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Blister packaging for common sense, mostly amateurs, but want the fastest master blister packaging-related knowledge, the following eight large blister FAQ plastic box would have to look, to teach you as quickly as possible.
1 What is the card packaging? Carded should pay attention to what the problem is?
Carded refers to paper cards and folded over trilateral plugged together in a transparent blister packaging, which features a packaging does not require any packaging equipment, workers need only the product, blister and paper Caan put in position on the line. Should be noted that the question is: 1. Cards and paper folding edge blister over the right size, plug together tight, paper card and blister becomes type; too loose, it will be easily disengaged. (2) product too heavy, consider a certain position in the paper with staples blister card and fixed.
2 blister packaging plastic sheet used what? What are the characteristics?
?A: blister packaging sheet called rigid sheet or film, commonly used are: PET (polyethylene terephthalate) rigid sheet, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) rigid sheet, rigid film. PS rigid film of low density, poor toughness, easy to burn, combustion will produce styrene gas (which is harmful gases), it is generally used to produce a variety of industrial plastic tray. PVC rigid film toughness is moderate, not combustion, combustion will produce chlorine, some impact on the environment, PVC heat easily, can be used and high plastic case frequency sealing machine sealing machine is the clear plastic box production of transparent plastic products, the main raw material. Hard PET film toughness, high transparency, easy to burn, combustion does not produce harmful gases, are environmentally friendly plastic trays materials, but the price is high, suitable clamshell packaging for high-end plastic products, blister European countries generally require the use of a hard PET film, but it is not easy to heat, caused great difficulties to the package, in order to solve this problem, people on the PET surface recombination layer of PVC film, named for the PETG rigid sheet, but the price is higher.
(2) What is the blister card packaging? Blister card packaging should pay attention to what the problem is?
?Blister card packaging refers to the blister heat sealing plastic oil on paper with a surface of the card, the common supermarket battery pack multi-purpose category. Its characteristics are needed plastic sealing device product packaged in paper card and blister between. Should be noted that the question is: 1. Requirements paper card surface must be over plastic oil (so with PVC blister heat sealing stick together); 2 blister only with PVC or PETG sheet; 3. Because blister just stick In the paper surface of the card, so the encapsulated product is not easy too.
4 What is double blister packaging? Double blister packaging should pay attention to what issues?
??Double blister packaging refers to two blister cards and paper packaging products packaged together. Which is characterized by high frequency machines will need double blister sealing, low efficiency, high cost of packaging, but the edge neat appearance, the appearance of high-grade products. Should be noted that the question is: 1. Blister of PVC plastic package and PETG film only, or can not heat or heat ineffective; 2 high-frequency mold determines whether the double blister edge quality.
5 What is the half-blister packaging? Half blister packaging should pay attention to what issues?
????Half blister packaging products Banlu full meaning is double blister packaging, refers to two blister cards and paper products packaged together, but the product part exposed outside of blister packaging, suitable for a particularly long products. It features require manual with scissors first blister cut on exposed parts of the product, and then double blister high frequency sealing machine, low efficiency, high cost of packaging, but the visual effect is good, but to meet the user in the supermarket to pick goods, directly touch the products. Should be noted: 1. Easy with the use of such product is not easy dirty packaging; 2 holes in the blister should pay attention to the cut edge of neat; 3 blister must be rigid PVC or PETG sheet.
????6 What is the external semi-blister packaging? External half blister packaging should pay attention to what issues?
????External half full blister packaging products are all intended to be placed outside the double blister outside, double blister packaging paper card only, and as a product of the head end of care, products and foam shell with plastic straps attached. Which is characterized by high frequency machines will need double blister edge and strap holes to play in the above, the lowest efficiency, packaging costs are high, but to meet the needs of the user touches the product.
????7 What Clamshell packaging? Clamshell packaging should pay attention to what issues?
????Clamshell packaging is the double bubble shell while in the plastic molding together, folded after the formation of double blister on the bottom and the surface. Its characteristics can not use high-frequency edge technology, but in a certain position blister cook buckle bit to connect double blister, if necessary, can be marked with staples, the choice of material can be hard PET film, and to achieve environmental blastic packaging material purposes. Should be noted: 1. Because no high-frequency sealing machine, edge cutting quality bed in the CD needed to complete; 2. Buckle bit to moderate tightness.
????8 What is triple blister packaging? Fold blister packaging should pay attention to what issues?
????Fold blister packaging blister is folded three sides (front, packaging design bottom, rear), to form a multi-bottom, so that the product can stand on a flat surface. Its characteristics can not use high-frequency edge technology, but in a certain position blister cook buckle bit to connect blister, if necessary, can be marked with staples, the choice of material can be hard PET film, and the realization of environmentally friendly materials purpose, suitable for large-caliber product packaging. Should be noted:
1 because there is no high frequency sealing machine, edge cutting needed to complete high-quality bed in the CD;
2 buckle bit to moderate tightness.


There are four kinds of plastic tray molding methods:
????The first: injection molding method.
????Production of injection molded plastic tray products, flat, smooth, crisp, dense, product design freedom is large, divided into double-sided and double-sided plastic tray integral type assembled plastic tray.
????Double-sided pallet general product overall weight of 15 kg / block above, the shape is more complex, requiring more than 2,500 tons of clamping force injection molding machine production. Complex shapes such trays, large amount of investment cost is relatively high, but less production processes, relatively high production efficiency, product quality is better. The general plastic processing plants using this method is not much.
????Double-sided assembled pallets, plastic package clear plastic box about double-sided integral tray is divided into two, namely, plastic injection molding and then assembled. Although this product need two molds, but the mold structure greatly simplified, mold total investment is still cheaper than the overall style, while the equipment required clamping force also reduces clamping force 1500 can, plastic processing plants are generally relatively easy to do. This mode of production could become the mainstream production of plastic pallets.
????The second: Extrusion – Blow molding method.
????Extrusion of plastic pallets – Blow Molding with the general method of blow molding hollow products similar to the larger of its products, and for clamshell packaging the double-sided, larger extruders, co-molding machines and molds. Currently blow molding machine manufacturers have developed specialized high-speed production of high strength large hollow blow molding machine pallets, using HMWHDPE high strength plastic production, forming speed, good product quality, with high strength, high stiffness, very long life, the life of the general blow molding tray can reach 5 to 10 years, while in the -40 ~ 40 environment stability. Dynamic load their products can reach more than plastic case 3t, bending strength have reached a higher level. Are in need of long-life, high-intensity environment, the preferred use of the tray, the current other than the price of plastic pallets high because of its particularly long service life, its cost is the highest of all trays. With this method significantly reduced the price of molding equipment, will get a rapid development in recent years. Will be for the conservation of limited oil resources and logistics cost savings have greater advantages.
????Third: vacuum forming method.
????Vacuum forming plastic pallet production of single-sided and double-sided there are two kinds. Single-sided plastic tray used for small motors (motors such as vacuum cleaners, electric tools, etc.) as well as wire and plate and other packaging, transportation, recently developed faster, and a dedicated mainly. Double-sided plastic tray are assembled, divided two kinds of plastic box forms: the upper half-piece extruded length, fixed width plastic sheet, half sheet for large vacuum forming products; upper and lower halves are large vacuum products. The production requires a large vacuum forming equipment, lower equipment costs, tooling costs are low, but the product of uneven thickness.
????Fourth: extrusion molding method
????The production of plastic pallets are assembled. Which adopts the extruder head and other equipment were extruded as the upper and lower panels with support plastic trays slats and used as the connection with complex wing-shaped plate, and then assembled. WPC appeared to promote the extrusion molding of plastic pallets development. It is a natural plant fiber (including wood flour husk, straw powder, rice bran, etc.) and waste plastic as the main raw material, the plastic packaging design tray with both wood texture, but also has a waterproof, anti-pest advantages, and can planing, sawing, nailing . In the four kinds of molding method, the production of equipment, molds put in the minimum, lowest cost, best cost performance, the current Beijing, Shandong and other places have this product