S. manufacturing sector maintained a continuous trend of expansion 34 months. The U.S. government’s support for the return of manufacturing , making the rapid increase in demand for its products and equipment .

Brazilian imports from the country this year, the amount of the injection molding machine has been growing since March , the amount of imports remained at more than $ 5 million . But as I have talked about before , the Brazilian household spending power due to local policies and its industrial development there are some difficulties. Russia in the first quarter of this year is almost at a standstill, Russia April HSBC manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) continued expansion slowed down from 50.8 in March , continued down to 50.6 , a four-month low . Russia, as a major exporter of extruder , May plunged to $ 1,607,000 from the amount of China’s imports , the lowest this year.

In strict accordance with the ” Food Safety Law ” and other laws and regulations clear plastic packaging in the food business activities ; establish food inspection record system ; If sales do not meet the food safety standards of food , consumer losses …… recently promised compensation , integrated delivery Dalian Road farmers market held with ” food safety alarm bells ringing , warm and pvc tray healthy living in harmony ” as the theme of the food Safety Awareness Month activities , promote the plastic box design use of environment-friendly plastic bags , and with the food industry, households market operators signed a commitment letter for food safety for consumers distributed food safety knowledge leaflets, give consumers more detailed knowledge of food safety .

Reporters saw at plastic packaging design the event , shipping industry, Dalian Road farmers market to promote the use of environmentally friendly household plastic bags, plastic clamshell packaging bags are printed on a green telephone complaints , if consumers find that the use of substandard plastic industry, households plastic packaging box can make a complaint next Xing Shan delivery market development company plastic trays belongs, Anshan Road farmers market will also be put to use environmentally friendly plastic bags. Meanwhile, the market will fully implement pollution-free vegetables detection system for all food commodities certificate and invoice plastic packaging , taking excessive vegetables destroy the system , increase the ” plant hook” meat traceability system supervision, the marketing of food to there are well documented.

The material of the various types of chemical tanks for the production of chemical industry is very important. Chemical storage tanks chemical used in industrial production , chemical storage tanks , chemical mixing tank , chemical tank , plastic packaging design chemical cans , chemical reaction tanks, chemical neutralization tanks , etc., are collectively referred to as chemical tanks . Chemical tank is a chemical industrial production, for the processing of raw materials into a finished product specifications , need to go through a series of chemical feedstock pretreatment process , the reaction product of a chemical reaction plastic box design and separation and purification, and the process used to achieve these devices . Chemical finished product is very dependent on the handling and use of chemical tanks . The following is mainly to introduce many types of plastic chemical tank chemical clamshell packaging tank .
Polyethylene (PE) plastic as raw material, the whole forming a special process , the plastic chemical tanks clear plastic packaging do not use any additives in the production of plastic filler, totally unique formula to increase the Company modified polyethylene (PE) material manufacture and into , forming plastic packaging a whole tank without welding seam , tank also has no welding seams , no leakage, non-toxic , light weight, anti-aging , shock , corrosion resistance, long life, meet the health standards , etc., low price in stainless steel tanks , fiberglass tanks ordinary life , polypropylene tanks, PVC tanks , natural conditions longer.

Lined plastic containers : steel lined plastic composite series is the essence of the product . It is welded to the steel surface of the steel to polyethylene as the raw material , spin molding process, pvc tray a steel body integrally formed on the surface of the steel mesh plastic trays and the polyethylene is integrally welded to the steel surface of the steel to a polyethylene difficult from the steel surface . Thus is an extremely excellent corrosion products. Product lining surface smooth, strong, compared plastic packaging box with the traditional steel-lined plastic plate tanks, glass lined steel tanks , with more good corrosion resistance, no leakage, no peeling , abrasion resistance, long life and other advantages .

Use plastic chemical tanks can mate degrees lower production , storage, transportation , operation costs. While saving a lot of manpower and material resources. Is an integral part of the production of the chemical industry auxiliary vessel .

Scientific and technological progress , the quality of life improves , more and more items can not be safe. Recently there have been reports of many plastic products , plastic packaging design stationery contain harmful ingredients, into the human body affect human physiology , the body hormonal disorders, and even cause pvc tray female sexual precocity or male infertility. “A lot of plastic stationery plastic trays products contain harmful ingredients to bag book cover , for example, are now common market multi-purpose bag made ??of plastic book cover , but a lot of plastic wrap cover all contain PVC .” Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association Dong Jinshi plastic packaging , told reporters that PVC plasticizers into contact with hands or mouth through the human body, can plastic box design affect human physiology , the body hormonal disorders, and even cause female sexual precocity or male infertility. Many stationery color is very bright , but in the course will fade clear plastic packaging . Dong clamshell packaging Lion said, stationery contain heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium , etc. Heavy metals enter the body through the sweat glands of the human blood system and bone development will cause adverse effects. In addition, many stationery has strong flavor, which is probably because it contains plastic or recycled industrial waste plastics sake. Further , stationery contain sweeteners , flavoring agents , although would have a fragrance smells stationery , but the human nasal cavity , nervous system has potential hazards. Colorful highlighter everywhere plastic packaging box , said Dong Jinshi , a lot of brightly colored highlighter , and carcinogenic correction fluid , rubber in both contain ketone solvents, benzene substances may enter the human body . Dong Jinshi suggested to a regular point of purchase and sale of the mall , choose stationery with national standards and manufacturer identification information , to avoid bright colors and pungent taste stationery .

Plastic products have the shelf life of extended service clear plastic packaging will poison

Into the summer, when many parents are like kids out to play with a plastic lunch box with some fruit to the children , however, the Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association recently said Dong Jinshi , plastic trays plastic products also have shelf life, “extended ” will increase the carcinogenic plastic products ” ran ” and the risk of accumulation in vivo in human .

A plastic cup with a 6 -year

Reporters visited today Zhangdian several markets, supermarkets have plastic products counter , the reporter picked up a few plastic containers observed on plastics packaging, marked only the materials , use, production date, pvc tray attention matters , there is no shelf life of one . A salesperson told reporters , plastic supermarket sales in general are good, a lot of parents dedicated to the supermarket to buy your child . A consumer is buying plastic products , told reporters that their plastic box design home life is the most commonly used plastic containers , and find it very convenient to use, although the price is sometimes very expensive, but can be used for many years , then use them on relatively cheap.

Reporters interviewed 10 consumers , no one can say consumer plastic products shelf life. A consumer told reporters that he has been a plastic cup with a tea drink , until now spent plastic packaging design six plastic packaging box years, ” the time to buy quite expensive , with so many years did not bad , so I can not replaced .”

Plastics marked urgent plastic packaging shelf life

Plastic products shelf life in the clamshell packaging end is how long ? According to Long Dong Jinshi introduced into polyvinyl chloride plastics (PVC) plastic, polyethylene (PE) plastic and polypropylene (PP) plastic, etc. , the use of plastic products and cleaning methods different, there are plastic products, ” life ” some impact , although there is no express provision which plastic material shelf life is much, but the industry has a general statement, the shelf life of most plastic products in three to five years . Therefore , the life of food-grade plastic products , the best two years of a change, with a period of time , depending on which there is no discoloration , brittle, there does not appear inside the bump , etc., if such a situation should be replaced . Said Dong Jinshi , plastics packaging, plastic products, especially food packaging, shelf life marked urgent . ” The only way to reduce plastic ‘ poison ‘ endanger the health risks .”

In addition, consumers should pay attention to avoid using plastic lunch boxes installed more than fat or high- sugar foods , at the same time , do not use cleaning fluid or abrasive cleaning cloth for cleaning, to avoid scratching the plastic box , releasing an unknown substance .

In recent years, China’s food safety and quality improved significantly, but clear plastic packaging the plastic packaging company packaging box food packaging products there are serious security risks. packaging box design It is reported that China will strengthen the food packaging products certification and accreditation. Our impact on food clamshell packaging packaging products compulsory product certification system, that of food packaging products QS market access system. The industry believes that plastic box this certification will be China’s enterprises of food packaging products market access for the first mandatory certification system, and its impact on food packaging manufacturers have a significant plastic packaging impact. Expected to have 1/3 of the companies will be eliminated delisting.

It is understood that, from food packaging bags (film) product to the carcinogenic PVC cling film, disposable snack to the nearest toxic bottles, plastic package were found in the packaging materials and printing inks there are serious health and safety problems. vac tray The state will introduce mandatory food packaging industry QS certification plastic packaging design packaging design standards and implementation details. Wherein the authentication will be the first in the food and beverage industry, plastic packaging, paper packaging and composite packaging products to implement. It is understood that the current domestic plastic food packaging (including plastic trays containers, tools) about food packaging 3O%, the share is rising, and its faster than paper food packaging. Therefore, plastic goods packaging products certification is currently the focus of certification.

Military food is an important area of ??food research. As the particularity of military food purposes, military technology in

the processing of food, nutrition and packaging and other technical indicators are more advanced than the civilian food, there

are many commercial foods are transformed from the military technology. This article briefly describe the historical development

of military food and food under the current military situation, on the development trend of military food packaging to make a

simple prediction.

First, the military history of the development of food

1. Military food Definition: technical standards stipulated by the military production, supply all kinds of standard food in

general. This concept tells us, not the army that military food consumed food, it has a specific technical and tactical

requirements. For example, it requires small size, light weight, portable convenience food: Nutrition reasonable structure;

palatability; digestible and absorbed: health and safety; shelf. Here you can quantify it, such as weight parts required for

each meal should be less than 1000 grams, reservoir requires more than 2 years, can be ready to eat in the wild environment and

so on.

PLA’s military food into field of food, food voyage, life-saving food and general food four categories. As the name implies,

military food with different occasions, their requirements are different. Mainly in the form of military food products are

dehydrated foods, canned foods into two categories, at present, some middle-moisture food technology and packaging technology

through the fence improves shelf life, began to enter the field of military food.

2. Military Food Research Definition: the development and improvement of military food research activities. It is an integral

part of military research. Its main task is to use scientific methods developed various types of military personnel in war

conditions or extraordinary circumstances require convenient and delicious, safety and health and nutrition reasonable standard

of food.

Military food research can be traced back to 1790. At that time, the French army led by Napoleon, often far from home fighting

overstretched the obvious contradiction between supply rations, food had not arrived in front metamorphism. To this end, the

French army was established by J. -L. Cover a Lussac and other scientists as members of the military food research committee.

1810, France N. Apel invention is a method of food cans possession early military food research important results. The next 100

years, food science, nutrition development, the discovery of vitamins, food for military research has laid a theoretical

foundation. During World War II, the U.S. military took food research series. If, according to the operational environment is

different, for general, special and life-saving food research: according to the number of different supplies for man and

collective food research. 1941 to 1945, the U.S. military developed 23 kinds of food, including the famous D-rations supply

urgently block, C rations and for paratroopers and tank crews using the K-rations. In 1957, the U.S. military began using

flexible alternative to tinplate packaging materials research, in 1978 the successful development of long-term storage of food

cooking bags, which is studied in military food packaging materials, packaging technology breakthrough. In 1978, the U.S.

military food research from the battlefield hot food security needs, to begin developing the condition can easily maneuver the

military food heated, in 1982, successfully developed a new generation of collective rations T-rations. After 1988, the U.S.

embarked 21st century combat conditions military food research focusing on the development of high caloric density, optimal

nutrient composition, continuous consumption and composition of modular military food.

From the historical point plastic trays of view the development of military food,

canning technology is due to the birth of military necessity. In this process, the package consists of glass bottles, tin into

the development process are the first flexible packaging for the army, gradually converted to civilian products.

3. The main content of military food

Military food processing. Including research to determine the required plastic box

raw materials, container, production processes (including canning, drying, irradiation, compression, vacuum infiltration, etc.)

processing technology and anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation technology military food nutritional properties and their functions.

Categories of personnel in different environments studied nutritional needs and health needs. Including meals spectrum, and

daily servings of parts and other combinations of food nutrition.

Military food packaging materials and packaging technology. Military food packaging should meet the storage, carry, transport

requirements. Packaging material should be resistant to tearing, resistance to brittle fracture, impact; thorn rolling

resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature or low temperature; deadening water, water vapor and gases; to mold, insects,

fat rancidity, able to adapt and floating airdrop required; can prevent neutron damage, chemical agents. There are currently

using more tinplate, plastic film, multilayer composite films.

Military food during storage, transport process changes.

Military food additives. Including antioxidants, preservatives, antifungal agents, bioactive substances, flavor substances.

Military food special properties. Including sensory acceptability, nutritional function, carry transport and other properties.

For example, military food is usually in days or parts of servings for the basic unit, according to different types of combat

environments dietary needs of the warfighter to provide heat, emphasizing the food protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and

other nutrients balance. Some occasions, urged military food has anti-fatigue, anti-anoxia, anti-cold, anti-radiation and

mobilizing fat, enhance physical fitness.

Identification of military food quality and functionality. Including physical, chemical and sensory evaluation methods.

4. Military Food Research Features

Emphasis on military effectiveness. To achieve the performance of military food, technical and tactical targets, military food

research requires the integrated use of various techniques, technologies. Easy to carry military food such as compression

technology; military canning food processing technology, drying technology, radiation technology, vacuum infiltration

techniques; to improve storability used in anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation technology and packaging technology; to improve the

acceptance self-heating technology of using biological active substance, and add technology.

Attention to nutritional balance. Japanese military food servings or generally servings constitute the basic unit. It is not

just a simple eat products, and military personnel in combat environments to maintain physical necessities of survival, it

should be able to solve for a long time to rely on their survival and acceptance of nutrition personnel issues should be

nutrient-rich, comprehensive, can prevent vitamin deficiency, can keep all kinds of combatants strength and energy.

Second, the brief history of our military ration

1. Phase 1 (1949 to 1976)

Before 1949, the PLA is not standard military food. After the liberation began military food research, began to supply during

the Korean War. Limited to the prevailing conditions, the development of less variety, taste pure, intolerant of storage, easy

to degenerate. Military Medical Sciences Health and Nutrition Research Institute in 1953 and studied the speed of quick cooking

rice noodles: non-staple food supply over canned: 1958 General Logistics Department and the Shanghai Institute of Food Industry

jointly developed compression savory and sweet biscuits, cereals biscuits, cake compression beans, corn lamb and other four


In support to Vietnam during the compression rations developed 701,702.

The main outcome clear plastic packaging of this phase of the study was 701,702

compressed dry food. Because it is dried products, using drums, embedded cover, nitrogen plus soldering. Tinplate cans mainly

for hard-canned.

2. Phase 2 (1976 to 1982)

1976-1982, developed by the three kinds of military staple (761 compressed dry food, dehydrated noodles, dehydrated rice), and

three non-staple food (canned luncheon meat, fried assorted canned meat, canned diced Sauce) consisting of novel foods and named

as the first generation of this field food.

The main features of this phase of the study: military food began to consider the main non-staple food mix, but the formation of

servings. Dehydrated rice, dehydrated noodles due to technical problems, not the armed forces. In this stage, the packaging is

no major breakthrough, basically along the cited Phase 1 packaging materials.

3. Phase 3 (1983 to 1994)

1983 to 1986, started to develop the second generation of our military ration. It consists of ordinary man food, general

collective food, border patrol soldiers and tanks food food components. Since then a number of conditions, ultimately not

developed equipment.

86 years later, I have launched a plateau border patrol forces dedicated food (861 man-rations), scout food, Lu Qin series field

of food, 90 compression rations, 94 dehydrated rice, canned vegetables military development. Among them, dehydrated rice, Lu Qin

series field food rations were 90 compression has been applied.

The main features of this phase: In the composition constitutes a form of servings of food, daily servings, individual and

collective food food; in nutrition indicators presented calories and nutrients ratio indicators; Meanwhile, the Navy, the Air

Force also developed a voyage food, life-saving food plastic packaging design and

airborne food. This stage, canned packaging using flexible packaging materials, dry goods storage, such as dehydration rice

stored with deadening properties using multi-layer composite material. As the particularity of soft canned production

technology, production process occurs seal contamination, damage rate and other issues, in the selection of varieties also

appeared some problems.

4. Phase 4 (1995 -)

Army launched a high-energy field rations, food Landing Operation MOUNTAIN field to staple food and non-staple food and soup

drink three series of next-generation field-based food research.

Energy field rations for the first time used in the field of functional food substances, crossing and landing field of food for

the first time used the self-heating device, straight instant noodles nutrition to achieve a breakthrough in the past 40 years,

it can be rehydrated in cold water, hot water also rehydration, but also boiled. Not plastic package long ago, the staple food series, series of non-staple food, soup,

rice, canned drinks series and four project through the Department of General Logistics Department Quartermaster passed packaging company technical appraisal, there has been a high level of product, these

items in the corresponding technical field, are given a major breakthrough, reached domestic leading level. Meanwhile, the

army’s development from the heater to get a larger breakthrough, heating efficiency reaches 90 years of U.S. military


This phase is characterized: to carry out a high-calorie density, modular and functional food field studies; carry out self-

heating field food research; conducted the first study basic varieties, the latter supporting the series combination, dining

spectrum of , hot food of the field of food research, improve our military ration comprehensive packaging box design support capabilities. This phase is under way, in

about 2004. This stage in the packaging technology, soft canned production technology has been improved, as the basic varieties,

a large field for all kinds of food; trial of a number of aluminum cans, when used in the highlands up cans physical encounter

problems, limitations, in military use; easy open canned food into the military, to solve the long-standing “hard to open mouth

delicious canned” problem; Some composite packaging materials in military food to get a lot of use, such as the use of self-

heating cans clamshell packaging insulation materials, dehydrated rice, dehydrated

noodles rehydrated using boxes, and some utensils; to adapt to float, airdrop and other needs, the use of glass wool, foam


Third, the development trend of military food packaging

1. Packers

Canned food is a military headed varieties. Canned long-term storage at room temperature, resistance to strong adverse external

conditions. Canned food market in the current downturn, the army is still a soft spot. Canned divided according to their

hardness of flexible packaging, rigid packaging, and between the intermediate semi-rigid packaging. From the development trend,

these three packaging has on the military prospects.

rigid packaging

Military food from hard-packed canned develop. Canned resistant to adverse external conditions hard and strong is a hard canning

most important advantages. For example, mice no way for hard canned food, canned External Hard packaging requirements are lower,

the impact during storage and transportation ability.

Hard canned according to the current situation army major in the field of collective food use in food or food in general use.

Hard packers on future military trends are as follows:

a. EOE: As previously mentioned, there are open canned hard difficulty deficiencies. In recent years, there are a number of easy

open ends into military food, such as diameter 90 mm and a diameter of 962 cans smaller pudding pot. But this can not meet the

requirements of military canned. Because the military is the most used canned 100 mm diameter 1068 cans. For technical reasons,

this large diameter easy open country does not pass. In addition, there are easy open ring pull easily broken, uneven groove

depth technical issues. So, study hard, canned easy open cans of future military one of the main directions of development.

b. Shaped cans: U.S. Army T-rations is actually a rectangular flat cans, which uses materials are chrome-plated tin. Built-in

food 3 kg. T ration is really two-piece can, by a bottom and a cover of two parts. Such cans either when cooking, or may be

mounted on the fire steam table heating, insulation; also be used as tableware, Alternative disc-bowl, improved ease of use of

military food. Meanwhile, it is also a storage container. Currently, the domestic production does not yet have such large

rectangular cans capabilities. Its principal technical difficulty in sealing the rejection rate, resulting in high production

costs, can not be applied.

c. Coating: Military canned shelf life of 3 years. Moreover, requires a sulfur, acid coating. At present, some military canned

cans corrosion often occurs in the case.

flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is hard canned canned developed on the basis of. Flexible packaging of the main problems is the ability to

withstand adverse external conditions are poor, sealing canned sensitive than hard. Wrinkle fold foil packaging ability, the

vacuum degree, the bags wrinkle prone pinholes generated. Furthermore, rodent is also an important issue.

Flexible packaging canned mainly based on the current situation in the military field food man food use. If the technology

improved, there may be used a collective food. Canned soft packaging in the future to the following directions:

a. Foil bag: foil with good barrier properties, including gas and light. However, anti-crimping poor, in the case of wrinkles,

aluminum prone to cracking and other issues. Combined with other materials to improve performance crease fold in one direction

for future research.

b. Composite: By having high barrier properties, puncture resistance, high temperature and other composite materials, create new

flexible packaging bags. Such bags than foil bag has a prominent advantage is that you can heat in the microwave, but the

shading is poor, you need to take some measures to compensate.

c. Heat sealing layer: soft canned production, if the bag is contaminated, such as grease, sealing or not tight, or strength

decreases, the problem a great impact on the speed of production, also have an impact on product quality,

Currently, experts are exploring the use of new heat seal layer, in the case of pollution by oil, there is still a good sealing

strength. This technology breakthrough will have a significant impact on flexible packaging technology.

d. rodent: flexible canned bitten things often happen. Especially in combat conditions, the simple field warehouse storage field

food especially. This severely limits the use of soft canned. Forward or by wrapping the strength, or the packaging material

into mice not like the smell used to solve this problem.

e. natural degradation: In view of the requirements of environmental protection, the development of flexible packaging materials

can be natural degradation.

semi-rigid packaging

Semi-rigid packaging is a new type of canned packaging materials. Since it is between hard and soft canned canned between,

taking into account some of the advantages of both. Especially in the open than the hard and soft canned are better. Develop new

types of semi-rigid material, canned, canned food will be the future direction of development of the military.

a. Plastic packaging: Some foreign military field use in food. If the butter, cream and some spices. Aluminum cans is a gas

cans, due to vast area, there plastic packaging is a fairly large plateau, gas

cans at high altitudes will produce physical fat listen. To make use of aluminum cans in the military, you must have the

prospect to solve this problem.

b. Coextruded multilayer packaging material: This material with EVOH as deadening material that can withstand high temperature

121 . As the plastic molding having excellent properties, therefore, it is easily made from a lattice, the top by a plastic

composite material made of heat. In this way, a cartridge can have several varieties of food. This is difficult to do in metal

cans. China has been the trial out of the packaging materials business, we vac

tray are ready for the next test research in this area, this package should be the most promising. Moreover, in the civilian

market will have a good development value.

2. Dry products packaging

Dried products at room temperature storability, many have adopted this form of military food. PLA packaging materials packaging design used in dry products more widely, such as tin, aluminum foil and

composite packaging materials are used.

oxygen barrier packaging

Military dried foods containing mostly fat, and some content is still relatively high, such as compression rations. Such foods

affect the storage period is the most critical factor in fat oxidation. Therefore, these products must use oxygen deadening

properties of a good package. According to the current situation packaging development, like tin listening, aluminum foil bags,

multi-layer composite bags are used extensively in military food. In particular some dry products, like dehydrated rice, oil

content is very low, but also very easy to produce rancid taste, packaging requirements for this product with the same high-fat


impermeable and water vapor packaging

Some dry products itself has good storage properties such as dehydrated noodles. Such products as long as you can prevent the

absorption of moisture long-term storage. Therefore, these products are used in packaging materials is relatively simple, the

price is relatively cheap.

3. Edible packaging

Some advanced foreign armies are studying edible packaging. Such packages are commonly used in the packaging, on the one hand to

reduce packaging weight and volume occupied, increasing edible parts of the food package, on the other hand can improve the ease

of use, reduce contamination of food, such as dregs. Military stage of edible packaging few studies, but this will be a very

promising research.

4. Combination packaging

Military food is usually caused by a variety of products are combined. If canned food, dry food with compression, there are

spices and so on. These products according to certain nutritional composition into servings or daily servings of food packaging

is used when a combination packaging. Depending on the use case, the combination of different materials used in packaging.

Currently, as a combination of carton packaging materials, composite bags, plastic boxes, tin and so on. These materials, in

providing protective properties of the premise, the most important principle is to reduce weight, and lower prices.

5. Protective packaging

Modern warfare on military food is ever increasing. As fast combat, mobility, requiring military food can withstand airdrop,

parachute, can float on the water, can prevent all damage caused by the explosion of nuclear weapons and pollution. Currently

used as protective packaging foam, glass wool.

Both materials can either float on the water, but also to better cushion the impact force airdrops. Research in this area needs

to be further strengthened.

6. Insulation package

In order to improve military food sensory acceptance, the military has developed a self-heating can flameless heater. This

heater can canned food center temperature is heated to about 60 . In order to effectively improve the efficiency of the plastic packaging box heating plate to prevent heat loss and prevent

overheating burn the skin, you need to use insulation materials. The packaging material requirements, small size, good

insulation effect.

7. Packaging

Military food packaging cartons are used now. Expected in the future may be combined with the protective packaging, resulting in

cardboard and plastic composite packaging. Overall, the military food packaging will toward the light, can *, increased

functionality, biodegradability and other direction….

1 package structure problems in

Reach of children adult medicines or toxic chemical products event, the vast majority are made children of his family did packaging design not pay attention to the case due to open the bottle, and these products were not using child-resistant packaging. The so-called child-resistant packaging, refers to a childproof packaging, the design structure allows children under five within a reasonable time is difficult plastic package to open or difficult to remove a certain number of contents. In fact, for the safety of children on the drugs covered are: pressure – Capping, squeeze – Capping, code cover, pressure – pull the cover, locking safety cover, labyrinth safety cover, pull the cover in the form [2], and good effect, but because child-resistant packaging in China started late and did not attract much attention, and the use of child-resistant packaging is bound to increase the cost of packaging, therefore, at present a considerable number of drug companies are not to be used.

Second, the structure and size of certain product packaging design is unreasonable.

For example: a series of incidents jelly cause choking clamshell packaging deaths, in large part to its size plastic packaging design and shape are related to inappropriate packaging, especially small cup jelly problem is most prominent. Small cup packaging box design jelly due to small size, can be an abuse, and such small jelly cup size coincides with the size of children’s throat rather, when a child squeezed smoked jelly, jelly is likely to block the throat caused by inhalation of suffocation. Especially in children under 3 years old throat yet mature, more easily blocked when smoked trachea, causing serious consequences. April 13, 2004, the European Commission decided to prohibit the sale of children jelly jelly mini-cups, jelly class from all member countries must be taken off the shelves because of the toughness of the product, the shape plastic box and size may cause the child choking hazard, The safety instructions on the label do not act to protect children’s safety role. In China, despite China Consumers Association called for extensive changes in the shape of jelly and packaging sizes, but recently we are still able to see on supermarket shelves all such small cup jelly, I wonder how many innocent children will have to suffer.

2 packing material and technical problems

Many children easily absorb moisture due to the occurrence of food quality dropped even spoilage, so often inside the bag into a certain amount of desiccant used to reduce the humidity inside the bag to keep food dry and packaged this technique is also known as moisture-proof packaging. There are packaging company commonly used in food quicklime and silica gel desiccant. Lime desiccant mostly powdery, careless apart and will also be sprayed into eyes, causing eye injuries, severe visual impairment. Once ingested, will burn the mouth or esophagus, but also lead to damage to the skin and mucous membranes. Silicone was translucent granular, color shape than beautiful, more likely to cause a child eating, desiccant stabbing incident occurred in recent years are basically caused by the lime desiccant. Although the desiccant bags are marked with warning words “can not eat”, “If you accidentally enter the eye, flush with water or a doctor,” and so on, but these are not for young children and the elderly are illiterate useless. Therefore, for the children’s food should be used within the desiccant non-toxic, harmless materials, if they really want to use dangerous desiccant, desiccant packaging may be difficult in children torn wrapping paper.

Currently, many businesses in order to increase sales, rack their brains to take a variety of promotional tools, one of which is in the children’s food packaging bag into a small toy, this design captures the psychological characteristics of children, indeed played a very good promotional effect. However, this practice but to give children bring some security risks, such as some toys, food interior materials will pollute some toys for clear plastic packaging younger children will be eaten as food, thus causing the child’s physical and mental injury.

Thus, in order to protect the safety of children, the majority of businesses and product packaging designers should surly sake of the child, from packaging materials, packaging techniques and methods and other aspects to be improved, do not order a “profit” character and affect to the healthy growth of the next generation.

3 text description on the packaging problems caused by irregularities

Currently, a variety of toys wounding prevalent. According to the Beijing Children’s Hospital statistics show that the hospital every year because of damage done to children toys up to dozens of cases [5]. In these cases, some of the design and manufacturing process is caused by defects, while others are due to a text description of the toy packaging insufficiency caused. A considerable part of the logo on toys without name and address, and product certification, but the lack of relevant instructions and safety vac tray warnings, for example, do not see a lot of toy packaging age range, so that young children at play plastic packaging for older children The toys are prone to security issues. For these reasons January 1, 1998, the State Bureau plastic packaging box of Technical Supervision promulgated the ” National Standards” (hereinafter referred to as “standard”), provides instructions for use should be labeled toys 12 aspects, such as the product name, product type, age range, safety alerts, and so on. Special care should be printed or pasted in the striking department warning signs and instructions.

Text description on the packaging insufficiency caused by security problems also appear in the instructions for use of drugs. For example: on the dose of many drugs often written “children reduce”, in the end how a discretionary reduction method? Confusing. Sichuan, a parent suffering from a cold for 8 month-old baby to eat quick cold medicine. According to the instructions a 2 to 3, 3 times daily amount “reduce it” plastic trays for the first one, but, given medicines to children less than 10 minutes after the pale, began to twitch, but fortunately was sent to the hospital in time to avoid disaster [6]. Thus, our pharmaceutical dosage instructions for manual there is a big security risk.

In addition, counterfeit and inferior goods is a common feature is the lack of detailed product descriptions, lack of name and address, product certification and production date and other information….

A wide variety of plastic packaging containers, clamshell packaging different properties, to really make good use of plastic packaging containers are also easy, here intends to require attention some matters of principle are briefly discussed. To choose a good plastic packaging containers, we must first need to packaged goods and commodities on the performance requirements for packaging have a more clear understanding, which is to avoid blindness, selected on the basis of plastic packaging containers. Molded plastic packaging containers commonly used method were, its shape is mainly determined by molding method and the use of the mold. Sometimes the same (or similar) shape can be obtained in different ways. For example, the hollow container blow molding methods generally used in the system, it is often produced by the method using the rotational molding (especially large vessels, small quantities of the container or shaped container); turnover box generally manufactured by injection molding method, but in the some special circumstances, to meet with the need to adopt Gaisu fight cutting board manufacturing (with light, inexpensive advantages, but the strength is less), or by plastic box the pre-molded expanded polystyrene beads (with special outstanding thermal insulation properties and good cushioning seismic capacity), or even a sheet thermoforming method manufacturing (low cost but the strength is limited).
Molding methods, the performance of products may often be cost a great impact, so the choice of plastic packaging containers, if the various molding methods have a general understanding, is quite advantageous. Plastic packaging containers of the various properties of the plastic used for the correct selection of plastic containers and packaging is packaging company very important because the plastic material of the packaging clear plastic box container, determines the basic characteristics of the plastic container. Form with the same or similar plastic packaging containers, because the different materials, the use of the performance may be very great differences. For example, polycarbonate, PET bottle blow molding and stretch blow bottle general, all have extremely excellent transparency and gloss, is very similar in appearance, but the outstanding vac tray high temperature performance polycarbonate bottle (available subjected to a high temperature above 120 sterilization), but poor barrier properties; the conventional polyester stretch blow bottle barrier properties, but poor heat resistance (generally recommended at temperatures below 60 use). Another example is the polyethylene container acid and alkaline good, but not resistant to many organic solvents, and hydrocarbon resistant nylon container and organic solvents, but the acid resistance is poor (poor performance particularly acid), etc. Polycarbonate bottles can be used for high temperature filling goods (juices) clear plastic packaging packaging, but if the polycarbonate bottles used to hold need to have good barrier properties carbonated drinks (the need to prevent the escape of carbon dioxide in beverages) or oil ( To prevent oxygen into the bottle, in order to avoid oil oxidation, rancidity), it can not well protect the product, not the desired packing effect; while the ordinary drawn polyester carbonated beverage bottles, which can plastics products effectively prevent the beverage Carbon dioxide escapes (polyester stretched bottle excellent barrier properties), be used in edible oil packaging, can delay the oxidative deterioration of edible oils and prolong its shelf life (oxygen barrier PET bottle stretch performance, and can plastic packaging effectively prevent the atmospheric oxygen through the walls of the container into the bottle), the high-temperature filling to be used for packaging juice and the like of goods, the filling temperature, drawn polyester bottles serious deterioration will lose value.
Polyethylene bottles containing acid or the like may be substances not containing benzene, toluene and the like in an organic solvent (polyethylene bottles intensity was decreased swelling or an organic solvent through the wall of the vessel to escape), and nylon acid storage container and the like, although not The substance used to hold benzene, xylene, of an organic solvent is very appropriate. Laminated container PE / PA / PE and PE monolayer containers, are almost identical in appearance, even experts in plastics industry is also difficult for the different looks to separate them, but the two containers the performance difference is indeed very large, especially for oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and an organic solvent barrier performance, can vary as much as several hundred or even several times, so must not only from the appearance of the plastic container to determine its adaptability , but to grasp the basic characteristics of plastic containers, plastic containers or often due to improper selection of great loss. Therefore, in the selection packaging design of plastic containers, we must fully understand the relevant properties of the plastic, do not act in haste, when unable to get plastic packaging containers exact performance data, it is recommended prior decision to use plastic packaging containers, packaging prior simulation tests.
Targeted selection highlighted above, the importance of the use of plastic packaging containers, should also be seen in many applications, there are a variety of plastic packaging containers interchangeability. In fact, a variety plastic trays of plastic packaging containers in some applications coexist, competing blooming situation is also very common. One of the most common is the cold packaging and supermarket fruit, vegetables, aquatic products, meat and other goods used sales packaging cups, plates and the like plastic packaging containers. Plastic packaging containers for such basic requirements of health and reliable performance, elegant design, and low plastic case cost, while the mechanical strength, barrier properties and other properties generally do not have special requirements, high impact polystyrene sheet thermoformed containers, biaxially oriented polystyrene film thermoformed containers, polystyrene foam sheet thermoformed containers, thermoformed containers of PVC sheet, polypropylene sheet thermoformed containers or even a sheet of polyester (APET) thermoformed containers can be used.
And the fact that these containers also often used simultaneously. Again, detergents, shampoos and the like plastic package cosmetic products, often either polyethylene bottles, and can be PVC bottles. PVC bottles can use its high transparency, high gloss, improve product attractiveness to customers; polyethylene bottles can be through the use of unique exterior design and coloring as well as bottles of surface modification (printing, hot stamping, etc.), to win customers of all ages. And so on and so forth, noting the use of plastic packaging containers interchangeability manufacturer for commodities is very favorable. Mastered this knowledge, you can based on the market price of all kinds of plastic packaging containers changes, timely replacement of plastic packaging container species, reduce production costs, or the occurrence of difficulties in the supply channel, time to find a suitable alternative to plastic packaging containers in the driving position….