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In recent years, the rapid development of China’s market plastic packaging box is blown stage. plastic packaging design It also formed a certain scale. Has initially scale in clear plastic packaging Cangzhou, Yuhuan, pvc tray Foshan three medicine bottles production base. Regulation of plastic packaging the pharmaceutical bottles for pharmaceutical packaging is very strict, so the production of medicine bottles with ordinary bottle has a big difference. Countries require medicine bottles enterprise qualification certificate must be produced and purification plant, can produce medicine bottles. Medicine bottles plastic trays for high product requirements from this perspective, medicine bottles will have a broader development.

However, due to the plastic box design rapid development of plastic packaging industry, medicine bottles competition is quite fierce. Although there are a few on the scale of the manufacturers, but it is not very concentrated. The whole situation is very confusing, in order to be successful in this field of medicine bottles must focus on efforts to expand and improve production technology, open new markets, so as to really clamshell packaging make this industry to the world.


Recently, an official of the Swiss giant Nestle held in Amherst , renewable plastics conference, said that since 1999 it has been used in plastic packaging materials content was reduced by 34 %.

Global packaging materials and clear plastic packaging test director , said Nestle ‘s PhilippeRoulet , plastics and laminates to reduce than pvc tray other materials such as glass more significant , such as Nestle glass usage reduced by 13 %. This is partly because plastic packaging of the improved bottle .

He said sales in the United States to supply bottled water brands Ozarka water bottle , contains only 9.3 grams of resin , the resin content compared to more than 20 grams of carbonated beverage bottles decreased.

In the past 20 years , Nestle has consistently taken steps to reduce the use of plastic packaging materials , because food and its packaging is the main culprit of the deteriorating environment in Europe , the situation is even worse than transportation.

But Roulet said reducing material use is not the only factor in improving the food supply chain plastic trays for sustainable development to be considered.

He said: ” We need to consider a more comprehensive approach and focus on packaging and products , not just the plastic packaging itself is concerned, it is a greater impact than paper packaging , paper plastic box design packaging , but the product is damaged more easily , so the actual . the plastic packaging box overall waste is about the same . ” in order to develop such a comprehensive approach , using Nestle packaging eco-design tools PIQET ( packing effects of rapid assessment tools ) clamshell packaging , taking into account plastic packaging design all areas of the supply chain , and the environmental impact of the production areas to do comparison.

Many biological materials are good, but its application is limited. For example , PLA poor moisture resistance , and limited supply of cane made ??of PE .

Nestle has been in the field of bio- plastics made ??a number of successes, including the use of bio-based HDPE bottle in Brazil. In Europe, Nestle is popular for its Vittel brand contains 30% of plant production levels bottles .

The main role of oxygen is vacuum packed in order to help prevent food spoilage , the principle is relatively simple, due to deterioration of food mold rot caused mainly by microbial activity, and most microorganisms ( such as yeast and mold ) require oxygen for survival , while the vacuum packaging is the use of this principle, the packaging bag and oxygen deprived of food within the cell , so that microbes lost ” living environment .” Experimental results show: When the oxygen concentration of 1% packaging bags , the rate of microbial growth and reproduction on a sharp decline in oxygen concentration 0.5%, most microorganisms will be inhibited and stop breeding . ( Note : Vacuum packaging can not inhibit the propagation of food spoilage and discoloration caused by anaerobic bacteria and enzyme reactions , and therefore need to be combined with other complementary methods, such as refrigerated , frozen , dehydrated , high-temperature sterilization, irradiation sterilization , microwave sterilization , salt marinated plastic packaging design , etc. ) in addition to the vacuum oxygen inhibit microbial growth and reproduction , another important function is to prevent food oxidation , because a lot of fats and oils in food unsaturated fatty acids , the role of oxidation by oxygen -containing , make food taste, bad. In addition, the oxidation of vitamin A and vitamin C loss , the role of oxygen in food coloring by unstable substances , the color darkens . Therefore, the oxygen can effectively prevent food spoilage and maintain its color, smell , taste and nutritional value.

The main clear plastic packaging role of vacuum inflatable packaging vacuum packaging with the addition of oxygen shelf features, there is also the role of compression, gas barrier , preservation , etc., can make food more effectively long-term to maintain the original color, smell, taste, shape and nutritional value. In addition, there are many food vacuum packaging should not be used , but must be inflated by vacuum packaging . Such as crispy or crunchy foods, caking food, go easy deformation food oil , sharp edges or high hardness will vac tray pierce bags of food. After vacuum inflatable food packaging, packaging bag inflatable bag outside pressure greater than atmospheric pressure , can effectively prevent the deformation of food crushing pressure does not affect the appearance of bags and printing and decorating .

Inflatable packaging vacuum and refilled with nitrogen in a vacuum , carbon dioxide , oxygen or a single gas gas gas mixture of 2-3 . Nitrogen is an inert gas which , from the filling to make the bag to maintain a positive pressure to prevent outside air from entering the bag bag , food plays a protective role. Carbon monoxide gas can dissolve all types of fat or water to form weak carbonic acid , inhibit mold, bacteria and other microorganisms corrupt activity . Oxygen inhibits the growth of anaerobic bacteria breeding , keeping fruits, vegetables and fresh colors, high concentrations of oxygen can maintain its bright red fresh meat .

Vacuum packing

Curing products : sausages , ham, bacon, duck , etc. ; pickles : mustard , radish , turnip , pickles , etc. ; soy : tofu, vegetarian chicken , hummus , etc. ; cooked food products : chicken , duck , beef sauce ; convenience foods : rice , instant wet noodles, cooked vegetables , etc. ; soft canned food : water bamboo shoots , fruit syrup , clamshell packaging rice pudding and so on.

Vacuum plastic trays inflatable packaging

Tea, nuts, melon seeds, floss , etc. ; fried potato chips , puffed food , fruit and vegetables crisps , etc. ; cake, moon cake , etc. ; various powders , food additives ; various souvenirs , expensive medicines ; kinds of dehydrated vegetables .

Vacuum packaging or vacuum packaging used inflatable three- layer composite aluminum thin film or composite film made ??of trilateral seal bags, composite film thickness is generally between 60-96m , which is the inner heat seal layer , the need for good heat-sealing properties , a thickness of between 50-80m, the outer sealing layer , the need for good air tightness and printability , between 10-16m in certain plastic packaging strength , thickness. Common polyethylene inner layer composite film substrate (PE), such as high temperature plastic packaging box cooking bag then use high temperature polypropylene (CPP), the outer layer of oriented polypropylene substrate used (OPP), polyester (PET), nylon (PA) , etc. . Some foods such as tea , milk and other high-fat foods , and some require the use of light-blocking packaging to prevent food affected by the change of light color , smell, taste , and its approach is the substrate between the outer and inner layers of composite thin layer of aluminum foil (AL), which has also been enhanced airtightness .

Vacuum or vacuum packaging machine used inflatable cavity and outside pumping two kinds of models. Chamber vacuum packaging machine is divided inflatable packaging machines and vacuum packaging machines . Outside pumping vacuum packing machine with vacuum packaging and inflatable packaging , and several other functions , so called multi-functional plastic box packaging machine . Packaging machines need to buy packaged goods according to the form , the size of the packaging capacity , production volume , the use of a combination of factors to consider , such as the manner in which the packaging , it is best to consult after purchase .

Food vacuum and vacuum inflatable flexible packaging technology , occupies a certain position in the food packaging technology , some features and functions can not be easily replaced other packaging technologies . Our vacuum packaging technology in the early 1980s developed, while filling the vacuum packaging technology in the early 1990s began to use a small amount , with the promotion and development of small supermarket packaging , its scope will be more widely some will gradually replace rigid packaging , the prospects are very promising.

Due to the low cost of plastic , you can not sterilize reusable, so widely popular clear plastic packaging in the medical market , at present , Thailand and many countries are about to enter old age or social , medical plastics industry is also increasing year by year , with the production of the plastics industry ongoing technology development and innovation , as well as the foreseeable future medical plastics plastic packaging design great development space.

According to survey results , Thailand ‘s Office of Industrial Plastics Industry Economic Research Center shows that in 2011 the Thai production of plastic medical equipment manufacturers a total of 12 , employing about 2,580 people, including 2,210 people working on the production line , the monthly production capacity of about 1,366 tons. All manufacturers are located in Bangkok and surrounding House District .

Today, the main raw material for the production of medical equipment , including metals, ceramics, plastics and composites (Composite). Where the robustness of plastics and composites , light weight, low cost , corrosion-resistant , easy synthesis of new materials with other materials , medical equipment and its characteristics meet the needs of a variety of advantages to make access to medical equipment manufacturers of all ages.

2010 Thai plastics industry worth 2,268.22 million baht . Where the value of medical equipment products to plastic as the main material of 3.343 billion baht , accounting for about 1.5% of the total value of plastic products , the use of about 4.8 plastic packaging million tons of plastic raw materials. Thai medical equipment manufacturers are using low -level science and technology. Plastic products mainly include medical gloves, plastic tubing , medical pvc tray devices, pharmaceutical packaging products, etc. .

As the Thai Plastic Industries will export center in the Asia-Pacific market, European and plastic box design American countries currently emerging economic crisis did not impact on the Thai plastic products. Thai plastic industry will continue to implement this marketing strategy , strive after 2015 the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) was established grab more market share.

Wei Lasa noted that although the plastics industry development situation is good , but it also faces related adverse factors. Plastics industry currently a serious lack of labor , lack of trained according to the statistics profession college or educated workers thousands of people . Plastics industry hope that the Government can give clamshell plastic packaging box packaging relevant help and support, on the one hand increase the plastic industry research investment, on the other hand will strengthen labor skills training. If the government and the public to plastic trays actively cooperate , promising Thailand’s economic growth in 2011 is expected to reach 5-6 %.

Plastic products have the shelf life of extended service clear plastic packaging will poison

Into the summer, when many parents are like kids out to play with a plastic lunch box with some fruit to the children , however, the Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association recently said Dong Jinshi , plastic trays plastic products also have shelf life, “extended ” will increase the carcinogenic plastic products ” ran ” and the risk of accumulation in vivo in human .

A plastic cup with a 6 -year

Reporters visited today Zhangdian several markets, supermarkets have plastic products counter , the reporter picked up a few plastic containers observed on plastics packaging, marked only the materials , use, production date, pvc tray attention matters , there is no shelf life of one . A salesperson told reporters , plastic supermarket sales in general are good, a lot of parents dedicated to the supermarket to buy your child . A consumer is buying plastic products , told reporters that their plastic box design home life is the most commonly used plastic containers , and find it very convenient to use, although the price is sometimes very expensive, but can be used for many years , then use them on relatively cheap.

Reporters interviewed 10 consumers , no one can say consumer plastic products shelf life. A consumer told reporters that he has been a plastic cup with a tea drink , until now spent plastic packaging design six plastic packaging box years, ” the time to buy quite expensive , with so many years did not bad , so I can not replaced .”

Plastics marked urgent plastic packaging shelf life

Plastic products shelf life in the clamshell packaging end is how long ? According to Long Dong Jinshi introduced into polyvinyl chloride plastics (PVC) plastic, polyethylene (PE) plastic and polypropylene (PP) plastic, etc. , the use of plastic products and cleaning methods different, there are plastic products, ” life ” some impact , although there is no express provision which plastic material shelf life is much, but the industry has a general statement, the shelf life of most plastic products in three to five years . Therefore , the life of food-grade plastic products , the best two years of a change, with a period of time , depending on which there is no discoloration , brittle, there does not appear inside the bump , etc., if such a situation should be replaced . Said Dong Jinshi , plastics packaging, plastic products, especially food packaging, shelf life marked urgent . ” The only way to reduce plastic ‘ poison ‘ endanger the health risks .”

In addition, consumers should pay attention to avoid using plastic lunch boxes installed more than fat or high- sugar foods , at the same time , do not use cleaning fluid or abrasive cleaning cloth for cleaning, to avoid scratching the plastic box , releasing an unknown substance .

Flexible plastic plastic packaging box modification required to develop clamshell packaging in the direction of green

Trends plastic packaging film is particularly obvious, small areas of poor corporate vac tray character has been plastic trays largely out of the market . As a result, many companies combine product layout mediation distraction , slowing production steps range metaplasia . I grew up on a private point of view, our flexible packaging industry has been plastic packaging design formed for their own basic industrial chain. Moreover, high value-added system works unheard of , such as thermal expansion BOPP film , antistatic film , high-definition film , retort film , transfer film , the highlight film , thin plastic film and synthetic paper gradually modified to achieve industrialization .

Road BOPP plastic film flexible packaging Green conducted a particularly major flexible packaging information , BOPP plastic film transparency , odorless , boring , non-toxic , and has a high tensile strength against strength, stiffness , toughness and good hyperlucency . But there are likely to accumulate static electricity, no heat sealing, recycling is difficult, and easy pollution.

Flexible packaging industry in the esteem of the original wind-induced , adhere to the fundamental , the more discouraged saving , saving, emission reduction, Enron, based on our modified plastics pvc tray God to stay enhanced skills , for BOPP plastic film catching title plastic packaging problems. Plastic packaging in order to achieve considerable carried out the necessary travel clear plastic packaging raw production craft , cut the use of raw materials.

Send righteousness in green packaging is not just cherish the environment , but also the significance of both capital regeneration , that is, to be green. Therefore, enterprises in the packaging should be designed just even apply the same raw material, can be extracted raw materials and tend to coexist layout is simple to use , easy to cycle regenerative materials.

Under the trend of world economic integration , China’s rapid economic development . People’s living standards improve , along with lifestyle , ideas quietly changed. Eating habits also change. But the imbalance in China’s economic development in all regions . Diverse population -level features become increasingly evident.

In some populations with low average annual income of rural and small towns. White plastic woven rice is still clear plastic packaging the main form of packaging . Such conventional plastic packaging packaging and low cost . Mainly concentrated in the farmer’s market. Rice basically naked goods are generally sold in the form of a bag touch , plastic packaging box customers will see , catch , sniff to identify rice product quality , and more accustomed to 25kg vac tray a wholesale purchases . Branding is not important, as long as the bags do not leak meter big enough .

In Shanghai , Beijing , Wuhan, Shenzhen and other cities , the plastic trays annual per capita income is generally higher . People’s ideas , habits greatly influenced by television, radio , magazines, newspapers , Internet and other media. According to the survey in recent years, the people of Shanghai daily per capita consumption of grain less than 0.15kg, plus many people eating out most days , weekends come home for dinner, consumer demand for rice showing , small, fresh , high-quality trend. In this regard, some of the best domestic rice processing enterprises for the market to this consumer groups , the use of new scientific and technological achievements of high-quality rice has a special taste and use of clean , hulling , milling Valley , selected graded. Quenched by ultrasonic heating , flavor plastic box , color and clamshell packaging make the rice and clean, upscale appearance, so eating more sweet and soft tendon . Vacuum packaging and other manufacturing processes , and ultimately achieve disposable meter quality requirements. Meanwhile , the use of PE / PP / PA , etc. made ??of lightweight composite plastic 0.5kg, 2.5kg, plastic packaging design 5kg bags adapted to the needs of other small family of three . And extend the shelf life of the rice . Moisture, mildew , insects and very good results. These enterprises from mid- pack start, the potential should be improved rice packaging , rice packaging development for China to play a catalytic role. However, in order to magnify rice packaging , in-depth forward, we need high-grade rice from start to analyze the sales target .

Packaging quality assurance excellence positive side box complete , no trace , no nails , no interfaces, strong integrity , compression , shock, moisture better .
Economic optimization of packaging costs under the premise of guaranteeing quality , direct packaging costs reduced by 10 % to 15% , indirect costs reduced by 20 % to 30 %.

Environmental performance highlight is undoubtedly the new packaging to replace the wooden pallets plastic packaging design and EPS, while the new packaging light weight , easy recovery , which will help exports .

Convenient concept perfectly reflects jumper with leg brackets, cover boxes, buckles and other hand is more convenient in warehousing, logistics and sales.

Recently, Guilin Morning Paper Co., Ltd. launched the tile in the tile -style box , making the domestic appliance business in the addition of a large home appliance packaging choice . So, the majority of household electrical appliance enterprises in this new package and hold any views? Therefore, this is being used for some domestic or testing of the package were to keep track of household electrical appliance enterprises , many household electrical appliance enterprises are represented in this new package high marks .

First, the quality greatly improved performance enhancements sandwich corrugated board watt watt crates change in the strength of traditional corrugated boxes , cardboard and other defects is not high , physical indicators of its edge crush strength , flat crush strength, etc. are a few of the latter times , many companies are using appliances , said this packaging integrity, it improves the Honeycomb case of tidal gravitational contraction and edge pressure victorious fatal flaw , greatly reducing the humid climate warehousing, transportation and other sectors of the pressure loss phenomenon . If the cover and base box consisting of two pieces of shock compression packing cartons, using pieces into one box and shock compression of the overall structure, the structural integrity of the packaging is strong, six-sided shock compression , crash pressure , full and vac tray effective protection of the packaged products , and better moisture resistance , thus greatly improving the performance of the package . And it revolutionized the packaging of multiple attachments Guiji general , multi- material composition heterosexual ills generated by the convenient packaging line operations and site management . And because it is all paper packaging, corrugated thus retaining the light weight , cushioning , easy printing , etc., while the sandwich layer appears to replace the original wood pallets and EPS cushioning materials. The new packaging and corrugated did exceed upgrades in the true sense of innovation , which has won widespread recognition of many clamshell packaging advocating innovation and technological upgrading of household electrical appliance enterprises .

Second, effectively reducing the cost in the interview , Shinco Electronics , etc. Most companies have expressed their product packaging concern is ” to ensure the quality , cost control ,” under the premise of quality assurance , hope the price as low as possible . Tile in the tile -style box just to meet the requirements of such enterprises , which by reducing plastic trays the foam plastic ( box can be increased by adding enhanced shock sandwich corrugated cardboard, all without plastic foam ) , can greatly save packing material costs while improving efficiency . With air condition , for example, use the ” tile in the tile” made ??the top and bottom of the roll cover indoor air condition box , as reasonably compact clear plastic packaging shape structure ( currently consists of seven pieces composed into two pieces ) and moisture resistance ( can be saved moisture-proof bags used to package ) , can be reduced by 10 % to 15% of direct packaging costs in indirect costs , due to packaging integrity , ease Guiji packaging line operations , reducing stations , saving manpower , improve efficiency . Its strong resistance to stress can Guiji products Stacking up to 8 layers help save storage costs . Meanwhile , compared with the traditional boxes, which are smaller, but also save transportation and warehousing costs. Coupled with crates full seamless below , without the traditional full- length Guiji box sealing adhesive tape , adhesive materials and manpower savings . Thus , about 20% can be reduced to 30% of the indirect cost of packaging . In addition, because no nails seamless front , improved container integrity and aesthetic level .

Third, many household electrical appliance enterprises comply with environmental requirements , said tile in the tile and materials are based plastic packaging packaging products and cardboard corrugated paper packaging , and therefore more widely realized paper and wood , paper and plastic , reducing wooden pallets and light foam used in favor of the ecological balance and environmental protection ; same time, these ordinary corrugated cardboard packaging with lightweight, recyclable , foldable , etc., in full compliance plastic box with international trade in the export of home appliances minimization and packaging requirements of environmental protection , quarantine and security is easier to export . For the growing homogenization of the appliance enterprises, through this package can improve its brand image and promote exports, so naturally they gained recognition and favor.

Fourth, convenient and practical for many household electrical appliance enterprises with ” tile in the tile” specifically designed and manufactured for major appliances jumper pallet crates to give a higher rating . The biggest feature of this case is the use of ” tile in tile” corrugated cardboard sandwich gap , using jumper ( jumper material can be wood, bamboo , plastic or paper tubes, etc. ) and cover bottomless box connected one, greatly facilitate the Packing boxes and take process heavy items. Such as color TV , 34 inches below the current general are ordinary parcels TV package carton , the sales staff in the sales process must be taken out from the box to the TV show debugging to the user , but also to look carefully into the tank after the entire process cumbersome and unsafe , very inconvenient. The tile in the tile jumper crates due easier than traditional packaging boxes , both in the production line or in the sales market, than the traditional ease of packaging and unpacking boxes . Just pull out the jumper can easily remove the cover box , open the package , the same package it is also very convenient. Only reduces the manpower , but also improve efficiency and ensure safety. Meanwhile, in order to better facilitate businesses and users , this box set on each of two sides of a hand-clasping , transportation is very convenient, but do not worry about the strength of ( appliance enterprises test results show that the crates up in plastic packaging box weight under 50Kg circumstances buckle hand jumper jumper and plug the holes still intact ) . Also, because this package has a good level of compression and bending strength, if made ??with paper tube connected legged bracket can replace wooden pallets , and transported by a forklift truck or trailer mounted , thus greatly facilitate the storage and transport , has won widespread praise and appliance business sale terminals .

Packaging major commodities play a protective role . And to some extent reflects the intrinsic quality of the product . Leopard features characterizing the product . In the classification encompassing package also includes a label containers. Beer, for example there are a variety of packaging primarily by container. Labeling and packaging components. Following on several arsenic packaging make a brief introduction .
Choose beer containers
1 . Glass beer bottles
Since the broken beer tray containing dioxide gas has a certain pressure plastic packaging box and to manage transportation in the process of production , there are still collision problems. Will cause a sudden break whipped and pressurized conditions bottle . Therefore crucial for the choice of the bottle . First . To ensure that the bottle can be fixed against the pressure and the pressure on the points remain homogeneous. It will not be damaged by the attack to ensure the quality of the glass resistant to outside shocks.
After the election Fever glass beer bottle crown cap also pay attention to the choice of the first principle is to ensure that the meat tightly Ke another crown cover material must be clean and can keep the bottle filled with beer after the seal between the bottle and the cap to summer beer bottle with iron horse effectively isolated . vac tray To avoid tinned crown cover rust . To keep wine from pollution .
2 . Aluminum cans
For ease of transportation using cans of beer and some high-end packaging . To ensure pressure resistance and generally ended in a container from corrosion pit ‘s two-piece aluminum cans are used cans . In the filling process and strict ballast control the production process . To ensure the sealing of packaging .
3PE bottle
As technology continues to improve the level of new packaging materials packaging to the traditional challenged . PE bottles with beer is one of the folios one kind . Since PE has not broken bottles l sent back for multiple use and so on. People are beginning to step into the field of packaging containers of beer . Currently in Germany, Canada, has suddenly home pupil PET bottles of wine available.
Printed underlying beer
Most containers are bottles of beer . To complete the proof packaging . Characterization characteristics providers sin. Panthers played an effective supplement labels . Like beer landmarks include packaging design the top mark Ji- standard body labels and back labels on beer , etc. In this way the subject of several printed a brief introduction,
1 . Offset printing
Offset printing is mainly used for the short version . Registration accuracy requirements for a higher standard beer leopard print . General Standard for printing neck and body labels back label and so on. Substrates are mostly one-sided vacuum aluminum coated waterproof paper and so on. Ink UV offset inks are generally ordinary ink.
Using offset printing beer standard way to note there are many factors . One should ensure that the wine label paper about the direction consistent with the direction of silk thread . Because a lot of beer and paper production environment humidity is greater than the vertical transverse deformation becomes Tong . Therefore, the method of the plate in the correct plate . Trademarks can be more firmly attached to the surface of beer bottles and thus greatly reduce the rate of loss mark . Second, when the beer sold in the South and other places. Should take full account of local market conditions and people’s living habits . People in the South tend to like beer after a long soak in cold water for drinking . At this point in the printing process for the selection of substrates is particularly critical . Because the overall effect of the damage , the labeling of a long soak the paper will appear . In this case the best choice for waterproof paper as printing materials . Third, to ensure a balance so that the ink spot color consistent. Besides printing drying vacuum aluminum beer standard offset problems still need to pay attention to the process of technical difficulties .
2 . Gravure

Gravure printing is mainly used initially marked neck , body and back labels and so marked . As people of beer packaging grade requirements continue to increase . Marked by a large number of items marked neck replaced and therefore can greatly enhance the color saturation of the gravure printing began to be printed items marked favor . While higher prices gravure printing plate gravure platemaking cycle is longer and poor environmental factors restricting the development of a variety of gravure , but in the country within the top mark of pure aluminum foil gravure printing field still occupies a pivotal position .
Application gravure printing pure aluminum foil top mark to note there are many factors . One is directly absorbed by the due gravure gravure printing plate with ink transfer squeegee ink through capillary action between the plate and the substrate onto the substrate so for the ink viscosity requirements are extremely stringent. In the printing process must ensure that the viscosity of the ink is not otherwise change will affect the printed color consistency . Second . Since the aluminum foil is a metal -free drying of the ink absorbent and therefore must be assured in the printing process should be carefully controlled amount plastic box of hot air . To ensure adequate drying of the ink . Note that the three ink plastic packaging design abrasion resistance . Since pure aluminum foil directly to the top mark with the beer bottle neck portion is completely wrapped up. This requires open bottle after the remnants of marked items will not be broken . Pure aluminum foil to avoid debris on the wine pollution. To achieve such a request. First select the material should not be too brittle. To avoid unnecessary fragmentation ; followed . When the printed products after processing to strict technological requirements. Hole pitch and a pressure bar ensure embossing consistent . Except when it comes to points outside the above items marked how to ensure that posted the top mark is not torn. When recycled glass beer bottles how to wash clean and so are the trademark application items marked problems that need attention .
3 . Flexographic printing
Flexo printing with environmentally friendly printing color uniformity , strong connectivity and processing capabilities , etc. are widely used in packaging and printing label printing , especially in the field . A large number of standard body standard neck , back and part of the top landmarks are marked with a flexographic printing. Because flexographic printing also has a wide range of substrates , etc. nascent beer sticker also used flexo printing.
One factor in the development of troubled flexo printing registration accuracy is offset relative to a certain gap between the plate and the accuracy of the system is not very difficult to fine tune the mesh so using flexographic printing plate printing beer labels printed in Fig. Man should try to ensure that the design lines of text and field -based. Second, due to the flexo printing based mainly on the ground so when printing absorbable printing materials ( especially the use of unit-type flexographic printing presses ) , to avoid pumping up the overlay printing materials are not allowed to cause problems in general adopted when the film -plate trapping and other compensation . And in the choice of color clear plastic packaging printing group should try to put a large area on the ground by the printing unit color group . plastic trays Third in the application of flexo printing printing standard beer . Should also consider the requirements of the market for beer labels are generally carried out in water or chilled in the refrigerator and therefore requires labeling both waterproof and also antifreeze. Generally through glazing reach such requirements. Fourth of ink and varnish must be strictly managed to prevent failure at low temperatures . Leading labels fade phenomenon . In addition . When using water-based inks . To select the appropriate labeling of plastic . Because the water-soluble ink dissolved in alkali solution alkaline glue labeling therefore not appear too strong to avoid trademark fade phenomenon .
In short . Applying the above three kinds of printing printing standard beer is different , we should be targeted to choose the right printing to maximize publicity and play a protective role.
Beer packaging
For the convenience of the beer glass bottles of beer , especially the means of transport is also a beer packaging must be used. There are four common beer packaging forms . That plastic rope tied, plastic film sealing . Plastic box packaging and corrugated boxes and packaging.
Small breweries to reduce production costs. Usually with plastic rope for tying dozens of bottles of beer . Thus play a fixed role for shipment. And thus derived packaging and sealing of plastic packaging plastic film packaging like plastic rope tying . Both have invested less packaging , etc. but the appearance is not beautiful.
Generally large brewery in the middle and low -volume production of large plastic boxes of beer would likely use packaging and storing . Such packaging has a high initial investment , but it can be used repeatedly and so prone to rub thus affecting the overall effect on the packaging labels and other packaging materials .
Premium beer and beer cans mounted multi-use corrugated packaging , such packaging can not be reused and the higher cost clamshell packaging , but the fine print and the effective protection of the beer are making corrugated packaging products have been widely used in high-end packaging . Domestic corrugated carton printing generally use more offset, gravure and flexo printing and other three kinds of printing. Because flexo printing with unique characteristics and light pressure with offset printing glossy paper first then pasting the different ways it can be directly printed corrugated board greatly improve the efficiency of production also due to the flexo printing colorful , etc. So with domestic corrugated box printing areas are maintained a rising trend .
The above only describes several forms of beer packaging . As people ‘s living standards and the level of technology continues to increase. I believe in the near future beer packaging selection method will be more extensive , will be getting close to people’s lives.

China Food Industry Network : In recent years , energy saving , safe, reliable , effective, low -cost packaging food sterilization techniques have been developed and applied , which greatly promoted the development of the production and packaging of food.

Irradiation sterilization techniques: the use of radioisotope cobalt- 60, – rays or cesium- 157 produced by low-energy accelerators emitted – ray irradiation treatment of packaged foods . Canada, Israel , France, Japan and other countries generally use radioactive material Cobalt 60 , which emits strong -rays can completely destroy plastic packaging the genetic factors of bacteria, completely destroyed their physiological clamshell packaging activity almost eliminate any bacteria when used in high doses.

Irradiation complete sterilization : the food is sealed packaged in 2500 to 5000 thousand rads irradiated foods can make all the damage Simie pathogenic microorganisms , so as to achieve the purpose of disinfecting products . Before irradiation can be added in foods such as salt and sodium tripolyphosphate , food can reduce water loss , but also enhance the radiation clear plastic packaging on bacteria -killing ability . After irradiation sterilization method is completely processed beef, chicken , ham , pork packaging design , sausage, fish , etc. at room temperature (21 ~ 38 ) can be stored over the next two years , to maintain color, flavor and good .

Irradiation Sterilization : one thousand doses of 100 to 1000 rads , effectively limiting detrimental to plastic packaging box public health caused by failure of the biological and microbial growth , can effectively remove high- protein foods such as meat , dairy products, egg products great harm Salmonella, with 500,000 rads irradiation , we can make it into a million -fold reduction in the frozen food can kill salmonella depths . Been approved in more than 20 countries around the world now use irradiation sterilization of food for human consumption , such as chicken , pork , fish, mushrooms , spices , potatoes , rice , onions , wheat and so on. Irradiated food is safe and reliable , 40 years after the world practice has proved that irradiated food has never been found to have residual radioactive material that can maintain the original color, flavor and quality . In the U.S., food irradiation has been put into space, the astronauts eating proven harmless to the body . Advantages of irradiated food is preserved longer irradiation time can be fresh for several years , not only kill bacteria , but also inhibit the metabolism and slow the food itself , eliminating the root causes of food spoilage . Irradiation sterilization can save a lot of energy , the use of any food only after sterilization by irradiation ordinary packaging can be stored , eliminating a lot of canning , refrigeration and other materials and energy , have been preserved to irradiation can replace part of the refrigerator .

Ultraviolet irradiation : UV irradiation of ultraviolet i.e. killing the target microorganism DNA, the chemical change of the pyrimidine dimers formed in the loss of reproductive genetic damage or death , in 250 plastic box ~ 260nm sterilization effect is strongest. Foreign-developed strong UV light irradiation intensity of 200mw/cm2, for high-performance UV device is safe and effective for the sterilization of packaging materials .

Solid surface disinfection : the packaged food through the conveyor , into the irradiation track , sterilized with the sterilizing lamp , and then sent with the belt . For plastic film packaging food packaging materials requires good light transmittance of polyethylene or polypropylene plastic film.

Liquid sterilization : divided into two kinds , external irradiation and external irradiation style and let the water flow through the liquid from the interior of the internal irradiation type . Bactericidal effect can be achieved from the initial concentration of zero irradiated .

UV disinfection : ultraviolet sterilization or simply need to add a small amount of fungicides and preservatives , heat treatment and filtration than pasteurization energy saving , low cost , easy to maintain , safe and reliable , without compromising food flavor and gloss , etc. After sterilization, the application more widely . The United States has developed a series of products , large numbers of radiation than in the past ten practical UV lamp has been gradually used for transmission . Such as with heat , ultraviolet disinfection , hydrogen peroxide , hot citric acid solution , ethanol , ultrasonic treatment , the effect is better.

Microwave sterilization: microwave sterilization is to use the microwave to make water molecules vibrate , the use of molecular friction heat generated by sterilization. Suitable for food and a poor conductor of heat by reducing the quality of food easily understood . Plastic packaging materials for food packaging can be in original condition , a short time pasteurization of food from the center , but also to plastic packaging design prevent secondary pollution.

Microwave sterilization is not only applicable to the microorganisms resistant fungi , yeast , E. coli , but attached to the back of the food , the moisture content is low and no water foods , small plastic or glass -induced microorganism can not be sufficiently improved due to a temperature , the effect is not significant.

Microwave heating method : microwave oven heating method has two or catheter type , which is used in processing liquid , the liquid flows through the oblique penetration in the catheter tube is heated .

Aseptic packaging technology : aseptic packaging technology is pasteurized , cooled , sterile food under aseptic conditions , filled into pre- sterilized containers too , after long-term storage of sealed packaging technology . Over the past decade , the development of aseptic canning by the fluid to solid , packaging materials aseptic packaging technology rapid development of metal cans goes to the packaging material in Europe, America, Japan and other countries , is widely used in milk -based dairy products , fruit juices, cloth stare processed foods, vegetable juice , broth , soft drinks and coffee beverages , meat, milk and other fields .

Aseptic packaging has many advantages : product flavor, color changes and tissue loss and nutrients are less thermal denaturation of proteins , sterile packaged meat and gravy no fat precipitation separation , better able to maintain the original taste and flavor ; aseptic packaging easy to keep juice , taste fresh , practical and convenient . Aseptic packaging containers of low strength requirements of the packaging material used cardboard, plastic , and aluminum. In particular a paper plastic trays container of low cost, lightweight , metal elution phenomenon, disposable , easy handling , 70% of U.S. consumption of milk paper packaging . Aseptic packaging as well as saving energy , suitable for mass production vac tray and so on.

Aseptic packaging systems including sterilization and aseptic filling sealing food two parts. Food sterilization sterilization process commonly used high-temperature short-time (HTST method ) and ultra-high temperature instant sterilization (UHT), heat-resistant composite film with plastic film and aluminum foil , and more significantly shorten the sterilization time . Aseptic filling and packaging materials used in flexible packaging in general, ultraviolet disinfection sterilization , radiation sterilization and hydrogen peroxide solution over dipping , spraying, hot air drying, or bactericidal gas .

International aseptic packaging device has a typical U.S. company Dole aseptic canning , fluids for metal cans , colloids and foods containing solids , such as a variety of cloth stare condensed milk , puree , yogurt, milk and so on. Aseptic canning apparatus by the empty sterilization, filling, sterilizing the lid , sealing the four parts , the empty 210 ~ 220 sterilized 45 seconds after entering the aseptic chamber , from the sterile water to the lower spraying cooling cans , the general slot machine continuous streaming canning canning . Japan MM aseptic filling device is styrene plastic film after sterilization with hydrogen peroxide , thermoforming film punched into the ring container , automatic quantitative filling, sent by hydrogen peroxide sterilization cover with aluminum foil , sealed with a sealing film , blanking film cut for cloth stare jam, ice cream, milk , juice and other aseptic filling. In aseptic packaging process , in addition to packaging materials , food packaging , sterilization , but for workshops, working machinery, air operations are required to clean the entire sterile , completely achieve microbiological control of production management and distribution management.

Currently, the development of new more suitable sterilization techniques . As the can rotate at high speed using the direct flame heating gas flame sterilization , can accelerate heat conduction to prevent uneven heating of canned food and a retort pouch is applied to the food effect is good ; there need not sterilized packaging material , the food processing apparatus is simple unique approach to liquid food sterilization ; use superheated steam to be air- dried food sterilization law , not as the raw material moisture saturated steam , better cereal and flour granular food effect.