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With the rapid development of industrial technology , sheet metal processing of various plastic materials have been widely used in various fields, and the reason why they will be so widely used and popular, mostly because thanks to its superior performance characteristics.
Black ABS plate sheet metal industry is emerging as a material, which is currently the largest output, the most widely used polymers. It PS, SAN, BS various properties of plastic packaging organic unity , both tough and hard , just balanced with excellent mechanical plastic packaging box properties. It has a excellent impact strength plastic packaging design , dimensional stability , dyeing , forming and machining , high mechanical strength, high stiffness, low water absorption , good corrosion resistance ; and the connection is simple , non-toxic , odorless , has excellent chemical properties and electrical insulation properties. To heat deformation , at low temperatures also have a high impact toughness . It was a hard, difficult to scratch , easy plastic box design deformation clamshell packaging of the material .

It is worth mentioning that the transparency transparent black ABS plate very well polished with excellent results, is to replace pvc tray the PC sheet material of choice. Its toughness is very good to meet the product plastic trays detailed processing. But clear plastic packaging the drawback is transparent black ABS relatively more expensive . And in view of black ABS plate easily generate internal stresses caused by deformation of the sheet in the process , so the source of Dongguan Xinda Plastic Materials Co., Ltd. a professional point of view we Reminder black ABS sheet must be done prior to use to deal with stress , to ensure that processing operations smooth and efficient process.


Feature films Classification (June plastic trays 7)
High insulation, high transmittance, EVA plastics products film special longevity
Usage: greenhouse, shed with bow width :5-16m Thickness :0.07-0 .12 mm
Features: Sino-US cooperation, three co-extruded high VA content, all imports of aid, adding anti-puncture grade imported resin, the product has a high insulation resistance, low temperature, high longevity, anti-puncture, tear, good flexibility and other characteristics . The film thickness of more than 0.07mm can be used continuously for 18 months, the film thickness above 0.1mm can be used continuously for 24 months.

????High transmittance, high thermal insulation, EVA longevity Wu Dimo
Usage: greenhouse, shed with bow width :5-16m Thickness :0.07-0 .12 mm
Features: Sino-US cooperation, three co-extruded high VA plastic case content, all imports of additives, anti-wear agents to add high-grade imported resin, the product has a high insulation resistance, low temperature, high longevity, anti-puncture, tear, good flexibility, dripping length and other characteristics. The film thickness of plastic package 0.07mm can be used continuously for more than 12 months, the film thickness of 0.1mm can be used continuously for more than 18 months, no drop of more than 3 months can be maintained in some areas can be maintained more than six months.
????Fogging type high transmittance, high thermal insulation, EVA longevity Wu Dimo
Usage: greenhouse, shed with bow width packaging company :5-16m Thickness :0.07-0 .12 mm
For crops: tomatoes, cucumbers, packaging design eggplant, peppers, zucchini, beans, strawberries, melons, peaches, watermelon and other hi light crops. Features: US-Japan cooperation, clamshell packaging three co-extruded high VA content, all imports of additives, anti-wear agents to add high-grade imported resin, the product has anti-fogging, high heat resistance, low temperature, plastic packaging high longevity, puncture resistance, tear resistance crack, good flexibility, dripping long period and other characteristics. The film thickness of 0.07mm can be used continuously for more than 12 months, the film thickness above 0.1mm can be used continuously for 18 months, no drops, anti-fogging period can be kept more than three months, six months in some areas can be maintained.

????Turn light type high plastic box transmittance, high thermal insulation, EVA anti-fogging longevity Wu Dimo
Usage: greenhouse, shed with bow width :5-16m Thickness :0.07-0 .12 mm
For crops: tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, zucchini, beans, strawberries, melons, peaches, watermelon and other hi light crops. Features: US-Japan cooperation, clear plastic box three co-extruded high VA content, all imports of additives, anti-wear agents to add high-grade imported resin product has anti-fogging, high heat resistance, low temperature, high longevity, anti-puncture, tear , good flexibility, dripping long period and other characteristics. And have the will crop unwanted conversion of sunlight have run out of special features, the film thickness of 0.07mm can be used continuously for more than 12 months, the film thickness above 0.1mm can be used continuously for 18 months, no drops, elimination Fog of three months or more can be maintained…

Bisphenol A – Women plastic packaging of clear plastic box childbearing potential killer

Taiwan warns of Obstetrics and Gynecology, women should avoid the plastic cups from the hot hole drinking hot drinks, because the plastic lid may contain bisphenol A compounds into the human body injury.
Jane Basecity that bisphenol A large number of compounds present in plastic box plastic products, if regular contact with the accumulated absorption materials plastic case will affect women’s endocrine, menstruation, fertility clamshell packaging and pregnancy. Environmental hormones may packaging company packaging design even spread to the fetus, affecting the baby a lifetime.
Kerr said the city, every time I see young women from drinking hot coffee cup lid holes, I felt nervous. Although every dose by environmental hormones considerably less pollution, plastics products but long-term cumulative terrible.
Jane Basecity stressed that Taiwan Jiucheng more people in plastic package vivo contain environmental hormones, many of the fetus in the mother’s womb, they begin to be contaminated, as the water being soaked in poison. In case after birth, and inhaling the compound ingredient containing bisphenol A pacifier, childhood playing with unqualified plastic toys, teens addicted to eating fried chicken and other fried things, over time, plastic trays may be less than 40 years old was diagnosed with breast cancer, taken nursing adenocarcinoma cancer. Taiwan warns of Obstetrics and Gynecology, women should avoid the plastic cups from the hot hole drinking hot drinks, because the plastic lid may contain bisphenol A compounds into the human body injury.
According to Taiwan’s “United Evening News” reported that many people often buy fast food, hot coffee chain of coffee shops, and more directly from the plastic lid holes for drinking, but warned Taiwan’s Obstetrics and Gynecology, young women must be prevented, because of the large some plastic lids contain bisphenol A compounds, these environmental hormones once inside the body, fear will cause irreparable regret.
Taiwan obstetrics authority, Hsinchu Hospital, vice president Keith TECO city reluctantly said that in recent years the composition of umbilical cord blood screening, accident found to contain two three hundred kinds of compounds, including bisphenol A positive number environmental hormones.
In general, businesses selling hot coffee temperature of about 80 degrees up and down, if you use the coffee cup ceramic materials, there is no effect. However, if installed in the outer cups, plastic lids encounter more than 70 degrees of hot coffee, it could release bisphenol A compounds, the public can not be careless….

In the town plastic box changed a bread workshop, you can see this should be in the packaging design cage covered with steaming tray above layer of white cloth into a plastic film, and when asked when the cage cloth with plastic film, steamed buns will not harmful to human beings, the main workshop explanation is relatively easy so steamed buns, the face of such an explanation really makes people laugh and cry.
Experts said that the production plastics products of plastic film material is polystyrene, and polystyrene is a carcinogen, when the temperature exceeds 65 , it will produce dioxins and plastic trays other toxic substances. Long-term consumption packaging company plastic packaging of plastic case plastic film steamed bread, the body will cause some harm.
According to relevant regulations, the management of food, there are strict division of labor, management and Technical Supervision owned food processing, food distribution plastic package normalized AIC management, catering management owned by Food and Drug Administration. According to King County Technical Supervision Office staff said cage cloth with plastic film to make steamed bread is clamshell packaging definitely not allowed, they will be dealt with as soon as possible….

?August 5 morning, the reporter visited some supermarkets and wholesale markets found that many brands of plastic wrap, their prices and materials vary. Traffic in City Road, a supermarket, several promotional products are selling hot plastic wrap . Price is from a few dollars, ten dollars to plastic package tens of dollars . And most are marked with plastic wrap material, date of manufacture and the use of precautions.
In huangjuezhen clamshell packaging wells mall , the reporter saw there had CCTV exposure PVC cling film , this yellow plastic wrap, no packaging, in addition to the reel length inside there are some simple instructions , no QS mark , manufacturers, etc. information, and is also used in food packaging is not excluded . One volume diameter of about 10 cm , high degree of plastic box transparency , only to see the trademark scroll words . According to the operating personnel, the plastic wrap up to 300 meters , priced at only 35 yuan , but clear plastic box also the bargaining space .
When a reporter said for home use, the owner immediately suggested reporters buy another PE cling film , packaging design reel diameter of about 5 cm , according to the different brands , the plastics products price is also 8 yuan to 10 yuan per month.
Insiders told reporters : “This is an industrial film cling film for wrapping items such as packaging company computers, stereos and other housing , including food intolerable ! Central plastic packaging Television too were exposed in the light .” According to reports, this PVC preservation film buyers are mostly some fruit traders, because good ductility , high transparency, and the price is cheap , so popular with all ages. “But if you really need this cling film , best used to wrap a grapefruit skin like .”
Reporters found that some supermarkets, specialty stores selling PE cling film , the overall white, usually in plastic wrap with external trade descriptions, and labeled as non-toxic and can be used for food packaging. These PE cling film roll up only 40 meters plastic case , priced at 9.9 yuan . If you follow such a conversion price of similar products 300 meters long , it would take more than 70 yuan of money, but with a mall storefront huangjuezhen wells within the same length of product price difference more than plastic trays doubled.
In this regard, traffic road , a supermarket salesperson told reporters that a few hundred meters long and cylindrical core wrapped with a yellow plastic wrap . Some products contain harmful chemicals , many places have stopped selling . “Buy the best buy brand name products with plastic wrap and plastic wrap material quality is also crucial , which directly affects people’s health .” The salesperson said.

New shrink sleeve label to improve the efficiency of PET bottle recycling

U.S. Sealed Air Corporation (SealedAir) as an international brand packaging company, plastic packaging recently launched a new Cryovac LT-1 shrink sleeve label, its density is 0.95 g / cc, in line with 1 g / cc PET recycling standards.
The new label consists of multi-layered polymer film composed of a 360-degree fit the bottle.
Sealed Air said, Cryovac LT-1 shrink sleeve label packaging company for easy separation with bottle in PET bottle recycling process, can clear plastic box float on top of the bottle. This will plastics products help to reduce recycling contamination, greatly improving the efficiency of PET bottle recycling.
It is undeniable that, shrink film labels for many companies to provide a large number of branding opportunities, but also very detrimental to the PET recycling sorting and plastic trays processing.
“For the PET recyclers, the plastic case shrink film labels and bottle of separation has become one of the major challenges in the recovery process, the high density labels will sink, and ultimately with the PET bottle flakes mixed together, causing pollution.” Greek Sealed Air Marketing Manager Scott Keefauver said, “the launch of the new Sealed Air Cryovac LT-1 shrink sleeve label does not contain PVC, according to the characteristics of the sorting device designed to ensure that secondary use of recycled PET bottles, in reducing waste at the same time, improve the value of recyclable materials. ”
CryovacLT-1 shrink sleeve label can be plastic package achieved in the low temperature shrinkage (shrinkage rate of 90 plastic box C under 70%), closely clamshell packaging fit the bottle, suitable for any bottle designs. Each label are highly flexible, high-gloss material, to prevent rupture, decrease potentially caused by scratches and damage, protect the product to the maximum extent. In addition, Sealed packaging design Air said, compared to the traditional single-layer shrink film sleeve labels, shrink film production CryovacLT-1 sleeve label up to 30% energy saving.
Sealed label under the existing system design CryovacLT-1, so processors can be used without any additional equipment CryovacLT-1 label.

Plastic molding on the Bus

With the rapid development of transport networks, the growing demand for passenger cars, while passenger safety, comfort requirements is also rising. Interior parts of the beautiful, luxurious luxury car plastic box will become an important landmark.

Interior parts mainly refers to the plastic parts, its molding process with injection molding, plastic molding, blow molding, extrusion, etc.. Injection molding high production efficiency, molding products, high precision, complex parts can be molded, but dies input costs, product updates slowly, part size by molding machine specification limits, therefore, injection molding applications in passenger cars primarily on the dashboard , air clamshell packaging vents and other complex parts and requires precision parts. Plastic molding the mold input costs, suitable for the production of large-size components for quick replacement products, but not high dimensional accuracy, low production efficiency. As passenger interior is a big cover-based, less precision, and the passenger’s own production is not high, an annual output of hundreds of models generally about customers often coupled with the internal configuration of the car made various demands, part size and appearance more or less changed, so the passenger craft plastic interior parts plastic package with more than. Blow molding, extrusion molding are the specific requirements of the production of plastic parts, in the field of packaging design plastic case passenger car interiors smaller scope.

Plastic molding process can be divided according to plastic plates and soft skin blister two kinds. Plastic materials used primarily acrylonitrile – butadiene – styrene (ABS) sheet, a small part of the parts with plexiglass (PMMA) plates. Left and right side of the cab car inner panel, the inner top panel, the rear inner panel and some electrical cover plate and cover plate are used plastic trays in other molded ABS sheet. Now there is a trend that is generally used instead of composite ABS sheet ABS sheet, composite ABS sheet is to add a layer of foam sheet polypropylene or PVC material, together with sticks or rolled into sheet feel like leather. Requires transparent sound dashboard cover, requiring anti-aging body outside ventilation grille, generally using all plexiglass molding. Soft skin blister technique is mainly used in car dashboard, the matrix is ??generally fiberglass pieces (FRP), glass steel suction holes suck on open skin, the epidermis plus materials are PVC foamed polypropylene (PVC / PPF) composite material.

Plastic mold into steel molds, fiberglass molds, wooden molds three. Steel molds, long life, can produce more than 10,000 products, precision, efficiency and cost are high molding, machining a long time, for the production of a certain amount and has been established products. Fiberglass mold life is short, plastics products heat is easily deformed, mold can withstand the maximum temperature below 80 about, but mold manufacturing cycle is short, low cost, suitable for small batch production of parts, the general production of about 100 parts necessary to re-repair mode. Wooden mold is mainly trial produced only a few products or products to use, precision molds worst, the shortest life expectancy, the general production 10 senders, wood mold will crack or severely deformed, but the wooden mold cost, rapid manufacturing, modifying fast, therefore very suitable for development of new products trial.

Plastic molding machines with automatic molding machines and manual molding two kinds. Automatic molding machine is suitable for mass production, transport to the plate from the heating plate, plastic processing, cooling, stripping to the final product packaging company shipped out of the entire process automated. Automatic molding machine, high efficiency, stable product quality, worker low intensity, but the product size by machine restrictions. Die size is smaller than the required size clear plastic box machine, to increase the size of the hole and die outside dimensions, size and the outer edges of the same frame size machine pressed additional pressure box, otherwise it will increase the plate more than expected. Automatic molding machines are mainly used in the steel mold. Artificial molding method is relatively simple, the main device is a plate heated drying room, compressors, pressure boxes and molds. After heating plate, employing handle plates come into mold, pressing mold clamping frame edge, then inhale molding. Mold size is not limited, plastic packaging as long as there is a sufficiently large drying room on it, seven-meter-long buses are generally cold road this molding method. Artificial molding method inefficient, affected by human factors is relatively large, so generally do not die, the vast majority is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic mold….

Plastic bags Material Application

PE plastic bags may look not very transparent, there is a feeling of muddy, toughness is good, a lot of raw materials are used PE Bag material, a lot of product packaging PE plastic bags are used to plastic package do, there is a large size The industrial use of plastic bags, PE bags use it quite extensively, PE blown film thickness of the thinnest plastic bags can be done 1C, they can even be a little thin, a lot of plastic trays bottled water are among the kind clear plastic box of packaging .

PO plastic bags, pull well, high hardness, transparency, slightly lower than other bags, because tension is good, widely used in shopping malls, hotel industry. Most are based on the PO vest bag material.

PVC plastic soft, usually with blown film thickness than the thickness packaging design of plastic bags should be thick. PVC plastic production handmade ingredients more. clamshell packaging Now not able to form an automated production line, unlike other meta bag plastics products production line so plastic packaging big, so relatively speaking prices still have a certain profit margin, PVC plastic bags because it is not environmentally friendly materials, relatively speaking, some industries have a certain restrictions.

PP blown film plastic bags in plastic bags belonging to more transparent kind. Generally used in product packaging more.

OPP plastic bags brittle texture, high transparency, if there is no gap is difficult to tear it, but there was a slight gap in what strength you can not tear, processing machines made by hot sealing, cutting edge seal seal if cut When not adjusted the machine, or the raw materials in plastic case question it is easy to burst open, but most of the items, if not installed special requirements, the general is no plastic box problem,
Seal edges cut in two forms, one is the line-line cut letters, another side is cut-proof seal, in fact, produced in two ways when they are the same, but a knife and counter knife is the reason,
OPP plastic bags of the process, in general, have to cut the right size, then what to do with printing printing, no printing words on the direct folding, according to the requirements of the order plus viscose and white pearl film, then place period of time, you can directly cut closed, then punch according to customer requirements, and then packaging and shipping.
OPP plastic bags scope, like greeting cards, jewelry, leather goods, clothing and so can often see OPP plastic bags packaging company of trail.

Custom plastic material application

Material: high and low pressure polyethylene stretch film. The color of the bag itself can be according to customer requirements blown film, printing patterns provided by the guests.

Printing: Printing is divided into ordinary and high-grade printing. Ordinary printing is to print with leather version, no plate costs. Woodblock printing is the electricity to high-end printing plate cost is a single count. High speed computer gravure printing is used to print eight-color press.

Size: standard size determined by the customer, the customer in custom-made, just tell us the length, width, side width, thickness (refer supermarket plastic bags, supermarket bags are generally 5-8 silk double thickness) on the line ….

Transparent plastic injection molding process
Transparent plastic due to the high light transmission rate will inevitably require plastic surface strict quality requirements , can not have any markings , pores, whiten. Fog Halo, black spots , discoloration, poor gloss and other defects , and thus the entire injection molding process for raw materials and equipment. Mold , and even product design , we must pay great attention to propose stricter even special requirements. Second, because of transparent plastic , mostly high melting point, poor mobility, so as to ensure the quality of the product clamshell packaging surface , often at plastic trays local high temperature, injection pressure, injection speed and other parameters to make minor adjustments so that when both filled plastic injection mold, without will produce internal stress cause deformation and cracking.

Therefore, from raw material preparation , equipment and tooling requirements , injection molding processes and products material handling aspects of the operation should be carried out strictly .

(A ) preparation and drying of raw materials due to the impurities contained in the plastic at any point , may affect the transparency of the product , therefore , and storage , and transportation. Feeding process, we must pay attention to sealing to ensure raw materials clean. Especially the raw material contains moisture, heat , might cause deterioration of raw materials , they must be dried and injection molding , drying hopper feeding must be used . Also note that the drying process, the input should preferably filtered air , dehumidification, in order to ensure no contamination of raw materials packaging design .

Transparent plastic drying process :

Materials \ Process Drying Temperature () Drying time (h) Material thickness (mm) Remarks

pmma70 ~ 802 ~ 430 ~ 40

pc120 ~ 130> 6 <30 using hot air circulation drying

pet140 ~ 1803 ~ 4 using a continuous feeding device better drying

( Two ) in the mold design should pay attention to the issue ( including product design )

To prevent back flow of poor or uneven cooling caused bad plastic molding , surface defects and deterioration , usually in the mold design should pay attention to the following points.

a) wall thickness should be uniform, stripping slope should be large enough ;

b) should be gradually transition portion . Smooth transition , to prevent any sharp corners. Produce sharp edges , especially pc product must not have gaps ;

c) Gate . Runner as large, chunky, and should be set according clear plastic box to the condensation process shrink gate location , as necessary, add cold slug well ;

d) the mold surface should be smooth, low roughness ( preferably less than 0.8 ) ;

e) vent . Grooves must be sufficient , and when the exhaust air and gas in the melt ;

f) In addition to pet , the wall thickness of not too thin , generally not less than lmm.

( Three ) barrel, screw and accessories for cleaning

In order to prevent contamination of raw materials and the recess in the screw and accessories there old material or impurities, especially poor thermal stability of the resin exists, so before use , are applied after stopping screw cleaning agent to clean plastic box the parts, it may not sticky impurities, when there is no screw cleaning agent, available plastics products pe, ps and other resins cleaning screw . When the temporary shutdown to prevent raw stay a long time at high temperatures , causing the solution drop and barrel dryer should lower the temperature , such as pc, pmma such as barrel temperature should be reduced to below 160 . ( Hopper temperature should be lowered for pc below 100 )

( Four ) injection molding process should pay attention to the issue ( including injection molding grade requirement )

In order to reduce the stress and surface quality defects in the injection molding process should pay attention to the following aspects of the problem .

a) There should use special screws , with separate packaging company temperature control nozzle injection molding machine ;

b) plastic resin injection temperature does not decompose in the premise , to use higher injection humidity ;

c) Injection pressure: generally higher melt viscosity to overcome the defects , but the pressure is too high plastic packaging will produce stripping difficulties caused by internal stress and deformation ;

d) Injection speed : to meet the filling of the case, the general should be low , it is best to use a slow slow a fast multi-stage injection ;

e) holding time and molding cycle : to meet the product filling , no dents, bubbles in the case ; should be as short as possible to reduce the melt residence time in the barrel ;

f) screw speed and back pressure : to meet the quality of plastics under the premise should be as low as possible , to prevent the possibility of lowering solution ;

g) Mold temperature: cooling products, good or bad, a great impact on the quality , so that the mold temperature must be able to accurately control the process , if possible , some good mold temperature should be high plastic case .

( Five ) other problems

To prevent the upper surface due to the deterioration in the quality , minimize the use of general injection molding release agent ; When regrind is not greater than plastic package 20%.

For in addition to pet , the products should be post-processed to eliminate stress , pmma should be 70-80t hot air circulation drying 4 hours ; pc should be clean air , glycerol. Liquid paraffin and other heating 110-135 , time by the product, the highest need more than 10 hours . The pet must be biaxially oriented process in order to obtain good mechanical properties .

PE plastic bags production methods
PE plastic bags production methods into the high pressure , low pressure , medium pressure of three. Method for the production of high density polyethylene, this method is developed early, so far used to produce polyethylene polyethylene production of about 2 / 3 , but with the development of production technology and catalyst , its growth rate has far behind the low pressure . Low pressure PE plastic bags on their implementation methods , there slurry , solution and gas phase . Slurry method is mainly used for the production of high -density polyethylene , and the solution method and the gas phase can not only produce high-density polyethylene , but also by adding a comonomer , the production of low density polyethylene , linear low density polyethylene is also known as ethylene . In recent years , a variety of low-pressure technology has developed rapidly. Philips medium -pressure still use only , the production of mainly high -density polyethylene.

Polyethylene Features

Polyethylene odorless, non-toxic, feel like wax , PE bags with excellent low temperature performance ( lowest temperature up to -70 -100 ) chemical stability , resistance to most acid-base erosion ( intolerance with oxidation nature of the acid )

Room temperature, soluble in common solvents , water absorption, excellent electrical insulation properties ; But polyethylene for environmental stress ( chemical and mechanical action ) is very sensitive to heat aging poor .

The nature of polyethylene because of different varieties , depending on the molecular structure and density.

Plastic boxes used in the packaging industry effect

Plastic boxes belonging to one of plastic products in packaging products, packaging shape is concave , greater use of such packaging as plastic package the packaging, plastic trays the packaging will be added to the outside layer of carton packaging, such supporting the use to better enhance the value packaging company of goods , greater use of this type of packaging in digital products, cosmetics products. Packaging use effect is better able to enhance the grade of goods .

Benefits of using plastic boxes for packaging

Packaging materials play a role in landscaping helps , but also good items and good protection during transport also stabilizing effect , more to enhance the quality and value of goods , as people’s lives than ever before starting to live a good life the . Consumption has gradually become everyone to do every day , in the consumer process in order to better meet consumer goods thought , and appearance of the pursuit , hence manufacturers from packaging before shipping , ( before the earliest the package is meant to facilitate transportation ) , changes to the current use of packaging sales , clamshell packaging blister box packing items used to increase benefits , landscaping, quality , value and importance of goods into goods sales.

The high cost of using plastic boxes for packaging do ?

Plastic boxes belonging to the type of plastic product packaging, plastic -based packaging and metal packaging and glass packaging compared , the difference there is , the use of simple , low prices , materials can be recycled, rot -resistant , easy and light material consumption those who carry. Compared to other plastic boxes plastic packaging products will be relatively cheaper , of course, are the advantages and disadvantages of any package , to make better use of the value of a good plastic box packaging is the most important .

The distinction between types of plastic boxes for packaging

Classification of the product are plastic boxes , the folding type , round , rectangular and other shapes of the packaging , their shapes are very common , but they have their own benefits to using the folding -type protective plastic boxes are landscaping , round part special type, Rectangle is protective , plastic box packing understanding is more used as landscaping , there are many different points of sale .

Fold the effect of class plastic boxes , folded plane belonging to two foldable plastic box products, packed plastic box with high protective and beautifying effect , but also the erection of such packaging can hang hanging space saving can be erected to better enhance the grade of items , double-sided equivalent packaging to better protect the items.

Round plastic boxes , such plastic case products are mostly used in the packaging design toy packaging products, cosmetics and so on. Products, better packaging round increase in unique items , can be very good to use as the outer packaging from inside the inner beauty through the iems , which is a packaging quality .

Rectangular plastic boxes packaging, mostly as an article of protective effect, there is a flat groove depth , in-depth articles packaging to better stabilize plastic packaging the swing, mostly use in fragile items, outside add a layer of paper or in plastic boxes can better enhance the grade of goods in values.

[ Beautification Type – Round , fold type, Rectangle ] , [ type of protection – rectangular , fold type , round ] , [ special type – fold type , round, rectangular ]

The use of plastic boxes for packaging the benefits and usage of a classification and use any packaging is beneficial to have disadvantages , suitable for the packaging of goods is a better package.

Fold plastic boxes production conditions

Fold plastic box packaging plastic packaging inside the most protective ability of the packaging, blister box fold primary production conditions is to achieve equivalent , landscaping, special flu. Several clear plastic box production conditions, packaging plastic boxes for items that have a certain amount of importance , if the amount is not tight packing, loading items off easily after so can cause damage , if the package is too tight nor too tight , then reprint articles when converted very laborious and therefore must be properly packaged equivalent degree , folded blister box packaging is also indispensable landscaping requirements, any package can load goods basis , there is the role of beautifying items folded plastic box is the same, the role of packaging used is to load and boost sales , if a packaging does not have a good landscaping will become meaningless packaging , increasing the appearance of these articles are in accordance with most consumer psychology to design .

The plastics products appearance of the box should have a special feeling , fold mostly use in packaging , cosmetics , canned food, toys. And other products , folded inside packing is blister packaging products are more specific sense , folded plastic boxes hanging type products are also erect type, hanging type package hanging on the shelf can save display space , but also make consumer goods look inside the special packaging sense , erect type packaging bag While representing the position a little more , but the upright type packaging to better reflect the quality and beauty items , blister box packing more is to carefully designed in order to produce a perfect product.