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The quality of a bottle of beer to consumers , first saw this bottle of beer packaging. Product packaging is both a selling point , but also a bright spot in the market, innovative and unique packaging is often most likely to move the hearts of consumers . Therefore , not only to produce the beer business is up to standard and high quality products , but also to have a dignified appearance trademarks and packaging, so that it can make their products more attractive and competitive , making it the brand more popular.

The vac tray basic function of the wine packaging
( 1 ) protection. Packaging should be to ensure product safety and hygiene , so that in the storage , transportation and sales process without loss, damage and deterioration , which is plastic packaging box the basic function of packaging .
( 2 ) landscaping value-added features . Nice packaging shapes, vivid patterns and chic decor can bring clear plastic packaging the product image , increase the added value of products .
( 3 ) the marketing function . Packaging is a ” silent salesman “, consumers can learn about the product through the packaging , causing consumer interest , stimulate buying motives , thus contributing to expand product sales.
Tips for winning beer packaging
( 1 ) highlight the theme . Beer packaging should highlight product features , style and function , reflecting the quality of the product and marketing culture. Only highlights the product quality content packaging, the product can quickly information timely and accurately passed on to consumers , so that consumers of its profound intimacy and identity, thus shortening the products plastic trays consumers buy decision time , lead to the rapid creation of a purchase decision . If the subject is not clear product packaging , to get consumers to agree with your business, buy your product , is almost impossible .
( 2 ) what they seem. Packaging options must be cost-conscious , packaging costs and expenses to the value or level of product quality to adapt. General beer companies have different grades of beer varieties. Different grades plastic packaging design , different quality and value , companies must use its value matches the packaging materials and packaging, in order to appropriately express the intrinsic quality of the product , in order to facilitate a clear choice for consumers. Not only to prevent the ” first-class product , second-class packaging, third-class prices,” the situation should also prevent the ” fair without, foul ” behavior.
( 3 ) Using colors. In the beer product packaging design, use of color is also very important. Competition in the market , to make the product different from competitors’ products have obvious visual features , richer charm lure consumers , plastic packaging stimulate and guide consumers and enhance consumer memory of the brand, which are inseparable from the design and color apply . Product packaging design, pattern and color regardless of enterprises should fully reflect the uniqueness and style. Such as the National Liquor Maotai beer brand extension , its designer of the clamshell packaging ” national colors ” — red, yellow as Maotai beer spokesman, using the ” national colors ” as the packaging tone, providing people with a noble, auspicious plastic box and imagination a strong visual impact , thus giving consumers a whole new experience. It should be noted that the packing patterns and colors to suit different national consumer habits and religion, access to international markets for beer brands and even more so .
( 4 ) psychological strategy . With the improvement of people’s living standards , people’s consumption concept , consumer psychology has undergone profound changes . People buy beer not only meet the physical needs, but also to meet the psychological needs , and affordable product packaging reflects the cultural quality of products to meet the psychological needs of consumers change . This requires that beer companies in the packaging of the product shape, size, weight , color, font and pattern selection and other aspects of personality psychology and consumers seek to coincide with a co-ordinated package of goods in the mood to stir up consumer those who desire to purchase and consumption , consumer groups cultivate loyalty to the brand .


Tourists to the tourist destination for consumption, in addition to tourism product and take away the impression of destination feeling , but nothing can take away , therefore , become the main medium for travel goods passing tourist destination information . Tourism is not only well-made goods to tourists leaving a pleasant feeling , but also because the cultural enrichment of the tourist essence , make friends and visitors to travel to the good image of a preliminary understanding ; while making poor travel products not only unable to stimulate tourists consumer desire for travel is also detrimental to the image . Travel goods packaging products is closely linked to its inherent and can be said to be interdependent , in a sense, can be said that the relationship between form and content. Although the content determines form , but the form in turn will affect the content , so the tourism product packaging design should be linked with the inner product , the two complement each other.
And now the packaging design is becoming a culture based, to life as the basis for the modern -oriented disciplines. So tourism product packaging design should also be viewed as a form of culture , strengthen its design culture, enrich the connotation of tourism commodities , improve the cultural quality of the product, to improve the tourism product sales will play a crucial role.

1, to reflect local characteristics

Travel goods packaging lack of personality, packaging identical, stereotyped ; travel goods brand awareness and marketing business is not strong , can not be implemented after the launch of the new brand management , scale of operation , gave imitations opportunity , so that visitors know what to do at the time of purchase ; must “independence” , “special” awareness, tourism product packaging should be , plastic packaging design “but I alone excellent ,” ” but I’m unique ,” financial nationality, local, informative, interesting and memorable in one. Because most commodities are tourist souvenir tourism , appreciation plastic packaging , collection or gift for friends and family to use, is a kind of ” unlimited consumption” , has great flexibility, a good travel goods can often cause people to a place of remembrance and longing ; landscape despite its immobility , yet can take advantage of high-grade travel products beyond time and space , people enjoy the beauty . To make travel goods have both local characteristics , but also create new ideas to break the original model , not only in the tourism product theme , content, design, functionality efforts , more plastic packaging box efforts should be on the packaging .

2 , there must be awareness of quality packaging

Souvenirs is commodity, but it is not a synonym for shoddy . Have a fine clear plastic packaging sense of souvenirs to show for a fairly good idea of tourist souvenirs , if the production was extremely rough , even exclusive , the sales will be greatly reduced . And other commodities, value for money tourist souvenirs will have a market . In Xi’an play, after a tour of the world-famous Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses , want to buy some beautiful souvenirs to bring back to do a memorial , the results did not choose to do so for a long time . Qin Tong Juma making rough imitation , packaging is not on the grade, fail to reflect local characteristics ; Some slightly exquisitely crafts, packaging is very simple, one can only mention bagged packages , it is detrimental to the Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses , ” the eighth wonder of the world .” in the world. Lintong friend told the author , there is no shortage of local characteristics of souvenirs, like the villagers very unique embroidery crafts, fine production and a wide variety of domestic and foreign plastic trays tourists. However, due to packaging the rough , do not sell in the market Shang Hao prices. Lintong fire crystal persimmon, pomegranate and other local specialties also exist packaging, described as ” golden couple tattered shirt, the emperor could not marry his daughter .” A friend traveling abroad , bring back some of the valuable handicrafts , well-produced , packaged gorgeous, memorable and collectible value . And we are humble and featureless packaging, it allows visitors to feel its precious artistic value and taste , and the corresponding economic value has been damaged. Shanghai Shen Guang gold jewelry craft company produced different from traditional gold , inlaid with gold and silver will use novel materials , and high precision , sold to Jiangsu and Zhejiang area attractions , sold very well ; eternal gifts of many products the company uses computer design , crystal jewelry reference surface treatment process , metal inlay reached miniature effects, such as elaborate artificial crystal Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House and a number of world-renowned architectural models , export orders continue . These are the success stories . Travel goods must focus on packaging. As the saying goes , ” Clothes make the man , the Buddha to gold ,” tourism product packaging to gifts of both artistic and compatible with local characteristics and artistic features of both. Artistic requirements sleek, exquisitely delicate , gifts of stress patterns, words켪Cheung for reciprocity , host and guest happy. This is also a necessary prerequisite to become a tourism product boutique
3 , to have cultural connotations
Cultural tourism connotation and soul , and the expression of cultural tourism is the carrier forms. For tourists, travel to experience local customs . Due to lifestyle differences ideas , often with more ” local flavor ” of goods more easily attract tourists. Therefore , integration into the local culture in the packaging design is essential. Of course, the culture of this time of packaging design should not only refers to the performance of the local ethnic traditions , but a complex coexistence with the times . Japan’s neighbors in this regard packaging is something we learn . Meso Japanese packaging design , packaging is not only difficult to find in Japan pleasing , but rather cultural taste . Its design style, text format , use of color all trace of a strong ” wind ” , seemingly random , but in fact orchestrated the point , line, surface filling the emptiness of traditional Japanese culture and charm. Japanese packaging and can not just nationalization it, its distribution pattern , text layout , color matching and leave no doubt that it has a sense of the times , those points, lines, surfaces also have a bold and forthright style of Western culture . Japan ‘s success lies in the packaging : fully promote the superior value of traditional culture, while Western culture again , designed to absorb the essence of the round , but also clamshell packaging cleverly combined . The various nationalities of traditional packaging forms , unique, distinctive dcor and has a strong local style, how to convert it into a selling point on the market , is an important challenge to the current packaging design face. Some familiar daily after rich ethnic flavor of the packaged travel products will become a bestseller .

4 , designed to focus on convenience

Travel goods packaging design should also consider the tourism product “tourist ” word, trek , transfer transshipment turn airplane trip nervous, so , travel goods must plastic box reflect the “small, light, fast , and spirit ” words, easy to carry easy to keep . Earlier , one who lives in Mr. Beijing to Shanghai travel money , his son went to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in the play , the Oriental Pearl TV Tower bought a model for souvenirs to bring back to the kindergarten teachers and children to see , can not wait for them to tread on the plane back to Beijing , this tourist souvenirs had ” lame arm broken leg “, and makes the child very unhappy . According to the survey , 52 percent of tourism shopping pointed out that tourism product packaging is poor, inconvenient to carry , gifts and collectibles . One feature is the packaging easy to carry , which is particularly important in tourism . vac tray Tourists buy some while on tour with a readily available commodity or as a memento or later use , then the tourism product packaging design must put yourself in the perspective from the use of consumer to consider.

Modern market competition, the main reason is that many goods selling portable, easier to use and more convenient . Some bulky goods tend to sweep inconvenient to use the interest of tourists on the road, even though it will be difficult considering the way of love and prohibitive. Therefore , packaging design and attention to detail , taking into account the consumer seems to be fine at the convenience of consumers , it is in fact the point is to create opportunities for the sale of goods but also to convey the depth of concern for humanity packaging and living environment , such silent concern is reflected a deep cultural connotation. Evian , France for the development of tourism products, in 1999 re- packaging design , based on a lot of consumers want products can have a stylish appearance and easy to carry while walking . The new package in the middle of the bottle has a handprint depression, easy to carry, pull the top of the ring is connected with a straw for easy drinking. This design most bottled water breaking design, the top of the bottle on the side of the bottle . This design is considered to be the first to consider from the consumer’s point of view , both functional and beautiful creative design reflects the deep cultural connotations . The popular package after the listing is considered personal travel companion . Packaging not only reflects a deep cultural connotations , but also to build consumer brand preference and loyalty have a subtle effect.

Once harvested mushroom shall neatly in a small low emissions loaded containers and sent for processing as soon as possible cryogenic plant . Long container , width and height is 40 cm, 8 cm , 16 cm , and its shape, such as crates , solid bottom plate , surrounded by the default of 2 to 3 cm diameter hole , plug in the bottom corners are shrinking corner pieces plastic trays in order to code the high layers. Mushroom harvesting head when Shun emissions , can not make end to end , in order to avoid contamination. Low temperature workshop is 1 ~ 3 , can use an ordinary cold storage temperature transformation. Mushroom boxes plastic packaging box after moving into vac tray the workshop kept separately , no further codes plastic packaging design of high multi-layer, in order to fully cool Guti , harvest the links for temperatures above 15 mushroom is particularly important. Tools need to be prepared for the thin stainless steel knife and a small knife or bamboo packaging sealing, tank equipment.

Cut with a knife mushroom base net , remove the soil, the base material and other debris should be removed by multi- scale , generally without washing , otherwise it will shorten the shelf life.

Guti can be dispensed when the internal cooling to below 3 . Making available the general texture of the foam material into about 5 cm high plastic box single box , pack about 150 grams of fresh mushroom loaded . If the ban on packaging design sales of plastic packaging , paper boxes can be customized . Coprinus suitable for 16 cm 10ס 4 cm in size packaging, Agaricus suitable for 15 cm 10ס 6 cm in size packaging, marmoreus , clear plastic packaging poplar mushrooms and other suitable 16 cm 8ס 4 cm in size packaging . Way to determine the emission specifications in accordance with plastic packaging mushroom shape and size , and then wrap the packet . Finally, the small package fresh cartridge into the foam box , each box can hold 36 boxes, with transparent tape sealing Serve.

In addition, short-term storage and transportation can be used fresh or clamshell packaging refrigerated ice cool car transport, refrigerated temperature controlled at 1 ~ 3 .

Text in the packaging design and decoration of the use of a very wide range , text design should be suitable decent , with legible, orderly arrangement of features, which is a basic requirement of plastic packaging design writing Chinese characters design and contents of the package plays a role in the description . When the text is the main factor in the design , often in the form of writing on some special designs , such as commercial advertising, packaging and decoration of the name , title cover books and magazines , as well as constitute a purely text screen and so on. In accordance with the design concept of the artistic word processing , thereby producing a distinctive character, novel and beautiful fonts, can attract people’s interest , arouse people’s association , so as to give full play to artistic expression and the power of words . Therefore, the text is designed in plastic box modern design more and more attention , interior design is an important issue , but also be able to fully reflect the packaging and decoration designers have the ability to plastic packaging imagine and create artistic talent .

Chinese font selection , to appropriately convey the characteristics of packaging design content. If the text on the packaging of goods , metal packaging machinery fonts generally strong and precise writing , there is a sense of quality and durable ; textiles and clothing packaging fonts are generally relatively easy to write soft ; sporting goods category often prefer dynamic packaging fonts strong glyph ; pharmaceutical packaging fonts can not be equated romantic toy packaging , we should take a strong font gives serious accurate, clear impression. In order to give rise to a sense of trust . Traditional packaging fonts generally prefer to use the clear plastic packaging old fun font , and in the modern vac tray fashion packaging and decoration can not be used , but should choose a strong modern font . Cover book cover text books and literature have their own characteristics , and children’s books are different faces of text . These should plastic packaging box be based on a variety of different circumstances and choice , not an absolute constant.

Text design ideas as graphic design ideas , as also applied symbolic meaning of the text be exaggerated way to simplify the plastic trays processing arts deformation and rearranging them as a whole . The presentation of a variety of applications font clamshell packaging size , font style radius , line thickness , and the direction , location , color, texture , etc. , resulting in ever-changing new font , the pursuit of innovative and diverse visual effects.

Text can also be designed to increase the font decoration or streamlining strokes, strokes borrow each other ligatures , letter size mixing method of writing. Text can be arranged to scatter as shading treatment, consisting of highly decorated or text patterns. In the three-dimensional packaging , across from the written text of a plane onto another plane , in order to increase the image of the text, the text emphasizes the profound meaning conveyed and artistic effect.

With the changing times and the market , the concept of packaging has undergone tremendous changes in modern packaging to meet on the basis of functionality with more thinking ; packaging strategy designed both packaged within a row 5W strategy : What Why design, Who whom design , When when designing , Where , where design , Why how to design, we very much agree with this design ideas, but to draw a tiger , mask difficult to draw plastic packaging the bone , the focus is to dig deep and thorough understanding , we oppose Huaquan show form legs , requiring reflect heritage , while the need to convey to consumers the beauty of the spirit of enjoyment and so on. Understand the effectiveness of plastic trays these issues I think the package will be greatly improved, ” with differentiated products to meet different consumer needs , target different buyers with personalized brand positioning” products will not have to be submerged in the brutal competition the sea .

A strategic packaging and brand

Market proved cruelty , ” manufacturers have made vac tray ??physical attributes of products, consumers are buying a brand emotional sustenance .” Products will be out-dated , was imitated by competitors , and the brand is unique. Real and lasting competitive advantage often comes from a strong brand. Packaging design is the core strategic brand positioning strategy , strategic marketing, strategic marketing . The package as a brand terminal reflects the relationship between their interaction is very important !

Here, I would like in particular the importance of packaging for brands to talk about wine packaging ; If you say that , in the minds of consumers , the brand is all one package , then a bad feeling brand packaging , the reaction this brand in this consumer awareness of the strength of mind . Consumer awareness of the strength of mind will absolutely affect corporate brand value , but also affect the value of the business . Good packaging can be sure the product quality , consumers certainly quality , is part of a brand asset. Consumer perception of the brand’s quality , they tend to affect the perception of the brand identity and other aspects . For enterprises, the value must be estimated and understanding of both the customer . If we can “faithless ” of existing customers decreased by 5% , will be able to bring considerable growth.

The packaging industry is a highly competitive industry , increased competition , the ability of the distinctive core values ??engraved in the depths of the heart is the key to victory or defeat of the consumer , that is “the heart of the battle , the soldiers for the next war .” The package as a tool for facing terminal sales are direct to consumers, it carried out a direct one to one communication , it should also reflect the brand affinity and reputation, so that consumers in the first intimate contact will be able to feel good in , and ultimately affect their purchase decisions. Popular talk : consumer brand recognition , advertising to attract consumers , end packaging impress consumers …… its responsibilities is to open a breakthrough brand in a highly competitive market , in order to create new economic plastic packaging design growth point, while maintaining the brand image and to seize the consumer by the mind .

Of course , it’s clamshell packaging all based on a premise of a good product , if the product itself is not good, no matter how good the packaging will not help, this would be counterproductive for the development of the brand , and now consumers have become very rational and mature, not because you do better advertising , buy your product, but your product indeed bring them any good , or some kind of special feeling. Once you have a good product then will be how to sell it out?

Second, the strategy of packaging and design

” Sell themselves ” era long gone , even good products also need good ways and ideas to complete the sale , and now consumers will not come to buy your own product , which is changing market has long been proved ; packaging is no longer a concept that can be summed up with the traditional printing techniques, materials plastic packaging box processing , layout , etc. ; manufacturers have a good product to sell , then how effective the product core values ??and the concept accurately convey to consumers? we advocate a strategic packaging concepts based on consumer-oriented , market- based policy research to support high-end packaging of the road , we think in addition to the basic functions of packaging items and parcels it should also be able to bring together outside the transport packaging design market value for the manufacturers , not just able to get a really good package contest awards and the desire to meet the individual ‘s performance , but in line clear plastic packaging with the overall strategic direction of marketing , able to bring sales performance sales weapon. It all requires adequate communication and careful thinking ,

Third, strategic packaging and communication

There is excellent customer premise outstanding works produced in our implementation of the strategic package creation process, designers and customers to communicate too important concept , as advertising people Qian said , a good advertising behind a good customer , the package is truly a living advertisement ; good packaging also requires thorough communication, is the result of good customer interaction and packaging companies. Full communication market positioning, consumer demand, market demand is necessary to prepare the program of work before . Just out of the packaging does not accurately communicate what would ? May look good , but in the wrong direction , does not meet the market positioning, as if in a foreign language to a group of farmers do not know speak English , although very modern and cosmopolitan , but they still do not understand , the effect can be imagined. So, to use the language of the consumer to speak , time will your communication object is a group of people how to keep in mind . We found that if we can avoid plastic box directly facing the following senior officers , designed to advance towards a better direction to improve, the best ideas often are inferior try to figure out some of the comments desalination spend .

Value of design development for the promotion of social development has already proven itself to social development , in a sense, every one of our street works are carrying the expectations of businesses and affect product sales , the impact of public life , as designers, their obligations and responsibilities deeply significant , but also proud , so I think this line is selected on the choice of lifelong learning for the growth of enterprises , public life and social development to make its own efforts .

China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry was born in a market economy is basically a combination of free enterprise . On the

one hand is the early 1980s when the country had just entered the market economy , a number of SMEs plan to leave the country

will know what to do , enterprises have encountered great difficulties , some of the original manufacturers of machine tools,

agricultural machinery enterprises to packaging machinery, on the development of manufacturing food machinery ; addition,

because the demand is there , some of the private sector are also optimistic about the industry , to find a way in the packaging

and food machinery . In this case , the Ministry of Machinery Industry in 1981 formed the China Packaging Technology Association

of Packaging Machinery Committee , established in 1984, the China Food Industry Association, Food Machinery Association, the

September 1989 merger of the two secondary associations and the Chinese food packaging Machinery Industry Association (

Association national level , with the corporation ) . As a starting point really established a food and packaging machinery

industry has become one of the Ministry of Machinery Industry twelve straight pipe industry . Relative to China ‘s machinery

industry , food and packaging machinery industry 32 years later , it is also a childish industry , although the development of

fast, but there are also serious deficiencies , mainly in the following three aspects .

Less duplication of low starting point and more companies

Since the origin of different enterprises ( state-owned , collective, private ) , funds , equipment , technical strength

differences between high and low starting point also . The overall trend is less high starting point , most companies are

hovering at a low level devices. For example, relatively simple automatic sealing machine , there is a region in the production

of hundreds of companies , size is not large, there is not much change in the past two years , but due to the implementation of

specialized production greatly reduce the production cost . Although greater demand , but because of a lot of repetition in the

same area of production , resulting in low-cost competition, a machine can be traded on more than one thousand yuan , profit

margins have been small. There are some products more than ten years has not changed the face ( such as small liquid filling

machine ) , production companies and more price competition caused by cutting corners , reducing steel , resulting in wear

resistance, corrosion resistance can be greatly reduced. Some companies just behind the others to follow up to see what

equipment is good to do , others on what equipment counterfeit money on what equipment , without regard to intellectual property

, copying each other , so as to cause confusion in the market . One entrepreneur said: . ” In the past I do new products , each

of which was followed six months do not , forcing me to hurry and innovation now , my new high-tech products , others can not

keep up , and I relaxed . ” recently I found some export enterprises find some opportunities in foreign markets tend the herd ,

so that some of our products to compete for customers while they kill each other , desperate to bargain, not only unprofitable

and” dumping “is suspected . Help our industry still people did not change the concept of poverty and backwardness of China over

the past century may be caused by a ” simple product even a little rough , as long as cheap, can make do with the line ”

mentality. In this state of mind to compete in the international market , will eventually lead to our products abroad as against

” dumping” the object of the investigation , when the loss is not a business but the entire profession. I hope the whole

industry should be wary of such malicious competitive situation occur. Is a low-level repetitive things easier , once the high-

tech , the possibility of duplication naturally small. The serious consequences caused by low-level repetitive production is

disrupting the market, technology backwards, corporate suicide , industry damaged.

There is no product fault and research innovation

Because the industry is still an emerging industry , and the number of employees and total number of enterprises in the industry

than the industry research institutes, the corresponding proportion of professional institutions is still relatively small. Even

so, the research institutes to enterprises in the future , its technical staff , mostly in the struggle for survival , many

research institutions to sell products, do not play to their scientific strengths, so there is a fault in the application of new

technologies . Even with new research results , because there is no ability to promotion, users do not know , can not be

transformed into productivity , and business was forced to completely rely on its own technology to develop new products.

Scientific research and sales of touch not only caused a huge waste , is not conducive to technological progress. Some

pioneering work such as ultra-low temperature , high pressure , membrane separation , supercritical extraction , radiation,

vacuum technology and equipment and are unable to be completed only by certain institutes in urgent need of businesses to invest

in capital. Over the past advocated industry, academia, research combining patterns did not reflect it, the limited research

efforts have failed to fully play its role in making many companies are copying each other imitation, little improvement was

turned into their own products. In addition to this type of product price advantage in the international market is not

competitive . I hope the industry ‘s research institutes, universities will make full use of their research resources together ,

use the matchmaking industry associations , the new technology ” marry” out. Of course, this technique should be practical , to

have better economic and social benefits.

The production designer is concentrated enough to form

Food and packaging machinery itself is an emerging industry , twenty years is insufficient to form a popular brand, but has

consistently adhered to “quality first” business first with the foundation of a brand name , coupled with constant innovation in

the competition explore the application of high-tech and cutting-edge technology , well-known enterprises, famous products will

be gradually filtered out . For example , drink beer filling production line, corrugated board production line , instant noodle

production line , cup filling machine, laminating machine wide , 200 liters or more vats blow molding machine , BOPP blowing

machine , chocolate equipment , heterogeneous machines and other production companies though many , but high-profile , big sales

trend has shown a clear focus , well-known enterprises, famous brands is gradually formed . The industry in the country has

nearly 6,000 companies , including more than 2,000 is not stable enough , nearly 15% of the conversion or closure of business

every year , but about 15 percent of companies have joined the industry , the output value and sales of more than billion

enterprise only a dozen , and the best enterprise value of just over one billion yuan in sales , only one listed company , with

sales over 30 million / year only 50 companies with total sales of these 50 companies only 8 billion yuan , only 20.66% of the

concentration, 75% of exports from these companies to complete , and the future of the industry will generate large enterprises

in these enterprises . Estimated that by 2005 , there will be 100 companies in sales over 30 million yuan / year , producing

more than 50% concentration .

1 molded paper packaging products, surface design and decorating

Since molded pulp products in the manufacturing process of plastic packaging forming a relatively rough surface, so it’s interior design should be concise and lively, given the times. The decor is mainly composed of screen patterns, packaging company colors, text composition, it is to the product itself as the theme, highlighting the principal display panel, for different commodities and selling intentions, using different methods and forms design.

Computer interior design is modern packaging design of the main trend in the molded paper packaging products interior design, you can use comics, decorative painting, design patterns, packaging design text, and other various performance practices, and even design, plate making, printing and binding for the an organic whole, its decorative effect as a commodity considerably.
According to the contents of packaged goods, the use of patterns to highlight product features, but also according to different consumer sectors and groups in different countries, regions or different ethnic characteristics and preferences, using art form plastic box rules, the points, lines, surfaces which constitute the basic elements are combined organically to design unique decor screen.
According to the characteristics of molded paper packaging products, packaging cartons can be plastic packaging design similar to the deep tones and less chromatic number (1-4 color) method, the subject merchandise manifested. At the same time, to study the different colors in the decorative screen produced by the different meanings and effects, pay attention to the use of contrast, harmony, warm tones and other colors skills.

Computer in interior design applications, greatly enriched the foreign language word art types and forms, not only the traditional Times New Roman, bold, italics, official script, weibei other fonts, and add more amber, Shu body, young round, Xing Kai, New Art other new special artistic fonts. In the text in the design and use, both beautiful, but also concise and prominent, but also with the other contents of the screen echo each other, the right to reflect the overall style of the product. plastic plastic packaging box trays
(2) the surface of molded paper packaging products printing

As rough surface of molded vac tray pulp products, which printability with conventional materials such as printing paper offset paper, coated paper, cardboard and other than a clear difference, and generally molded paper packaging products packaging has been Outline coincides geometry. Their structural diversity, punch changing, and printing format is small, the conventional printing process using conventional difficult to meet their requirements should be considered a more flexible way of printing, such as printing, inkjet printing, screen printing, letterpress offset printing, plastic package the completion of uneven surface of molded paper packaging products multicolor fine print.

(1) molded paper packaging products, surface printing mode

According to the printability of paper mold material and molded paper products, structural features, printing technology can be used to complete its surface decoration printing. Pad printing is an indirect way, the Department of silicone rubber cast by a hemispherical-shaped head is pressed against the pad of copper or steel intaglio layout, graphic layout ink will stick up, and then transferred to complete the printing onto substrates . It can be done on an irregular convex surface multicolor fine print.

For smaller pad printing graphics, geometric shapes varied molded paper packaging products such small printing products, from equipment investment, costing, easy to operate and other factors considered, more desirable.

(2) the surface of molded paper packaging products, inkjet printing

Molded paper packaging products in its structure bump more varied, using ink-jet printing can also be completed on its surface decoration packaging box design printing. Inkjet printing is a non-contact imaging printing free version, it is applied Keiki locally stored information, without having graphic information stored in the printed version, the print head does not touch any part of substrates that can change in the operating conditions a wide range of circumstances, each of the molded paper packaging products on the uneven surface, a clear and reliable printing text and graphics.

The principle of the ink jet printing, ink is tiny points from one or more of the print head through the gap in the production line injected into the molded paper products, each formed on the surface of the text and dot matrix patterns. Press uses a microprocessor-controlled text pattern required by the role of the sensor with the production line speeds to keep pace to ensure that each molded paper products can be correctly printed graphic material. The ink ejection is accomplished by the pressure or electrostatic, the horizontal direction along the bottom-up, top-down, or from any point of printing, especially for changing the structure and shape of the surface of the printing paper mold packaging products.
(3) the surface of molded paper packaging products, screen printing

Screen printing clear plastic packaging method is to call on the edges of the screen version, and then use the scraper in contact with the screen version of a certain angle, while applying pressure while moving, so that the ink is printed by screen printing plate to drain substrates.

Manual screen printing method using a scraper, use it while completing two squeegee and squeegee work. Silkscreen printing machinery must have scraping and scraping two scraper, two scraper for alternating back and forth movement, squeezing ink printing squeegee blade, the return of the squeegee blade lift off screen. In order to re-squeegee squeegee blade when there is enough ink, ink scraper scraping Zaigua should be set back to the initial ink, in order to continue printing.

The main features of screen printing, plate making and printing method is simple, less investment in equipment, low cost, suitable for small batch production; clamshell packaging without substrate type, size, shape constraints, can be curved, spherical, brittle material printing. For more structural change in shape of the surface of the printing paper mold packaging products also more applicable, and its printing ink thickness, colorful, three-dimensional and hiding power. Therefore, the use of small screen devices on the surface of molded paper packaging products for printing.

Developed plastic trays countries now require plastic packaging products products comply with EU ROHS environmental protection requirements, use or contain cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), hexavalent chromium (Cr6 +) and other four heavy metals, and polybrominated plastic box biphenyls (PBB) , polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) flame retardants in electrical and electronic products as will not be allowed to enter the EU Market Complex, blister packaging for electronic products packing accessories is no exception, plastic products, plastic raw clear plastic box materials, only sheets, film thickness generally not more than 1.5MM, the sheet material used: PVC, PET, PP, PS, and on the basis of flocking sheet, anti-static sheet and plated sheet.
PVC: The most commonly used plastic material, soft, high toughness, good plasticity, can be made transparent and a variety of colors, often transparent PVC packing electronics, cosmetics, toys, gifts and other products.
PET (A-PET): hard, good toughness, high strength, surface brightness, nontoxic, transparent and multi-colored sheets. Disadvantage is more difficult vac tray PET high frequency heat sealing, the price is much more expensive than PVC, this material often requires high-end products and environmentally friendly user replaces PVCPS: low density plastic package (light), nontoxic, plasticity is very good, poor toughness brittle, non- made of transparent material, it can only make plastic pallet class, because of its easy to crack, blister should not be recycled such
PP: special soft material, good packaging design toughness, environmental non-toxic, high temperature, often made dining utensils or other high plastic case temperature product packaging; but its plasticity is poor, difficult process, the surface gloss is poor, and processing of clamshell packaging color will become shallow.
PET-G: Physical properties of A-PET is almost the same, but can be high frequency heat sealing, its price plastic packaging is also more expensive than the A-PET 80%
PET, PS, PP material itself does not contain these six toxic ingredients, plastic film packaging products, but manufacturers still have to regularly inspected, and requires its raw material suppliers to provide environmental testing data. PVC material will generally lead exceeded, but the PVC sheet manufacturer for control in the process of PVC meet ROHS clear plastic packaging requirements of lead, which is appearing on the market environmentally friendly PVC, price is a little expensive.

The most common primary extruder is a horizontal single-screw extruder monolithic non-exhaust (referred ordinary extruder) and packaging company a twin-screw extruder.
1, according to the diameter of the screw
Can be divided into ultra-compact extruder, extruder small and medium-sized extruder, large and very large extruder extruder. plastics products
2, according to the rotational speed of the screw
There are ordinary extruder, high speed and ultra-high-speed extruder extruder and other types.
3, according to the purpose of the extruder
Can be divided into forming extruder compounding extruder, granulating extruder complex nose extruder feed extruder, high molecular weight polymer extrusion machines.
4, according to the structure of the extruder assembly and external
Can be divided into integral and modular extruder extruder, vertical and horizontal extruder.
5, according to whether the exhaust extruder plastic box
Into the exhaust and non-exhaust extruder extruder.
6, according to the number of the screw
PC plastic materials can be divided into no screw (plunger, electromagnetic momentum style), single screw extruder, twin-screw extruder and a multi-screw plastic case extruder.
Innovative “plastic electronics” technology

Some types of plastic as metal materials, having the function of conduction electrons. This is known as the innovative “plastic electronics” technology can be widely used in the electronics and electrical industry, the expert is expected to plastic trays bring at least 10 billion euros in annual output value. The new technology and production process, will have a ripple effect, is expected to go to the age of electricity from steam engine and then go to the electronic age, leading to a new industrial revolution.
EU Seventh R & D Framework Programme (FP7) funded 18 clamshell packaging million euros, 27 million euros of total R & D investment by the Free University of Brussels, Belgium for overall coordination, the EU 10 member states 28 scientific research institutes, universities and industrial enterprises of the European ONE-P ‘S R & D team, since 2009 officially launched in plastic electronics technology. So far, scientific research and development team has published more than 200 papers and 10 patents applied for several, and in the R & plastic package D team with the assistance of the 12 incubators innovative SMEs, and its packaging design clear plastic box technology has been in large electronic and electrical industry group application. R & D team of scientists assert, will soon appear on the market 100% of the all-plastic electronic devices, such plastic packaging as wireless receiver – transmitters, photovoltaic panels, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and sensing devices.
Plastic Electronic Materials biggest advantage: cost, low cost, low-loss high conductivity, flexibility, easy to bend and suitable for high-capacity (High-Volume) production.

Electric valve selection techniques plastic packaging and the necessary considerations

1, the selection of the control valve:
At present, commonly used in engineering control valve mainly: solenoid valves and the electric valve. However, they have defects in use, such as solenoid valves susceptible to blockage, large water resistance, to secure long-term maintenance; while the electric valve plastics products while water resistance, but because of the plastic package need for the necessary control circuitry, so the corrosive influence of water vapor Life is plagued by promoting the main problem.
2, how to maximize the use of the valve packaging company to overcome the impact of scale
Whether or electric solenoid valve, the scale will not plastic box only cause the valve to leak, even when serious impact on the normal operation of the valve, so how to eliminate the effects of scale, is the industry issues of common concern.
The process involves the control valve range is too wide, you can not make it clear to you all here, I hope this aspect of the content but also personally go to find information of. However, due to the design and use of the actuator control valve caused by different filler materials or poor performance can be summed up its own rules: 1, process the presence of the dead zone will deviate from the original process variable set point. Therefore, the controller output must plastic case be increased to meet to overcome the dead zone, only that corrective action will occur. 2, the main factors affecting dead zone. Friction, wavering, the valve shaft torsion, amplifier dead zone. Various control valves of the friction lining is not the clear plastic box same sensitivity, such as a rotary valve for a high seat load caused by the friction is very sensitive, the use of note. But for some seal type, high seat load is turned off in order to obtain the necessary level. Haha, so that this valve is designed for very poor, prone to large dead zone, which influence the degree of deviation of the process is obvious, just be decisive. wear. Occurs when the valve in normal use wear is inevitable, but the wear lubricating layer is the most powerful, according to our experiments confirmed that lubricate rotary valve action after only a few hundred cycles, lubricating layer almost just brushes (slight exaggeration , or writing articles very depressed). Another stress-induced loads plastic trays can lead to wear of the sealing layer, these are the main causes increased friction factor. The result? That the control valve performance in devastating! , the control valve packing friction is the major source of friction, different fillers used, resulting in a great difference in friction. , different types of implementing agencies clamshell packaging also have a fundamental impact on the friction, in general, spring diaphragm actuator piston actuator than good.
3, the positioner design problems.
From the initial design thinking sake, actuator and positioner design must be considered together. How to design a good retainer do? Important feature from his know, must be a high-gain device. The gain is made up of two parts: the static packaging design gain and dynamic gain. Improve the static approach is to design a gain preamplifier. For example nozzle – baffle devices. Then a friend of mine to ask how to get dynamic gain? Was obtained through a power amplifier, the power amplifier is the slide valve (General). Now, some people have used a microprocessor to set the locator. It appears that the valve will speak later tells us where he is broken. Hou then do maintenance is easy. Closer to home. Both high static and high dynamic performance positioner gain for any given valve assembly to provide reduction processes the degree of deviation of best overall performance.