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Life more extensive use of plastics , plastic classification and application in furniture and interior decoration , there are many .

1, plastic properties and uses

Type of plastic range of different functions , our life plastic products exist everywhere . Currently plastics are constantly expanding range of applications , and many new products were developed by plastic and applied to product production. Plastic with easy processing , low cost , variety , etc., in the furniture and interior decoration has a place , and the position is being constantly improved. We should be concerned about dynamics of plastic, timely application of new materials design new products.

Refers to a plastic resin ( polymerizable monomer or directly ) as a main component , with a plasticizer , a filler , a lubricant, a coloring agent as an auxiliary component , to flow in the process of forming the high molecular organic material than that . “Plastic” that is referred to as the plastic material .

Plastics and thermosetting plastics can be divided into two categories of thermoplastics , thermosetting plastics such as eggs , once cured by heating , and then heating the melt is the same soft ; thermoplastic and can be repeatedly heated and melted by heating waxy , cools and hardens .

2 , application and development plastic packaging design of new pvc tray plastics

2.1 nano-composite plastic

Nanocomposite plastics refers to nanoscale inorganic filler dispersed in the plastic matrix is formed nanocomposite . Nano-composite plastic with excellent performance on a variety of plastic products development plays a very important role . Currently the extensive use of various household appliances plastic parts , basic metal replaced by plastic material and is being developed by the ordinary plastic nano plastic to functionality, while furniture and interior decoration industry did not keep pace with the home appliance industry . We need to learn more about nano- composite plastic performance and features in a timely manner in the industry, product design and production . Currently there are very few foreign research reports in clear plastic packaging this regard , which is the focus of our attention. For example , the use of antibacterial plastic nanotechnology R & D in the furniture and interior decoration industry has a good value.

Antibacterial plastic refers to a plastic having antibacterial properties itself , the plastic can be stained kill bacteria and inhibit bacterial growth in a certain time . This plastic is the use of nanotechnology, Nano added a small amount of inorganic antimicrobial agent obtained efficient antibacterial plastic in plastic . Currently used in household appliances such as refrigerator door handles , door lining and other components, washing machine antibacterial stainless steel tube , antibacterial wash pump clamshell packaging impeller antibacterial washing machine parts and medical electrical plastic packaging box equipment such as plastic parts , such as topical . Taking into account the reasons for the relatively high cost of this material , we can put it in the plastic box design door handles , seats with armrests , table desk , toilet and so easy to contaminated areas , or research and development of ” nano- composite plastic timber .” In short , nano- composite plastic furniture and interior decoration will be a very good development prospects.

2.2 retardant plastic

Refers to a plastic having flame retardant properties . In hotels, restaurants, office buildings and other public works in interior design , fire is a basic requirement. Currently, the flame-retardant plastic has made ??interior doors, windows, including the mouth and various moldings, etc. , and the formation of industrial production , the surface can imitate a variety of wood products , cheaper prices. However, the flame-retardant plastic in furniture and interior decoration products, has not been a large number of applications , which indicates retardant plastic space development in this area is still very large .

2.3 Intelligent Plastics

Intelligent Plastics is able to perceive and receive information refers to the external environment , such as sound, light, electricity, magnetism , pH , temperature, force, etc. , and can automatically change its shape according to environmental changes , respond to a new class of polymer materials . This is a study of American and Japanese scientists a few years ago . Plastic also has intelligent sensing, control and drive triple function, it can through its own perception, information processing , issue commands and perform and complete the action , so as to achieve self-test , self-diagnosis, self- control, self- correcting , self- modified function.

Many types of plastic intelligent shape memory plastic SMP (Shape-memoryplastics) is one of them . Shape-memory plastic deformation means the products after an initial shape is fixed by the response parameters ( heating , lighting , electric field, pH , etc. ) of stimulation, but also to restore the original shape of a class of polymer materials. Currently used in medical splints , wound dressing , coating or liner material , fastening pins, toys, cars with ease ; the protective cover and so on . We can apply it to furniture and interior decoration which make use of previously existing materials and processes can not be manufactured out of shape, can now be done using shape memory plastics , can also use it to assist in the production of more new furniture.

Can automatically repair cracks intelligent plastics , uniformly mixed in a resin matrix within a specially marked with a special resin ultrafine capsules , and then with the production molding. This has its own built- chemical catalytic plastic packaging polymerization microcrystalline ability , once the damage occurs , it will activate a special resin, the resin begins to soften automatically becomes viscous liquid injection and filling cracks or holes in and gradually solidified , automatic repair damaged parts . Intelligent automatic repair cracks in the plastic is ideal for the production of special parts of furniture and interior decoration , for example: the desktop easily damaged parts , doors , decorative wire angle. If the plastic production process further simplify , we can produce self “healing ” of furniture , no longer afraid to knock beloved furniture is encountered , do not be afraid of the children in the chaos carved furniture scratched the surface of chaos .

2.4 Anti -noise plastic

U.S. scientists have recently developed a hollow plastic ball material used in the construction noise abatement , and building this house can be made ??soundproof , so that families without outside interference , keep quiet state. By a number of hollow plastic pellets composed of plastic building materials , can suppress noise. When sound waves hitting the ball wrapped very tight , it causes vibrations ball up into different frequencies and to eliminate noise. These pellets will be converted into energy of noise , so that the wall made ??of plastic having a heating effect .

In our real life, plastic furniture , plastic decorative materials and other plastic products, has been used for many years , but is still stuck in the traditional sense . Like plastic dining table, chairs, plastic file boxes, file shelving , plastic storage bins, plastic drawers , plastic windows plastic trays and doors , etc., such as plastics can be applied to new functional modern furniture design and interior design, to give the product with new features meaning, the future is ambitious , which requires multi-disciplinary , multi-disciplinary collaborative research .


In strict accordance with the ” Food Safety Law ” and other laws and regulations clear plastic packaging in the food business activities ; establish food inspection record system ; If sales do not meet the food safety standards of food , consumer losses …… recently promised compensation , integrated delivery Dalian Road farmers market held with ” food safety alarm bells ringing , warm and pvc tray healthy living in harmony ” as the theme of the food Safety Awareness Month activities , promote the plastic box design use of environment-friendly plastic bags , and with the food industry, households market operators signed a commitment letter for food safety for consumers distributed food safety knowledge leaflets, give consumers more detailed knowledge of food safety .

Reporters saw at plastic packaging design the event , shipping industry, Dalian Road farmers market to promote the use of environmentally friendly household plastic bags, plastic clamshell packaging bags are printed on a green telephone complaints , if consumers find that the use of substandard plastic industry, households plastic packaging box can make a complaint next Xing Shan delivery market development company plastic trays belongs, Anshan Road farmers market will also be put to use environmentally friendly plastic bags. Meanwhile, the market will fully implement pollution-free vegetables detection system for all food commodities certificate and invoice plastic packaging , taking excessive vegetables destroy the system , increase the ” plant hook” meat traceability system supervision, the marketing of food to there are well documented.

With the rapid development of industrial technology , sheet metal processing of various plastic materials have been widely used in various fields, and the reason why they will be so widely used and popular, mostly because thanks to its superior performance characteristics.
Black ABS plate sheet metal industry is emerging as a material, which is currently the largest output, the most widely used polymers. It PS, SAN, BS various properties of plastic packaging organic unity , both tough and hard , just balanced with excellent mechanical plastic packaging box properties. It has a excellent impact strength plastic packaging design , dimensional stability , dyeing , forming and machining , high mechanical strength, high stiffness, low water absorption , good corrosion resistance ; and the connection is simple , non-toxic , odorless , has excellent chemical properties and electrical insulation properties. To heat deformation , at low temperatures also have a high impact toughness . It was a hard, difficult to scratch , easy plastic box design deformation clamshell packaging of the material .

It is worth mentioning that the transparency transparent black ABS plate very well polished with excellent results, is to replace pvc tray the PC sheet material of choice. Its toughness is very good to meet the product plastic trays detailed processing. But clear plastic packaging the drawback is transparent black ABS relatively more expensive . And in view of black ABS plate easily generate internal stresses caused by deformation of the sheet in the process , so the source of Dongguan Xinda Plastic Materials Co., Ltd. a professional point of view we Reminder black ABS sheet must be done prior to use to deal with stress , to ensure that processing operations smooth and efficient process.

In recent years , China’s plastic pipe production and the rapid development of applications . According to statistics, in 2010 the production of plastic pipe in China reached 8.402 million tons , an increase of 31.1% over the previous year , the world’s largest plastic pipe production and application of the country . Currently , a large-scale manufacturer of plastic pipe to reach an annual clear plastic packaging production capacity of more than 3000 more than 15 million tons . There are about 300 companies which annual production capacity of 10,000 tons , the annual production capacity of more than 20 companies have more than 100,000 tons . The face of such a competitive market , plastic pipe companies how to adjust the direction of the pvc tray standard, to make themselves invincible it?

Currently technological innovation , technological innovation has become the main driver of enterprise development, plastic pipe industry backbone enterprises attach great importance to the introduction and development of new technology, new products , and the introduction of advanced processing equipment at the same time , continue to strengthen research and development efforts , some large enterprises also With advanced technology and product development center.

According to incomplete statistics , China’s plastic pipe industry already has more than 1,000 patents , some with independent intellectual property rights has occupied a leading position . plastic trays New varieties , new structures, new materials, new technologies, new processes and patents more and more plastic pipes . Among them, the plastic pipe industry brands Wingo shares will participate in the development of plastic pipe products more than 10 national standards , access to the National Torch Plan high-tech enterprises , the honorary title of national high-tech enterprises , the company has 12 patents . In addition, a plastic pipe industry advanced enterprises LAB TECH also has a strong research team, the company has nearly 100 highly educated, high-level professional scientific and technical personnel in recent years, won the provincial science and technology achievement award two , with more than invention clamshell packaging patents and utility model patents , technical strength .

However, the current production of some plastic pipe business investment in product innovation in small, relatively few new products of high-performance , high-tech, high value-added market photogenic similar generic products and affordable products and more . On some varieties of plastic pipe , industry research work also focuses on the basic theory is not plastic packaging box enough, just stay in the early stages of production, applications. This requires the industry to further increase R & D investment, improving R & D capabilities , enhance scientific and technological innovation, improve product accuracy, efforts to improve the competitiveness of industries and enterprises.

Safety and environmental performance of safety and environmental protection products is also growing by the entire society. At present , China has established a polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) material consisting mainly of plastic pipe processing industry . It is a listed company in Zhejiang Weixing New Building Materials Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Office personnel : “PPR pipe PVC pipe and PE pipe than higher technological content , more environmentally friendly with the competition and the development of the industry , the future direction is definitely towards quality. better, more environmentally friendly development pipeline varieties . ” Weixing new material for the main business of PPR pipes and PE pipes, PPR pipe which has a large margin . The company will raise investment for an annual output of 32,000 tons of gold mainly energy saving projects PPR Pipe Fittings , 250 thousand tons of energy saving type PE Pipe Fittings projects and an annual output of 15,000 tons of environmentally friendly drainage and sewerage polyolefin series double wall corrugated pipe construction projects that industrial layout Weixing new material is more reasonable , more safety and environmental performance .

In recent years, industry concentration degree of industrial concentration increasing plastic pipe industry , mainly concentrated in the coastal and economically plastic packaging design plastic box design developed areas , where production capacity in Guangdong , Zhejiang, Shandong Province and has 3 more than one-third of the national total one . Some companies invest in new or expanded production base in Tianjin, northeast, central and western regions, and gradually expand to increase production capacity to adapt to local needs. For example , Wingo shares in order to improve the national distribution company production base , enhance the company’s products on the Little City in central areas, especially in the capital city of Hefei market and radiation, November 7, 2012 acquisition of Anhui Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Guangde Jinpeng ( hereinafter referred to as “wide German Jinpeng ” ) . According to Wingo shares issued by the acquisition announcement , the acquisition transaction price of 195 million yuan , as of the valuation date ( September 30, 2012 ) , Canton de Jinpeng net assets of plastic packaging more than 9800 million, while net profit from January to September 270 million, its liabilities 247.5 million yuan . Canton de Jinpeng Main to PVC, PE, PPR -based raw materials several major series of pipeline products. But PVC-U pipes belonging to traditional products , the profit is relatively low, if the addition of new products with high added value in part based on the original , may be able to quickly improve the market share of the company’s products in the industry reshuffle , market concentration ascension bigger and stronger.

Plastic clamshell packaging furniture is very familiar to us , like the people rely on plastic packaging design the same lamp , plastic products have become an integral part of people’s lives, something . However, in addition to cheap, we rarely notice other advantages of plastic furniture . In fact plastic packaging , compared to wood clear plastic packaging or metal material furniture , plastic furniture has its unique advantages. Plastic is a polymer material with excellent thermal insulation , sound insulation , resistance to oxidation, and other physical and chemical properties . Most importantly , plastic furniture can be plastic box design recycled , can minimize pollution of the environment , so more and more people plastic packaging box ‘s attention. Large plastic plastic space , some of the best avant-garde designers will design their penetration into the plastic furniture design , the practical function plastic trays of furniture perfect combination of function and aesthetic , then presented to our lives than just plastic furniture necessities , but also has the ornamental value of art. pvc tray In addition, plastic furniture, maintenance is simple , easy to clean , non-absorbent, especially suitable for the modern home . Plastic furniture can be said that throughout every corner of the family.

Use plastic products may clear plastic packaging trigger migraine headaches analysis

British media said , with a plastic cup or a plastic bottle to drink so many Britons may be a headache . New research shows that a ” degeneration ” of chemicals contained in synthetic materials packaging may trigger migraine headaches.

According to reports , bisphenol A (BPA) is considered and obesity, infertility and heart related diseases . Now, a new study published in the journal ” Toxicological studies” indicate , bisphenol A cause severe migraine headaches, affecting one plastic trays in seven British vac tray adults .

The study’s authors urged the elimination of potential sources of migraine patients from the daily diet, including plastic microwave dishes, bottles and drinking fountains .

Their report said: “The study by ‘ fresh foods ‘ dietary intervention conducted showed that after just three days , in patients with urinary bisphenol A significant decline ( a drop of 66 percent ) .”

The report said: “These findings and the results of our study have shown that migraine patients in reducing exposure to bisphenol A in clinical trials in patients …… headache frequency and / or intensity are reduced , perhaps reveals the life of patients with migraine headaches improve plastic packaging box quality approach . ”

The researchers suggest that migraine patients should disable microwave plastic cutlery , plastic cups and plastic bottles. It is believed pvc tray that migraine plastic packaging design plastic packaging headaches and sudden changes in estrogen levels , whereas bisphenol A will mimic estrogen function.

About 500 million people in the UK suffer from migraine headaches, but the incidence of women is three times that of men .

Reported that bisphenol A is extremely common, from car dashboards to the shower curtain , cash register receipts and cosmetics counters will use a variety clamshell packaging of things . Many countries, including the EU , Canada and China, have already taken action to prohibit the use of this chemical in baby bottles ….

With the continuous development of the wine industry, its packaging is constantly evolving and developing .
Wine corks are no longer the traditional cork . Cen Jian strong creative design director Aussino Australia introduced their patented packaging products, which is not a cork stopper , but is made of special material , there are many invisible above the hole , allowing the wine to breathe naturally . Experts predict that this new century wine cork to break the traditional enterprise and innovation, due to its numerous advantages , there will be more similar products in the market.

Some companies have introduced a seamless cans filled with wine , made ??of special materials with the leading screw boxed wine clear plastic packaging , are easy to open the product . Hutchison Wine is a big issue on the packaging , that ” revolutionary packaging, will remain to the last cup fresh ” slogan . Hutchison uses a unique wine bottle lamps design, packaging can cut off contact with air after the open plastic packaging design , using the tap open way , to ensure that every time you open after timely closed , keeping the fresh taste of the wine .

Sonoma County, California, United States packaging design company ToyRatlmagery aluminum bottles set up a consortium , the market expects will shortly launch a new wine packaging concept – Aluminum wine bottles. Aluminum was considered a low-grade packaging materials, but aluminum packaging has become very popular in the beer industry , so far has not appeared wine bottles made ??of aluminum in the world.

A supervisor ToyRatlmagery company believes that their aluminum wine bottle will definitely set plastic trays off no small vibration in the wine industry . New technology has made in aluminum can be any size and shape made ??of aluminum . Future aluminum wine bottle texture will not have as many soda cans as frivolous sense , is an alternative to plastic , paper and other alternative packaging of high-end products . Of course , compared with glass bottles, aluminum bottle is the biggest advantage unbreakable . Currently the company is working with various experts , the first to develop a standard bottle shape and size of the aluminum wine bottle.

In recent years, the plastic packaging box rapid development of carton wine market . Currently the UK market carton wine has light wines accounted for 8.3 percent of the market, up vac tray 48% over 1997. In New South Wales, Australia a picturesque valley based ink sixth red wine producers in Australia , one of the ink -based Valley wine company , to develop a 250ml carton of wine , already on the market . The practicality of this unique packaging can be completely blocked oxygen , thus ensuring its freshness and flavor , to prevent degradation of wine , to extend the shelf life of the wine , the favorite of consumers . In addition , the packaging is also easy plastic packaging storage and easily broken , for barbecue, picnic , party and so it is very convenient and desirable . This novel packaging will win good sales for the company ‘s wines. American Gallo company also launched its first carton of wine.

PET bottle packaging wine appear more and more in the European market, and has been part of the consumers. Canada West Bridge Company (WESTBRIDGE) is a professional manufacturer of PET bottles , clamshell packaging PET bottle packaging with their wine market prospects with confidence. The company 2 liters of wine packaging test marketing year, reflecting all aspects are beyond expectations. Testing confirmed: save time in about a year , the PET bottles are basically prevent oxygen permeation . Tests confirmed two liters bottles , one year, under the control of the shelves in the detected oxygen transmission rate is less than 10ppm , this value is far less than 500ppm under normal storage conditions. In addition, the production of small quantities of glass mold costs almost 10 times PET bottles , packaging for different products businesses rarely have the bottle shape and color of choice . The PET bottles can be 50,000 such small quantities from the case of quantitative processing, if only a few million years of processing , mold cost is very low plastic box ( a total of $ 10,000 -1.3 million). Glass bottles of wine with a lot of its own insurmountable “short board” , such as carrying inconvenient , fragile , etc. If there is no trouble using PET packaging in this regard .

Drugs are commodities, but unlike any commodity , because drugs can prevent , cure disease but also has a direct relationship with life . Therefore, we engaged in drug design and decorating , the basic elements of both feel it is generally consistent with the product packaging design , design and feel of the unique charm of drugs . There are many other types of goods that are not constrained in the drug design and decorating . Drug design and decoration must be in the ” confusion ” of the ground, to provide information on all aspects of the doctor and the patient. For example: the Chinese name must be on drugs and Latin name , capacity, active ingredients , usage and dosage , precautions , and the effective time of drug approval number clamshell packaging , the manufacturer logo and the name, address and other detailed representation . In addition, dangerous drugs and toxic drugs must also be given to the standardization represented by text and specific graphics. All these provisions due to strict constraints , pharmaceuticals packaging graphics and certainly not as fancy color design eye-catching , like food and other goods , free-spirited and flexible . It is due to many constraints and regulations , so that designers consuming effort in western design, this is the main reason for the lack of new western interior design changes . How to make a breakthrough in medicine packaging design , broadly similar to the distinctive design of drugs to make products stand out from the many design , packaging design, graphic and color will be the most important factor.

A graphic design

Western interior design has a strong nature of visual communication design . vac tray Because the drugs themselves form much, but medicine can be manifestations of a like even less , so medicine can rarely realistic graphics and photography to express the picture , which makes medicine away from other types of graphic design graphic design category of goods , but also the western and cosmetic design of the similarities . Western medicine is the use of advanced science and technology , in a good , strict sanitary conditions of production, it gives the impression that a sense of high-tech products and symptomatic of the rapid and precise sense . Therefore, the graphic design of the ” purification ” feel important. In the past western designs, designer blind pursuit of so-called ” beauty decoration” leaving medicine lost ” concise , scientific and efficient plastic packaging design ” features , cumbersome , rough , gray image is difficult reminiscent of high-tech products , which kinds of medicine packaging in a wide variety of retail shelves today no longer has any competition. The meteoric rise is constituted by points, lines and graphic images tactics expressed . Due to the chemical synthesis of abstract geometric expression of strong feeling is appropriate , therefore more and more medicine package adopted and accepted the means of expression . Point, line, plane by repeating the basic elements , similar , specific emission -intensive, constitute rules and contrast to create a rich composition of abstract expression meaning a lot of rhythm arising therefrom , rhythm , balance, coordination in the form of beauty so buyers get the United States senses , enhanced patient understanding and trust of drugs , precipitating the purchases used , so western design graphic abstract graphic graphic design has become mainstream .

However, the medicine packaging does it blindly “abstract” forever? Meaning of the design itself is a new creation , imitation can only make the product itself vitality atrophy. Because of the simple pattern of points, lines and excessive use of easy production master ” regon ” of the medicine due to the “common” lost the action of the “personality” Therefore, a new method for realistic drug appears in the graphic design . Western medicine is characterized with highly targeted , acting on the various parts of the body. The body organs , such as the use of photographic style lesion realistic approach to performance , make people feel ” not beautiful ” and ” uncomfortable ” and plastic packaging box in the ” confusion ” of the earth Drug screen , it is difficult to articulate with a realistic approach . Therefore, the new realism left hand is highly summarized and simplified patterned animated graphics to express , this realistic and subtle, simple, due to the simple and elegant sense of cause and sense of graphics , as well as some graphic animation sense of humor , such as ” Bondi Band-Aid brand ” , in the form of animated finger dynamic performance simplicity and humor , people feel the smile in Seoul in Wuhu considerate person micro- maker . This successful graphic design to make ” Bundy ” stand out from the clear plastic packaging numerous plaster , users due to the strong graphic image of India as a unique and inspired the desire to buy. Another example is Japan’s ” Rainbow ” brand of eyedrops designed graphics , using the side faces of the Egyptian fresco style and eye for design and printing of special handling , it drops out of the general feeling of low-end goods , from realism unlike any eye graphic design, reflecting the sense of elegance and a sense of “Rainbow ” brand eye drops . In addition, some of the chemical elements in the form of pharmaceutical drugs in the form of a combination of a very beautiful about them, although patients may not understand the molecular structure of these graphics, but it presents the rhythm , dynamics, rhythm lines in density was bizarre Technology beauty, which is a high-tech illustrations, make some new drugs pharmaceutical joint ventures or foreign goods, with a condescending attitude into western markets , becoming the eyes of patients with “authority” drugs. Therefore , realistic graphics, has been simple for the continuation of the early realistic graphics , but a new creative approach , it reflects the beauty of science and technology , is bound to make the younger generation designers in this field never tired of exploring .

In recent years , due to the increasingly fierce competition in the pharmaceutical market , to establish India as personalized medicines appearance and maintaining a good image of the product , has become an important issue for graphic design . CI and most people attach importance to the development and introduction , the abstract concept of corporate strategy, the introduction of drugs into a visual image . The first leaders embody serialized graphic design is the design of drugs . Some pharmaceutical companies with a logo or graphical unified through different colors to distinguish different varieties of products , which all of a company or a product of pharmaceutical companies are using the same logo or graphic method for strengthening the company’s overall image is valid, the sales process also produces a greater visual impulses. But the only color to distinguish drugs, can not be said of its limitations. Because the human eye can clearly identify the general color is at best only 20 species, and each of the different sense of color , the color of the weak to produce identification difficult . Drugs put different spatial light in the sales premises that produce individual color adopted confuse the identification of drugs difficult . Therefore , there are a number of manufacturers to adopt a uniform series of graphic design in the pharmaceutical packaging and placed in a predetermined position on the unique image of the drug symbolic sign to distinguish the family of packaging different uses of drugs , even if the use of different drugs the same color , but also packaging design because of the different graphic signs and symbolic be distinguished . This not only highlights the personality of a drug , but also as a ” series ” Family designs, because a unified picture of the design gives a feeling of harmony , for the corporate image of the set, play a multiplier effect . CI import drugs to graphic design, but also greatly enriched the modeling language , graphic design drugs of unique significance to the company logo to be the subject of graphic design to business content , corporate culture, business philosophy, product modeling graphic design as a theme carried out , as well as many of the above factors combine comprehensive graphic design for designers graphic design opens up unlimited opportunities to make graphic design from concept to a single integrated concept, plastic trays graphic design so far out of the designer ‘s personal little world , with the companies, products , markets, sales into one. This in pharmaceutical packaging ” to cultivate the image of ” approach will enable the design of drugs to the breadth and depth of the image many times per move .

Second, the western interior design in color

Color as visual language to convey the elements of design in medicine and graphic design are equally important , the color adopted the language of graphic design with emphasis on the effect . In pharmaceutical packaging , especially medicine packaging design , the most important prerequisite is to give people with clean, safe, reliable and high quality feel, those with the western graphic design in the ” purification” is consistent with western medicine have taken color very different , it is smaller in the use of proprietary design of conventional multi -color , and to compare the qualities of the product color heavy feeling . Western tone plastic box is brisk , cool , rational, full of high-tech feel and modern look . Colors generally tend to Portland , Green . Green and other cool tone , and greater use of silver and pure white to coordinate. For example eyedrops class design and quiet pursuit of fresh feeling , like a clean , refreshing , cool cool, collected and to avoid irritating color contrasting colors to use. Sedative and antipyretic agent , in order to cool and shrink reminiscent of the use of blue. But according to the different nature of the drugs , different effects , different groups of people of color and different preferences , must not blindly biased “cold .” Such aspirations and strong vitality vitamins pharmacy, because reminiscent of the vibrant and expansive , while the main Guardian as a drug in turn means , they should be red, yellow and white with the role . Another example of some disinfectant lotion is white , water, sun -related and often with white , blue and red to express their traits . Some children’s medicines for children , and the fear of drug purchase medicines for children are basically young mother characteristics, the young women and children’s favorite chocolate in the choice of color , pink and orange , when the color is often presented the “sweet” taste. The commonly used drugs in elderly patients , consider the mental state of the elderly sick , to avoid the use of a large area of ??black , to avoid association to death . Under the joint action of physiological and psychological , color with ” impermanence ” characteristics, such as young people like novelty, fashionable and excitement , like some very rare color contrast on drug use , including a large area of ??black and white contrast . Appearing on the market now , ” White ten black” cold medicine is the use of people with sensitive use of color and tone color to poor efficacy and exciting novelty successful design , so -called ” good” color adopted has lost insurance factor , individual color design will win the market.

On the use of medicines in color , but also pay attention to the color of the “functional .” For example, green and blue color design as drugs , and the elderly are almost impossible to read the plastic packaging above description text ; overly stimulated fluorescent colors , but also to elderly patients find it difficult to accept , produce physical and psychological exclusion. Another variety of explanatory text on pharmaceutical packaging , but also do not pay attention to the color contrast to be careful of using strong contrasts of black and white high contrast text.

Cosmetics packaging anti-counterfeiting technology, while many applications , but its security is not ideal . Because of these packaging anti-counterfeiting technology and some consumers plastic packaging box to identify, for example, commonly used in cosmetics packaging barcode anti-counterfeit technology , Coding , and only technical supervision departments in order to determine its authenticity. There are a number of no help security role , a number of manufacturers to produce counterfeit labels personal interests to sell these to identify those counterfeiters , resulting in ineffective anti-counterfeit labels , anti-counterfeit labels can not counterfeit . In some cosmetics packaging , single use of anti-counterfeiting technologies , such as Guangzhou has seized a large number of counterfeit Procter & Gamble production Rejoice, Head & Shoulders, Pantene shampoo and other series , only the bottom of the bottle and the production of counterfeit barcodes plastic box date and batch Coding security, anti-counterfeiting technology both consumers generally are difficult to identify , when consumers buy not verify the authenticity, so many consumers deceived. For security packaging cosmetics made ??the following recommendations:
1 deep research plastic packaging design on creativity and developing packaging structures that mimic plastic packaging the degree increasingly difficult to identify more and more simple. For example: a plastic bottle or glass -like cosmetics formula should learn broken bottles or beverage cans disposable packaging , after opening the product can not be restored to their original bottle , the packaging can not be reused , to prevent the counterfeiters through recycling packaging fake way. Also available from the unique and innovative packaging design view, these products are designed to be shaped packaging, general packaging design of these shaped design does not meet the requirements of the economy , mold making is difficult and requires high processing technology , packaging structural design very complex, so much so that the cost increase also increases the difficulty of imitation , so that those who make unprofitable in risky situations , so as to stop the counterfeiting of behavior , although improved cost producers , but ultimately the economy benefits compared with clamshell packaging the results of the prevalence of counterfeit , or greatly increased .

2 . Attention packaging design to anti-counterfeiting packaging can be identified, although some cosmetics packaging anti-counterfeiting packaging technology is also used , but these technologies ordinary consumer is difficult to identify , so not only will not achieve real security role , the manufacturers are also worth the candle. In the development of new anti-counterfeiting technology , in addition to the importance of improving anti-counterfeiting technology in the difficulty of counterfeiting outside , but also attach importance to this new anti-counterfeiting technology in promoting the use of the effect , if consumers can not identify, then this new security technology can be said to be invalid .

3 When printing during packaging and printing , to strictly control selected from an original, film making, plate making, printing and the whole process , the use of advanced printing equipment, printing high-quality packaging printing , making counterfeiting difficult to make out .
4 vac tray anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies are currently the best- tobacco packaging , which is at the forefront of integrated security , cosmetics packaging should learn tobacco packaging, the combination clear plastic packaging of a variety of anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies used interchangeably to increase the difficulty of counterfeit and fake enable consumers to easily identify the frontline anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies to identify and accept the complex and relatively slow to identify second-tier anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies are combined to form a combination of anti-counterfeiting .

5 . While continuing research and development of new materials, new technologies and new processes, new equipment , manufacturers have to make reasonable investments according to their needs , proper design and use of anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies enable the identification of goods anti-counterfeiting packaging simplification plastic trays , testing authoritative and accurate technology . It also has high safety . In addition to the anti-counterfeiting packaging of goods adequate publicity to enable consumers to identify the authenticity of the correct way to master , so deeply rooted anti-counterfeiting technology .

With the development of science and technology, can not in any kind of permanent security anti-counterfeiting technology , we can only continue to update the anti-counterfeiting technology to improve the safety and reliability of the product packaging anti-counterfeiting , anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies to enable integration, scientific, combined with the packaging more perfect in the direction of development , security and contradictions in the security system of pseudo- opposition in the end.

Cleaning means cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, disinfectant and other hygiene products have , but difficult to maintain their own cleaning supplies to clean the situation is not uncommon : hand sanitizer, do not touch the clamshell packaging nozzle orifice and sometimes even drops liquid detergent also did not open the bag , but the bag has been attached to the outside with a layer of detergent – and just because of packaging problems , cleaning products, ” unclean .”

Few such problems , thus reflecting the many deficiencies of cleaning supplies and packaging industry , plastic packaging design to cleaning supplies , for example, although in recent years the industry has been great development , product categories increased significantly, liquid detergent and other new products gradually increased , but the overall package level and international advanced level the gap is still large. The traditional powdered detergent in filling packaging machinery design due respect level is not high , resulting in inaccurate measurement after sealing plastic bag sealing uneven ; different mobility, different proportion of powder and adaptability due to different specifications of packaging strong , manual adjustments are required before filling machines , time-consuming ; low level of packaging equipment automation : bag , filling and sealing the small train line filling machine production , most companies use a single filling machine ; addition, as in the filling , there will be a lot of gas left in the packaging bag , squeeze a little , plastic bag sealing it easy to rupture, leading detergent leaks. Some companies in order to solve this problem, artificial plastic tie on some ” vent ” so that the bag gas emissions, but it will therefore damp laundry detergent , affecting the quality of the product.

Liquid detergent packaging problems mainly in: the low level of domestic filling machine automation , can not achieve the filling , labeling once completed ; low productivity of the machine , measurement accuracy is also a larger gap with foreign countries and other issues . Another low- gun manufacturing level, backward style , appearance lack of innovation , poor fine . Moreover, many domestic enterprises are purchased from foreign direct mold, but most of these countries have already phased out mold products , the lack of mold design and the latest design concept , a mold can out dozens of products, but there are some differences between the products If the difference is large, ancillary products is difficult to achieve , resulting in production out of the gun sealing well. With the expansion of sales radius , gun sealing products are not suitable for long-distance transport , close the gun carriage also appeared in the contents of the leakage phenomenon.

Besides the aesthetic appearance of the product is also a detergent manufacturers should focus on the link, according to industry analysts , resulting in a larger color are the following reasons : First, adjust the printing ink color deviation caused uneven , affecting print quality ; followed by India Version uneven distribution network , using the printing plate is worn too long , deformation of the network also affects the printing quality ; still in the printing process , the printing pressure instability leads to uneven expansion clear plastic packaging of the network , the product color after printing a large , uneven distribution of color .

Cause of cleaning products “unclean ” in addition to the above points, the packaging manufacturer’s many problems : technical standards are inconsistent , including functional requirements and appearance requirements. First, the requirement of the packaging container or bag has a function of protecting the product, such as plastic chemicals prolonged contact with the contents , the compatibility can not occur resulting in deterioration of the product . Also withstand long-distance transport , does not leak. And daily necessities for its part , to withstand repeated use of consumers, such as gun hand sanitizer , which presses the number should reach certain standards ; secondly in terms of appearance , the basic requirements of neat appearance , smooth , no glitches , printing clarity complete. Including in particular liquid soap containers , popular at home and abroad plastic packaging box has been bottle-shaped relatively simple, but there are changes in the specifications, the manufacturers to highlight the brand to attract the attention of buyers , attaches great importance to the design of the bottle layout , which the bottle printing, such as the clarity of the pattern , color saturation demanding .

Less attentive service . If the inspection standards, packaging manufacturers should focus on communication with manufacturers , some manufacturers have separate corporate standards , but because many packaging companies in the production is based on the standard is too general and did not quantify the indicators according to test data product is qualified or not , for some appearance , packaging design functionality requirements are not described in detail or description . This requires mutual co-operation early on acceptance criteria , test methods, processes, etc. full cooperation plastic box to communicate and running .

Packaging manufacturers in product development and production capacity is weak, should focus on strengthening its own technology ( including product research and development capabilities and other software ) as well as production, testing equipment , instruments and other hardware facilities. Manufacturers are willing to choose those partners with strong development capacity , short production cycle , good product quality.

Direction of cleaning supplies packaging

Cleaning supplies protective packaging needs of both functional and decorative , Trinity is the future direction of the cleaning supplies packaging . Including extensive use of the label, the development of environmentally friendly materials and design, packaging design and improve existing so .

Applications tags will be more widely

As the sticker enables designers more freedom to design packaging containers , more plastic trays maneuverability ; And if the color more than four kinds of packaging , labeling cost is lower than screen printing. It is precisely because of these advantages , self-adhesive labels in the world still has a bright future . Day of the U.S. cosmetics packaging materials , for example, accounted for 46% of self-adhesive labels in their packaging materials market. According to statistics, China ‘s demand for self-adhesive labels is growing at an annual rate of more than 20% of rapid growth. Domestic cleaning supplies packaging sticker there the following characteristics : Domestic only individual manufacturers sticker on the outside of turn screen printing , such as ” openױ” hand sanitizer, “Blue Moon” hand sanitizer , ” Walch ” disinfectant , etc., but in terms of the growth rate is still far less than the number of manufacturers are cosmetics manufacturers . On labeling materials, mainly paper and film label two kinds of labels . Due to the high -tech film labels , the cost will be much higher than paper labels. General three- film label , which each layer has different requirements . For example, the first layer requires combining well with ink , combined with the requirements of the third layer of glue well, the middle layer is a carrier, the label is determined by the color of this layer . Despite the high price tag the film , but have obvious advantages, film label in the cosmetics industry growth quickly, domestic ” openױ” hand sanitizer , ” Walch ” disinfectant , such as the use of paper labels , and ” Blue Moon” wash solution using ultra- transparent film labels. In-mold labels in the domestic user rarely , although IML has good security features, costs necessary nor higher than conventional label , is an extremely promising new labeling technology . However, due to the IML packaging container produced , it is impossible to change the label on the impact of production flexibility , which requires manufacturers of products must be accurate sales forecasts , which limits the rapid development of the in-mold labeling .

development and design of green packaging materials

Many foreign manufacturers have begun to pay attention to environmental issues, the choice of packaging materials to consider these materials can be recycled , but the domestic manufacturers do not seem to pay attention to this issue. South African company to market a new packaging of detergent . A package comprising an outer layer of kraft paper sheet cartridge by the inner sleeve and the single kraft liner made ??. Outer carton printed using UV ink , but with high-gloss lacquer coating . The inner sleeve designed to prevent the detergent tray slides out from the open , but also conducive to pull out of the tray after tearing off the top of the carton as the lid on the inner sleeve as deduction . PP with tear strip is used for reinforcement , using a clearly marked and easy to lift the sheet pulled up, tear along the scratches on the carton . The package is used to allocate a teaspoon of detergent dosage , user-friendly detergent .

? plastic containers still occupies an important position , but the packaging materials and packaging design requires innovative plastic containers is one of the main forms of cleaning supplies packaging . Now even with a transparent plastic container features unique to the past, only the glass . For example, recently the new PETG easily be dyed various colors , but even after anti- UV treatment , transparency remains unchanged . U.S. company recently launched a called ” kitchen sponge with a hand sanitizer bottle ” products, top of the container is an ergonomically designed nozzle , it can be screwed up , easy to use hand sanitizer and supplement . A sturdy container shutter into two parts , with the front hand sanitizer , hidden behind a sponge. At the bottom of the rear portion of the vessel has four oval holes, to allow water to sponge discharged. 5 -color printing labels using PVC shrink film thickness 6u , the above illustrations detailing the use of the product.

Overall, the design , the use of packaging materials , foreign companies are more skilled than cleaning supplies domestic enterprises in the choice of materials is also more extensive and creative . Perfume packaging no “secret”

New Dana Perfumes Company uses a lot of the recent Diamond Packaging decorative plastic folding boxes, launched two specifications secret perfume. Folding box by Diamond ‘s Lesley Bates design, pattern from the New Dana ‘s Evonne Borda development .

Folding box using 0.38mm transparent PVC film manufacturing . Pressure on the sides, top and bottom set off beautifully blue foil pattern , so that the whole box to produce a memorable sense of color . Text with white , blue and silver metal offset UV coating the outer surface can be prevented from scratches .

Dana ‘s Secrets perfume is designed for a large number of sales , available in two specifications : 132ml (0.5 oz) Price $ 9.99 , 526ml (2 ounces) for $ 19.99. “We very much welcome the introduction of new products .” Mountaintop , Pennsylvania City New Dana ‘s marketing manager Richard Davis said. “In addition, the customer’s response is particularly good .”

For the packaging plastic packaging , Davis explained , a seal affixed to the pleated sheet side , so that the consumer can not smell the perfume opens when the box in vac tray the store. “We want to ensure that when consumers buy is absolutely sealed .” He said.

Simple and convenient 2-in- 1 Package

? Located in Lake Forest , Illinois, City of TAP Pharmaceutical Products Limited can supply two kinds of treatment effect of Prevacid NapraPAC the blister pack contains two popular prescription : for the treatment of arthritis -related Naprosyn and Prevacid for treating stomach . Katherine Stueland TAP spokesman said that the two drugs together is usually open .

” The two drugs are packaged together very meaningful , but also meant to have a written prescription and a combined prescription .” Stueland explanation. ” Drugs may be confused , but the packaging makes it easy to distinguish .” The first 2-in- 1 package combines the easy- open feature to prevent children and even elderly people suffering from arthritis , too , Stueland added.

MeadWestvaco Heathcare packaging Dosepak fierce contempt threshold Yu Huang Feng drama prize purple throw Mi Yi ? Boo P rocter & Gamble) pharmaceutical packaging , for which won the 2003 American Institute of Packaging Professionals star Best Appearance Award (AmeriStar Best of Show).

?Folding the insert using the TAP Dosepak 5.4kg MeadWestvaco EasySeal Plus material in the composition , this material is an extrusion coating with SBS, included in the four-color offset printing decoration 10.8kg SBS narrow box. The insert member is a heat-molded polyvinyl chloride sheet member is inserted to prevent the removal of the blister card until the red circular portion is pressed against the crates before being released .

The insert is fixed by the thermoformed blister foil laminated substrate Anderson Packaging , the company also operates shrink wrap . Live bubble structure Tekni-Films of Honeywell Specialty Films of 0.254mm PVC / 0.0508mm PE / 0.152mm Aclar? PCTFE fluoropolymer films.

Dennis Kim TAP manufacturing technology senior manager , said: “In the year after a thorough study of child protective packaging , we conducted a series of qualitative market research , which involves patients , pharmacists and doctors Dosepak are considered easier to open , easy to use travel . more flexible than other packaging design . ”

Each unit dose package containing one week . 4 -pack package is mounted on a four-frame 8.1kg SBS box , the box also uses four-color offset printing , providing one month’s supply .

?”Doctors want to use this package .” Stueland said. “For them and their patients , this is a convenient alternative to double the prescription .” New lifestyle package lighting manufacturer Osram Sylvania has unveiled its new “lifestyle ” packaging and the use of application icons photography and product advantages campaign . Henny Peters , executive vice president of the company ‘s general lighting (General Lighting) business segment , said , “The new packaging and promotional programs so that consumers can choose to suit their application and decoration needs and our retail partners are also very accepting this. ” cardboard packaging featured front panel display picture is a new application for Sylvania packaging.

“When we conduct market research , we found that the old adage ‘ a picture is worth a thousand words ‘ , for our consumers , too .” Corporate image and design manager Marrie Luce said . “By focusing on the application, we simplify the buying process bulb , enabling customers to more easily find and select products .” Picture also extends to the entire product line , encouraging customers to consider the advantages or provide other lifestyle characteristics of different lighting products. According to the designer , said the rapid design around customer orientation, navigation, and complete the need to purchase and expand. ”

HBA dominated beautiful packaging

CVS Pharmacy recently invited MLR Design to create a new brand identity and packaging for health and beauty supply store brands. New product series uses an eye-catching round color, highlight the product name. The new product family consists of a container with a pump bottle and pipe composition, using simple, modern layout design and small graphics implied fragrance or product type. For example , skin moisturizers bottles pattern recognition using a drop of water , fruits and bath (Cucumber Melon Body Wash) using a graphical representation of cucumber and a watermelon . According to the designer , said , CVS decided to create a strong image of the packaging .