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Plastic towline on how to identify good and bad this problem may be that many customers have a headache when choosing the topic of plastic towline on the surface and see the quality is good or bad , plastic packaging there is no specialized equipment to measure , indeed plastic packaging box difficult to identify good or bad quality . Therefore , small as we collect the plastic towline can see, touch , hear, rub identified four aspects :

1, clamshell packaging see : good skills compared to fine plastic towline contour , texture quality , brilliance rounded lubrication, overall control delightful look good ; poor outside the sidelines up process compared to rough, uneven reputation , the image of hearts on the first touch is not good . Other sections mounted on multiple desktops on smooth , good plastic towline sides slightly cocked, the higher the difference between the two sides cocked .

2 , touch : hand plastic trays surfaces , edges and the clear plastic packaging inner wall of touch towline . Good plastic towline surface creamy , no tie feel , touch feel comfortable ; worse than the plastic packaging design Suimi unyielding surface feel a sense of high and low , compared to some plastic box design places difficult to handle , do not touch the feelings Tian Yi . Perhaps with the other two sections can migrate changes Rui pvc tray Min Li has a good turning point , no larger conflict ; poor harder rolling , strong sense of controversy .

3 , listen : the sound of plastic towline took place in a hard beat , the nylon issued a blunt analogy , feeling compared active ; polypropylene sound comparedÚ†moving.

4 , rub : rub hard with a hard plastic towline things surface , good pit Cuochu compared laborious and rub under the debris smaller, in powder form ; poor pit easily Cuochu , debris granular, such materials are generally mixed with new material made ??of recycled material , the degree of resistance to touch on very different than the new material .


This year China’s plastics machinery exports rose month by month since the Spring Festival, China’s exports in May 5402 sets of plastic machinery , exports amounted to $ 144,884,000 . Although the Spring Festival presses on increasing exports , but the export value in May was down by 7.2% year on year , in addition, the data can be seen from recent months , the average price of China’s exports dropped sharply presses this plastic trays year , which will so that pvc tray our industry will face greater pressure presses .

Look at the case of injection molding machines , in May last year, is the annual export volume of the largest injection molding machine in February , this year the amount of the injection molding machine exports plastic packaging $ 82,652,000 , down slightly from January , down 15.1 percent year plastic packaging box on year . And relatively speaking, May extruder exports better, its exports amounted to $ 30,367,000 , the largest amount of exports in January this year .

All along, the export price is lower export our presses a major problem , industry analysts pointed out that the lack clear plastic packaging of ” quality products” is an important bottleneck in the clamshell packaging development of plastic machinery , expect transformation. However, this trend more evident , indicating that China’s press industry is still difficult to get rid of low -value problem. With economic development , intelligent plastic presses companies compete to become the new darling of the market . Overall, the 2013 is still targeting keywords presses innovation and market transformation.

Presses export data in May , it is worth noting that the United States May 54 injection molding machines imported plastic packaging design from our units, amounting to $ 7,027,000 , becoming the largest May injection molding machines imported from our country , and in the past very long time, almost never happens . We note that , although the U.S. manufacturing PMI ups plastic box design and downs this year , but the volatility is not great, but basically above the ups and downs . Manufacturing round of the U.S. economic recovery is a bright spot , as of last May , the U.S. manufacturing sector maintained a continuous trend of expansion 34 months. The U.S. government’s support for the return of manufacturing , making the rapid increase in demand for its products and equipment .

Brazilian imports from the country this year, the amount of the injection molding machine has been growing since March , the amount of imports remained at more than $ 5 million . But as I have talked about before , the Brazilian household spending power due to local policies and its industrial development there are some difficulties. Russia in the first quarter of this year is almost at a standstill, Russia April HSBC manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) continued expansion slowed down from 50.8 in March , continued down to 50.6 , a four-month low . Russia, as a major exporter of extruder , May plunged to $ 1,607,000 from the amount of China’s imports , the lowest this year.

Recently, Ningxia and technological achievements Management Center has organized experts on Ningxia Run Dragon Plastics Co., Ltd. completed the ” new high strength, high temperature polyethylene plastic packaging design packaging endometrial ” projects and clear plastic packaging technological achievements identification.

The project to improve the formulation and production of polyethylene packaging endometrial blow pvc tray molding process parameters , can not solve the traditional packaging endometrial both high temperature and high strength and other plastic trays plastic box design problems. Product plastic packaging box quality is superior GB/T4456-2008 technical standards to hazardous chemicals packaging standards. Including high temperature 110 ; longitudinal tensile strength 35MPa, transverse tensile strength 40MPa; longitudinal elongation at break 656%, transverse elongation at break 643%, film impact test (90g) is not broken , the impact of 10 samples piece no cracks .

Currently the company has formed the group 40 million / year polyethylene endometrial production capacity. Product sales to our region and the clamshell packaging neighboring provinces of metallurgical, chemical and building materials and other large enterprises to meet these industries in the production , plastic packaging packaging and transportation process on both polythene bags and other products , high temperature, corrosion resistance and high strength characteristics requirements.

The rapid growth of the clear plastic

packaging flexible packaging market in plastic packaging design Turkey
New research market research firm PCI Films for flexible packaging industry in Turkey showed that Turkey is expected to become

the main force in the packaging market.

The company consultant Paul Gaster said, “The European packaging and plastic packaging box retail group believes that a number of quality

products and services in Turkey processors with European competitors offer clamshell

packaging comparable, but superior plastic trays in terms vac tray of price, which mainly refers to the OPP lamination films medium sized

products. such products plastic packaging as candy, dry food, biscuits and bakery

packaging brings value-added services. “over the past 30 years, the Turkish flexible packaging industry matures, is now among

Europe’s top 10. Turkish flexible packaging industry annual growth rate of 10 percent, a growth rate four times higher than plastic box in Western Europe other countries.

Recently, the Consumers Association vac tray of Yuanping in the beverage market in rural special investigation found that in recent years, soft drinks especially popular in the rural market. Especially in 500 ml of soft drinks sell better. The reason why farmers are willing to buy soft drinks , there are some of the following plastic packaging box reasons: First, compared with bottled drinks , the price is relatively cheap ; Second, easy to carry, especially when you work in the fields , plastic packaging and put on a bag , very easy and convenient; Third, with a general increase in living standards of farmers , work in the fields drink gradually replace drinking water . Because drinking water is necessary to boil water , but also with a thermos bottle , very troublesome , and bring a bag of drinks, both refreshing thirst , but also convenient and affordable . I believe that soft drinks popular plastic packaging design in rural areas to develop at least brought a revelation beverage market following aspects :

One revelation : the development of rural farmers beverage market should be fully aware of the beverage purposes. Judging from the survey , many farmers to purchase drinks are working in the fields when drinking . So they are particularly convenient to carry , and soft drinks fits this feature. Just to pocket a loaded plastic trays on it, and bottled beverages due to the shape of fixed installed in the pocket but some inconvenience. So, they meet farmers’ consumption characteristics , farmers will go to buy.

The second revelation : the development of rural beverage plastic box packaging market should try to make a simple science. The most affordable speaking farmers clear plastic packaging , either buy drinks , or buy other food, is the first to look at how the quality , but do not seem to pretty packaging is not pretty. Conversely , luxury pretty packaging , but will make the farmers refuse to buy produce a reverse psychology , because they know that ” fleece” the truth , luxurious packaging can only increase the purchase cost , and even increase agricultural garbage . The soft drinks and simple fits science standards, farmers prefer to buy .

Implications of the three : the development of rural beverage market, the current flexible packaging should also be improved. Admittedly, the countryside is a potentially large beverage market, because China has more than half of people living in rural areas. But the current situation, when drinking soft drinks and some farmers inconvenient places, such as the opening of the design is not very scientific clamshell packaging , farmers in the drinking is not with teeth to open with scissors , very convenient. If you can design a very scientific openings , will be more affected farmers.

The material of the various types of chemical tanks for the production of chemical industry is very important. Chemical storage tanks chemical used in industrial production , chemical storage tanks , chemical mixing tank , chemical tank , plastic packaging design chemical cans , chemical reaction tanks, chemical neutralization tanks , etc., are collectively referred to as chemical tanks . Chemical tank is a chemical industrial production, for the processing of raw materials into a finished product specifications , need to go through a series of chemical feedstock pretreatment process , the reaction product of a chemical reaction plastic box design and separation and purification, and the process used to achieve these devices . Chemical finished product is very dependent on the handling and use of chemical tanks . The following is mainly to introduce many types of plastic chemical tank chemical clamshell packaging tank .
Polyethylene (PE) plastic as raw material, the whole forming a special process , the plastic chemical tanks clear plastic packaging do not use any additives in the production of plastic filler, totally unique formula to increase the Company modified polyethylene (PE) material manufacture and into , forming plastic packaging a whole tank without welding seam , tank also has no welding seams , no leakage, non-toxic , light weight, anti-aging , shock , corrosion resistance, long life, meet the health standards , etc., low price in stainless steel tanks , fiberglass tanks ordinary life , polypropylene tanks, PVC tanks , natural conditions longer.

Lined plastic containers : steel lined plastic composite series is the essence of the product . It is welded to the steel surface of the steel to polyethylene as the raw material , spin molding process, pvc tray a steel body integrally formed on the surface of the steel mesh plastic trays and the polyethylene is integrally welded to the steel surface of the steel to a polyethylene difficult from the steel surface . Thus is an extremely excellent corrosion products. Product lining surface smooth, strong, compared plastic packaging box with the traditional steel-lined plastic plate tanks, glass lined steel tanks , with more good corrosion resistance, no leakage, no peeling , abrasion resistance, long life and other advantages .

Use plastic chemical tanks can mate degrees lower production , storage, transportation , operation costs. While saving a lot of manpower and material resources. Is an integral part of the production of the chemical industry auxiliary vessel .

Scientific and technological progress , the quality of life improves , more and more items can not be safe. Recently there have been reports of many plastic products , plastic packaging design stationery contain harmful ingredients, into the human body affect human physiology , the body hormonal disorders, and even cause pvc tray female sexual precocity or male infertility. “A lot of plastic stationery plastic trays products contain harmful ingredients to bag book cover , for example, are now common market multi-purpose bag made ??of plastic book cover , but a lot of plastic wrap cover all contain PVC .” Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association Dong Jinshi plastic packaging , told reporters that PVC plasticizers into contact with hands or mouth through the human body, can plastic box design affect human physiology , the body hormonal disorders, and even cause female sexual precocity or male infertility. Many stationery color is very bright , but in the course will fade clear plastic packaging . Dong clamshell packaging Lion said, stationery contain heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium , etc. Heavy metals enter the body through the sweat glands of the human blood system and bone development will cause adverse effects. In addition, many stationery has strong flavor, which is probably because it contains plastic or recycled industrial waste plastics sake. Further , stationery contain sweeteners , flavoring agents , although would have a fragrance smells stationery , but the human nasal cavity , nervous system has potential hazards. Colorful highlighter everywhere plastic packaging box , said Dong Jinshi , a lot of brightly colored highlighter , and carcinogenic correction fluid , rubber in both contain ketone solvents, benzene substances may enter the human body . Dong Jinshi suggested to a regular point of purchase and sale of the mall , choose stationery with national standards and manufacturer identification information , to avoid bright colors and pungent taste stationery .

With the rapid development of China’s beverage industry , PET pvc tray bottled drinks hot filling production line to speed development become inevitable. Achieve high-speed PET bottled clamshell packaging drinks hot filling production line , not a simple device to enlarge. Compared with previous low-speed production line , the need to be innovative and breakthrough in sterilization and filling bottles before filling the bottle down after the sterilization process and equipment. After years of plastic packaging persistent research and exploration , PET bottled drinks hot filling production line made ??a breakthrough leap in achieving high-speed, full -line equipment levels close to the world advanced level.

Meanwhile , the consumption of the device is greatly reduced disinfectant , only the consumption of the original process is 1/ 3, with a great advantage in operating cost savings . Simplifying the packaging material sterilization equipment , reducing equipment footprint, most importantly, more suitable for high speed hot filling production line . Further , the bottle plastic trays for sterilization in a confined environment , easy control of microorganisms , to fully improve the operating environment . Easier to focus on recycling and waste gas treatment, environmentally friendly , for maximum operator protection from disinfectant clear plastic packaging violations.

Although aseptic cold filling technology can reduce costs and demonstrate its advantages in terms of products, tea drinks , juice drinks market , but its high investment in equipment and equipment maintenance costs prohibitive for many companies plastic packaging design . And now the high-speed hot filling plastic box design technology for many beverage companies to provide the best solutions , both to meet the product’s growth plastic packaging box and security, but also reduces the cost of packaging materials and operating costs beverage business. With the maturing high-speed hot filling technology for more domestic large and medium-sized beverage production enterprises with advanced, stable and reliable beverage filling equipment , bringing more direct cost benefits.

In recent years , due to the hard plastic of high strength and high barrier characteristics such as hard plastic bottles are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry , at present, it is slowly replace the glass for liquid pharmaceutical packaging syrups and other large volume , which consistent with the development in Europe . According to Pyne ‘s ” 2017 North American packaging industry predict” The report shows that rigid plastic packaging will continue vac tray to grow at a 2.6% annual growth rate , after four years of production value is expected to reach $ 40 billion .

Mexico rigid plastic packaging industry will become the fastest growing countries in the region , to the 2017 output will surpass Canada reached $ 45 million . As the growth rate of the Mexican packaging industry in North America , one of the three countries are expected to come out on top . 2011 North American packaging industry market share of the three countries , respectively , 83.3% in the United States , Canada 9.8% , Mexico 7.0% . However, the United States affected by the global economic crisis faced by many development challenges.

Paper packaging market is still led by the packaging industry . Although during the financial crisis, demand for paper packaging box appears relative decline, but has been restored to the level at the end of 2007 . And Mexico clamshell packaging over the next four years, the packaging industry is expected to continue to grow in value by 3.1% in magnitude , was undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching soft drink packaging.

2011 North American packaging plastic packaging design industry is the largest consumer of carton packaging , accounting for 33.7% . Meanwhile, the corrugated packaging sector is not only the fastest growing , and occupies 64.3% share of the paper packaging market. Expect the United States will maintain a good momentum of development in 2012 , the 2017 paper packaging production value increased to $ 51.9 billion .

Currently, the North American economy is still not very pvc tray stable. Downturn in the U.S. real estate industry , the financial investment industry has become plastic packaging more cautious. But industry has begun to recover from the big landslide in 2008 after the real estate industry is gradually starting to pick up . Future packaging will be sustained industrial growth is expected in North America clear plastic packaging between four industrial packaging growth will rise to 1.2% in the year 2017 an annual turnover of plastic packaging box $ 62.5 million .

With the increasing number of large chain stores in North America distribution , retail packaging industry has won the favor of the market . According to ” Packaging World plastic trays ” survey found that 57% of North American stores in the past year through product packaging to win the favor of consumers .

Plastic bubble plastic packaging design film surge pvc tray of popularity in Korea

According to reports, winter, South Korea “pops membrane” ( transliteration ) online shopping popularity over the fire , ready to raise its courier operators .

Plastic bubble film is used for packaging goods when one thing, it lightweight safety , some courier companies are starting another name – “pops film .” With the arrival of winter , the temperature getting lower and lower , I heard that can be isolated from air- bubble film , bubble film we all like to stick with what windows plastic trays ah , so order quantity bubble film also rose sharply. Recently, bubble film is requested increase courier .

On the 27th , according to the management company revealed that cold approaching , some courier companies requesting bubble wrap each receive an additional courier 500-1000 won .

Bubble film size and weight ratio is very large , is one of the express courier industry wants to avoid. However, due to its weight and not heavy, so the courier clamshell packaging company did not classify it automatically into overweight category , which brings a lot of trouble courier . During transport , due to its large volume , occupying a large space .

Therefore, many small companies online transportation began a miserable face , the light may have a loss of transportation costs . Maybe they will have to cancel some orders have plastic packaging box been photographed .

Despite these small businesses to immediately inform the other courier companies , but still caught the unsatisfactory situation, clear plastic packaging vac tray so they can only lose money selling or cancel orders.

Delivery costs rising bubble film news caused a controversy , netizens have commented : ” ! Windows with bubble film paste it really warm ,” ” ! Courier company so suddenly rising freight bubble film , I plastic packaging strongly oppose “, ” rose bubble film freight in violation of the treaty right “,” bubble film real problem for small businesses so that they embarrassed “and so on .